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    jenn990205 wrote: »
    08/20 - 148.2 haven't checking in the last couple of days. Father-in-law passed away very suddenly on Saturday night and sent us into turmoil. Bad eating on the go, stress, alcohol, no sleep, and dealing with husband and family has taken a toll. Back at work today, but honestly I am exhausted and my heart hurts for my husband. We are probably going to have to go to Texas where his dad lived, but right now we are just trying to figure out what is going on. Terrible ending to this round obviously, but it's life and sometimes you can't avoid life. My 10 day average is way up and I am almost 10 pounds up from the ending to the last round. This is what happens when you go from eating little to no carbs for months to eating sandwiches in the car, easy fast food items, no water, lots of alcohol, and no sleep. It is what it is and I will see if I can get it back down. I am sure it's water retention and stress.

    @jenn990205 I am so very sorry to hear about your FIL. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your hubby and the family. I hope you both can get some rest & some lovely reflection before you have to make a long or stressful trip. He is in Good Hands now.

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    @jenn990205 My condolences on your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    @jenn990205 I’m truly sorry for your loss and will be praying for peace for you all. If you are traveling by car, low carb fast food options are possible. Order the sandwich with no bun or just take the bun off and toss it. Subway makes a good salad. When we drove cross country 2 summers ago with 3 teenagers the only “bad” place we ate was KFC and if you throw away the skin, even that isn’t horrid. I remember almost 27 years ago, spending all day every day for a week in the ICU waiting room before we took my FIL home to pass. Some member of the family brought in carb loaded stuff several toes a day and that was hard but I wasn’t LCHF then. Now that stuff doesn’t taste good. Having said that, again I’m sorry for your loss and hope these thoughts help you. 😘
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    @Sylphadora Feel free to join us and track by any method you choose! Some post weight, some post comments only. You do you! We are here to support everyone! Here’s the link to the next round-
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    @traydee1963 I hope you enjoyed the celebration(s) .


    @deepwoodslady I enjoyed it a little too much . Thanks
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    @jenn990205, I’m sooo sorry to hear about the loss of you FIL, prayers and peace goes out to you and your husband!
  • GrandmaJackieGrandmaJackie Member Posts: 31,771 Member Member Posts: 31,771 Member

    Round 86

    Please join us! Starting on 08/11 JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS, we will begin Round 86
    Anyone can join us at anytime during the round.

    Join us! If we stay mindful we can do this, you can do this.

    Welcome back past members, welcome new members, let's keep each other accountable for another 10 days!

    Here is what you do: Post your daily weight and add little comments along the way of how your day went. Post everyday to let us know how you're doing! Copy and paste the days in your response--tell us how much you lost and other non scale victories (NSV) you'd like to share.

    FOR NEWBIES - I find it easiest to copy the dates to a document or note in my device and edit it each morning. Then copy and paste to the message board. MFP will return you to the spot on the board where you left off on your previous visit which is nice to know if you like to scan all of the posts.


    ****Main Focus to make healthy food choices Thurs - Sun****

    08/11 155.5 ~ {Steps 23,122} ~ Even though I met up with my daughter and grandkids for lunch, I was able to make healthy food choices! Next year my daughter is going to be deployed for six months so I’ll most likely will be making the commute to her house during that time.

    Day 1 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅

    08/12 152.6 ~ {Steps 21,389} ~ Nice relaxing day, ready to stay focus this round!

    Day 2 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅

    08/13 151.9 ~ {Steps 18,648} ~ I didn’t get as much housecleaning accomplished as I planned but on the bright side, I was spot on with my food!

    Day 3 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅

    08/14 152 ~ {Steps 10,784} ~ Another lazy day, lol.

    Day 4 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅

    08/15 151.9 ~ {Steps 16,377} ~ My husband and I had a nice lunch together plus we were able to do some errands. I decided before dinner to get a short workout in, woot hoot.

    Day 5 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅

    08/16 151.8 ~ {Steps 19,728} - There wasn’t enough hours in the day to get everything completed but since hubby will be working tomorrow, baking is planned!

