Ladies, TOTM.... how do you cope?



  • wannabeskinnycat
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    @conniewilkins56 @kosseychick yeah it's not something I'm looking forward to :neutral:
  • I'm having mine right now. This month has been good with cravings...last month however was a different story. FH has said that because of his weakness with junk food, if he finds any in our home, he's going to throw it out...Since we've moved in with each other last year, I haven't been buying treats like I used to.

    I'm curious as to how my cycle is going to change when I change contraceptives next month and how it might change my cravings and cramping.
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    I’m in peri menopause and 20 days of weight bounce while tom runs late is not my idea of a fun time. Then to have tom show for a couple of days ten days later was even less fun. Don’t get me started on any of the other crap.

    These days the only way I know for sure that it’s showing soon is that I’m one of those lucky women (sarcasm) who gets a sore throat about two days before it shows, and a headache the day before that lasts until it shows.
  • kosseychick
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    I'm in perimenopause as well.. seem to get my little friend once or twice a year... such a treat... it just appears no notice, nothing.. always have to carry something on me... such a pain in the *kitten*... be so glad when it's gone for good.
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    I have gained and lost weight so many times, my poor hormones didn’t know how to react...first time I lost a significant amount of weight,I got pregnant with our daughter after nine years trying to have a baby...after I regained the weight I lost my periods stopped again....lost weight in my early 50s and they started again as regular as clockwork lol....finally in my late 50s after I was getting really tired of this I went to the doctor for tests....I had a tumor on my appendix that was ready to burst and a mass on my uterus and another growth on an ovary...had them removed and TOM stopped!...nothing was cancerous and I never really went thru “ the change”....I don’t miss it a bit!....good luck girls!