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  • ConfidentRavenConfidentRaven Member Posts: 1,433 Member Member Posts: 1,433 Member
    Thursday, 8/15/19 - 121.4
    Hmmmm. This doesn’t make sense again. Sure this is temporary, but don’t know why. Yes, have been consciously eating and limiting snacking, but had nice bday dinner out last night and a glass of wine. Chose meal wisely and avoided bread in the table, but still had a nice date with my husband and enjoyed the experience. Assume numbers will go back up somewhat. Going to plug away and see what happens . . . .

    @RecommittingNYC I sometimes won’t see the bounce up from a high calorie day or dinner until 2-3 days later and how long the bounce up lasts varies too. Also a belated happy birthday to you I hope you enjoyed your day.
  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,392 Member Member Posts: 3,392 Member
    @betsychange I see that someone has given you a WOO but suspect they intended it to be a WHOO HOO or YIPPEE rather than an OH NO! I really wish MFP would fix that!

    @shunggie WHOO HOO!

    @swim777 Can you take the dog in a wagon so she can go farther with you, walking and riding?

    @Hilogirl2018 I considered getting BBOD but with no internet connection on a ship, I is pointless. 🤷‍♀️ Wish I could put a workout or 2 on my tablet but you can’t copy them from the DVDs.
    edited August 2019
  • Hilogirl2018Hilogirl2018 Member Posts: 619 Member Member Posts: 619 Member
    @kmfeig87 I'm thinking of you, and know so many others are as well. It's incredible to me that you can receive this diagnosis and continue to keep your head in the game- I think that's a clear sign that your healthy lifestyle has stuck! And that mindset will take you far on the upcoming journey through mastectomy, chemo/radiation, and recovery. Again, my thoughts are with you.

    @quiltingjaine You're on a ship? My goodness, didn't realize that. Yep, BBOD would be pointless then!
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