100 pounds gone forever!



  • Nire1017
    Nire1017 Posts: 7 Member
  • tennisquilter
    tennisquilter Posts: 47 Member
    Congrats on beginning your life without the 100 pound burden!
    TRISTAR Posts: 105 Member
    well done
  • janecl
    janecl Posts: 121 Member
    You look amazing!
  • You look amazing!!! Great work!
  • knightreader
    knightreader Posts: 813 Member
    Amazing! Be as proud of yourself as others are of you!
  • kadimcnair
    kadimcnair Posts: 44 Member
    Congratulations! You look great! Do you have any sagging/hanging skin? I think this is what scares me the most about losing a lot of weight. Thanks

    Very minimal on my arms and stomach but it gets better as I go. I am starting workouts to build some muscle.
  • bdulani
    bdulani Posts: 2 Member
    Please share what all did you do to achieve this? Were there any obstacles e.g. hormonal imbalances etc? How did you overcome them?
  • todds404
    todds404 Posts: 16 Member
    Really inspiring stuff. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!
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