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Working out before bed: same burn?



  • JBanx256JBanx256 Posts: 401Member Member Posts: 401Member Member
    I recently met with a nutritionist and she said its always best to work out in the morning before you eat. She said that the food you eat from the prior day (the left over stuff that turns to fat) will burn off when you exercise. I am loosely quoting her as I have no clue how it all works. This was just something we discussed. I prefer to work out at night due to having more time; however, I am going to try to start working out in the mornings to see how it goes. Best of luck :)

    I hope you're not paying this "nutritionist." I mean, unless you just really enjoy throwing your money away on BS advice...
  • MomjoggerMomjogger Posts: 747Member Member Posts: 747Member Member
    Have you thought about mixing it up? I spin 2 weekday mornings at 5:30 AM, and then workout afternoons and evenings the rest of the week.
  • BrianSharpeBrianSharpe Posts: 8,709Member Member Posts: 8,709Member Member
    I love how good I feel when I work our first thing in the morning and I feel like I keep burning calories throughout the day per my Apple Watch. However, I’m just struggling to get up in the morning. I’m thinking of going back to nights for my weekday workouts (usually right at 6 when I get home but sometimes as late as 9 pm). It doesn’t affect my sleep, but I tend to eat after my workout especially if I go right after work. Am I missing any sort of benefit from working out later than earlier? I eat most of my calories in the evening anyways.


    As long as you feel that you've got the energy to exercise at the same intensity and it doesn't interfere with your sleep go for it. Exercise timing and/or meal timing makes no difference in the long run as it all comes down to energy balance.

    Personally I'm a morning person and find working out sets me up for a great day but we're all different in that department.
  • adotbabyadotbaby Posts: 137Member Member Posts: 137Member Member
    IMO, work out whenever is best for you, morning or evening. If you feel good about working out at YOUR time, it'll be easier to stay consistent.
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