    Day 6 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅

    08/17 151.3 ~ {Steps 16,312} ~ woot woot!

    Day 7 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅

    08/18 152.3 ~ {Steps 11,906} ~ I don’t understand I didn’t have the best workout but my diet was I thought good, oh well 😈😈

    Day 8 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅

    08/19 151.8 ~ {Steps 13,798} ~ Consistency is the key!

    Day 9 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅

    08/20 151 ~ {Steps 18,622} ~ The weekend I was able stay focus so this round I was about to reach my goal, woot hoot.
    Plus I participated in the whole round, that’s a biggggg plus!

    Day 10 - Under carb goal and no LNS after 7 ✅


    💕💕Pete the Pug💕💕

    👍🏼👍🏼 This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE. 👍🏼👍🏼
  • IsMollyReallyHungryIsMollyReallyHungry Member Posts: 15,135 Member Member Posts: 15,135 Member

    ** ROUND 86 **
    Round # 18 for me

    08/11 392.8
    08/12 395.0
    08/13 394.4 – Well I am back. Had a busy weekend. I am still trying to get back on track. I had a great WW meeting. I attended the meeting. The goal is to attend the meeting again Saturday and to lose weight. I had a 1.2 pound gain this week. For a total of 3.6 gain. ☹ But I am going to turn this around. Not worried, just going to keep at it is all. I got my 7000 steps in yesterday. My eating could have been better. I had a salad last night instead of fast food.

    08/14 395.8 :| Salty foods but an overall ok day.

    08/15 394.4 back down or a maintain. :) I will take it…. Struggling. Trying to eat better today. I got my 7000 steps yesterday and will get them today. Keep rocking it you all--I see a lot of losses! :flowerforyou: If you have not lost today that is ok too because you are here and checking in and that is what counts and will help you on your journey. It will help us all get there. Keep up the good work Everyone!! :flowerforyou:

    08/16 392.6 :smile: Another blue day and another blue dot day yesterday too! Not enough blue dot days this week to have a loss this week at WW's weigh in tomorrow. But I am going for weigh in and staying for meeting also. I will make 5 days in a row 7000 step goal this week if I get it today which I will. Eating has been pretty good today too. My goal this weekend is to get in the 380's by Monday. I have a BBQ tomorrow and I must make Mac and Cheese for it. Not sure what I was thinking when I volunteered to bring M&C. But I have a plan. As long as I don't have 2 bad days on weekend, I usually do ok. But 2 bad days is never good. Have a great weekend everyone!! :flowerforyou:

    08/17 388.4 :smile:

    08/18 389.4 I stayed in the 380’s today! Hopefully I can stick it tomorrow. I had a lot of salt today and not enough water. The good thing is I have tomorrow to drink my normal water quota. It is normal for me not to get in enough water on the weekends. After 2 weeks of gains at WW I finally lost yesterday, and it was my 2nd week staying for the meeting! It was a very good meeting -- just what I needed. I got my 7000-step goal 7 days in a row this week! And today over 10,000 steps with a DVD and some cleaning! I am afraid to increase step goal. I am going to leave it at 7000 for a while. This is a 1st. Yesterday and today I did a Leslie Sasone dvd. I am getting back on track…yeah!! I got some more de-cluttering done this weekend. Next weekend I am going on a short weekend trip with friends. So I need to plan well. Have a good week MFP friends! :flowerforyou:

    08/19 387.6 :smile: Almost at goal for this challenge! Got step goal in today and another blue dot day.

    08/20 387.6 :smile: I missed my goal a little bit, but I feel good about my progress this past 10 days for sure. I lost 5 lbs. in 10 days! That is not too shabby at all. No happy dance for me this time. I want to be more consistent 1st.

    <<<Round 86 goal weight: 387 >>>

    My journey … ("I May Not Be Where I Want To Be, but I’m Not Where I Use To Be!")
    In 2003 Weighed over 600 lbs
    In 2005 Weighed under 400 lbs
    In 2007 lowest weight after surgery 302lbs
    My highest weight was 611 in 2003. Weight in 2004 before weight loss surgery was 580. Lowest weight after surgery was 302 in 2007. "I May Not Be Where I Want To Be, but I’m Not Where I Use To Be!"

