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MFP and Garmin Connect sync just isn't working

batorkinbatorkin Posts: 281Member, Premium Member Posts: 281Member, Premium Member
From Garmin Connect App -> Connect to MFP, Authorize, "Account Linking Failed". Then I go back and it's linked with the only option to "disconnect". However, it's not fully linked. If I log a food, even a single apple puts me in negative calories since the goal calories are 0. It's not syncing goal calories or exercises I log in MFP.

I have tried uninstalling both apps completely, reinstalling them, and even tried using my computer to link. On the computer when I try to link to MFP it just says "Just a minute. We're syncing your accounts" and sits there forever.

...Really frustrating.
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  • gally163gally163 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    its say"Error: invalid redirect base uri" ....what is the matter
  • bryaninpanama9113bryaninpanama9113 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Did you ever get an answer for this? Having the same problem
  • heybalesheybales Posts: 17,126Member Member Posts: 17,126Member Member
    It's not a matter of the apps - apps aren't like syncing one to another.
    So don't bother doing anything with them.

    Both apps really send your info to an account - it's the accounts between them that sync.

    If up-to-date info from your device isn't getting to your app isn't getting to your account - that's a one-sided issue.

    But between them - no.

    Since MFP is the receiver of the data and Garmin is the sender (MFP only sends some details back) - link must be initiated from MFP side.

    But as others have reported - Garmin appears to have updated their connecting confirmation page and either not informed MFP or MFP hasn't updated their side yet.
    When you initiate a sync to any account - the other side of course has to confirm this isn't just some hack attempt to get your data - you have to log into that other account and confirm some how.

    When you started on the Garmin side, all that used to do was go to the MFP page that allowed actually initiating it there.

    So perhaps both side have changed their pages.
    This should be the start on MFP side. Where you could select from all manner of external accounts to sync with.

    If never found on Garmin a similar list of things it syncs with, always the other side, like Strava, or MapMyWhatever, ect.
  • shugs0610shugs0610 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I have been able to connect the two devices. So Calorie In / Out is showing in my Garmin Connect. I really wanted my activity to show in MFP from my Garmin. Is this possible?
  • tinkerbellang83tinkerbellang83 Posts: 6,698Member Member Posts: 6,698Member Member
    I found when setting mine up I had to do it through the web version rather than through the app.

    @shugs0610 have you set Garmin as your Steps source?
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