    I joined MFP on March 27, 2010 weighing in at 388 pounds. I was re-gaining weight and stumbled up on it while trying to get back on track. I was determined never to see 400+ on that scale again for me.

    I have been morbidly obese all my life. I have a lifetime of mental and physical scars from obesity. In October 2004 I had Gastric Bypass surgery. WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) was the best gift that I could and did give to myself.

    Between 2008 and 2010 I gradually gained back 80 of almost 300 pounds lost initially after weight loss surgery. I never reached my goal weight of 200 pounds. I still managed to keep off over 65 percent of the weight I lost which is very good and I am very proud of my accomplishments since 2004. It has literally changed my life for the better on all levels. I am here to lose re-gained weight and to reach my initial goal weight. I am in no hurry. I am taking this one day at a time and I am in it for the long haul.

    Surgery did not fix the head. It is a good tool and the best gift I have given to myself, but it was not the easy way out as many people think. Once the honeymoon period is over after the WLS it is up to the patient to keep the weight off.

    On August 29, 2011-- I was admitted to Intensive Out Patient Eating Disorder Program to learn how to manage my binge eating disorder effectively. The program is wonderful indeed and will be instrumental in me reaching all of my goals. The focus of this program was how to eat and not diet. Weight loss was not a goal of the program. I actually gained 20 pounds in program. But I had to get thru a lot of stuff and my the time I was released I had stopped gaining. I was discharged from program on December 3, 2011.

    My tool is still working for me today. My head is still the issue. SO the struggle continues. I will never beat myself up again. I fight the fine fight faithfully and positively everyday. Because that is what will get me to my goals one day. Even though it may not show up on the scale every day -- Everyday I make progress one way or another just by showing up, waking up and trying.

    Giving up is not an option for me. Perseverance, Patience, & Positive thinking will help me reach my goals…… and the same is true for you too!! :smile: We have the power within us.

    :flowerforyou: SW 373.4 - 1/3/19 GW 348 - 12/31/19 :flowerforyou:

    Round 64 - SW 373.4 EW 369 (-4.4)
    Round 65 - SW 370.8 EW 375.4 (+4.6)
    Round 66 - SW 376 EW 373.6 (- 2.4)
    Round 68 - SW 375.2 EW 377 (+ 1.8)
    Round 69 - SW 380.2 EW 382.4 (+ 2.2)
    Round 70 - SW 382.4 EW 378.8 (- 3.6)
    Round 71 - SW 378.4 EW 368 (- 10.4)
    Round 73 - SW 385.4 EW 385.4 (0.0)
    Round 74 - SW 384.0 EW 378.2 (- 5.8)
    Round 75 - SW 380.0 EW 377.8 (- 2.2)
    Round 76 - SW 377.8 EW 380.4 (+ 2.6)
    Round 78 - SW 390.4 EW 381.0 (- 9.4)
    Round 79 - SW 383.0 EW 379.6 (- 3.4)
    Round 80 - SW 383.8 EW 387.6 (+ 3.8)
    Round 83 - SW 392.0 EW 388.2 (- 3.8)
    Round 84 - SW 388.8 EW 386.8 (- 2.0)
    Round 85 - SW 387.6 EW 390.2 (+ 2.6)
    Round 86 - SW 392.8 EW 387.6 (-5.2)

    Net change 2019 = SW 373.4 (+14.2)


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  • Tracie_LordTracie_Lord Member Posts: 1,761 Member Member Posts: 1,761 Member
    I'm 38 years old, from UK and 5'11

    Pre challenge loss 24.00lbs

    R21 SW 274.50 EW 268.00 (-6.50)
    R22 SW 268.00 EW 267.50 (-0.50)
    R23 SW 267.50 EW 264.75 (-2.75)
    R24 SW 264.50 EW 264.75 (+0.25)
    R25 SW 264.75 EW 268.50 (+4.00)
    R26 SW 269.25 EW 268.50 (-0.75)
    R27 SW 269.25 EW 262.50 (-7.25)
    R28 SW 262.50 EW 255.75 (-6.75)
    R29 SW 255.75 EW 254.50 (-0.75)
    R30 SW 254.50 EW 249.50 (-5.00)
    R31 SW 249.50 EW 247.50 (-2.00)
    R32 SW 247.50 EW 252.25 (+4.75)
    R33 SW 252.75 EW 242.75 (-9.50)
    R34 SW 242.75 EW 236.25 (-6.50)
    R35 SW 236.25 EW 235.75 (-0.50)
    R36 SW 235.75 EW 233.50 (-2.25)
    R37 SW 233.50 EW 230.00 (-3.50)
    R38 SW 230.00 EW 228.50 (-1.50)
    R39 SW 228.50 EW 229.50 (+1.00)
    R40 SW 229.50 EW 223.50 (-6.00)
    R41 SW 223.50 EW 229.50 (+6.00)
    R42 SW 229.50 EW 231.75 (+2.25)
    R43 SW 231.75 EW 223.50 (-8.25)
    R44 SW 223.50 EW 223.50 (-0.00)
    R45 SW 223.50 EW 219.50 (-4.00)
    R46 SW 219.50 EW 217.50 (-2.00)
    R47 SW 217.50 EW 215.25 (-2.25)
    R48 SW 215.25 EW 215.50 (+0.25)
    R49 SW 215.50 EW 211.75 (-3.75)
    R50 SW 211.75 EW 209.50 (-2.25)
    R51 SW 209.50 EW 207.75 (-1.75)
    R52 SW 201.75 ..... HOLIDAYS .....
    R53 .......... HOLIDAYS …………….
    R54 … HOLIDAYS... EW 217.50
    R55 SW 217.50 EW 222.50 (+5.00)
    R56 SW 222.50 EW 220.50 (-2.00)
    R57 SW 220.50 EW 213.50 (-7.00)
    R58 SW 213.50 EW 213.25 (-0.25)
    R59 SW 213.25 EW 207.50 (-4.25)
    R60 SW 207.50 EW 204.75 (-2.75)
    R61 SW 204.75 EW 209.50 (+4.75)
    R62 SW 209.50 EW 207.25 (-2.25)
    R63 SW 207.25 EW 218.75 (+11.50)
    R64 SW 218.75 EW 209.25 (-9.50)
    R65 SW 209.25 EW 206.75 (-2.50)
    R66 SW 206.75 EW 209.50 (+2.75)
    R67 SW 209.50 EW 205.50 (-4.00)
    R68 SW 205.50 EW 202.25 (-2.25)
    R69 SW 202.25 EW 208.50 (+6.25)
    R70 SW 208.50 EW 200.50 (-8.00)
    R71 SW 200.50 EW 195.50 (-5.00)
    R72 SW 195.50 EW 194.50 (-1.00)
    R73 SW 194.50 EW 188.75 (-7.25)
    R74 SW 188.75 EW 191.50 (+2.75)
    R75 SW 191.50 EW 185.50 (-6.00)
    R76 SW 185.50 EW 181.75 (-3.75)
    R77 SW 181.75 EW 186.00 (+4.25)
    R78 SW 186.00 EW 178.50 (-7.50)
    R79 SW 178.50 EW 173.25 (-4.75)
    R80 SW 173.75 EW 173.50 (-0.25)
    R81 SW 173.50 EW 171.75 (-1.75)
    R82 SW 171.75 EW 175.25 (+3.50)
    R83 SW 175.25 EW 174.75 (-0.50)
    R84 SW 174.75 EW 172.50 (-2.25)
    R85 SW 172.50 EW 172.50 (+/-0)
    R86 SW 172.50 EW

    TOTAL LOSS (Start of round) = 126.00lbs

    Aim 3lbs down this round

    08/10 - 172.50
    08/11 - 171.25
    08/12 - 170.50
    08/13 - 169.25
    08/14 - 168.50
    08/15 - 168.75
    08/16 - 169.75
    08/17 - 173.25
    08/18 - 175.50
    08/19 - 171.50
    08/20 - 170.25
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