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Successfully dropping logging



  • Squish815Squish815 Posts: 118Member Member Posts: 118Member Member
    I've been logging on MFP for 4 years (3 of those years in maintenance) and have thought about stopping as I MIGHT be able to maintain without it but if I did start to gain weight again I realllllly can't be bothered having to lose again. I'd rather keep logging (loosely) and know I can maintain that risk having to start losing again, plus logging is just second nature for me now!
  • AddicteadAddictead Posts: 60Member Member Posts: 60Member Member
    I've had phases of not logging and being okay, But I always come back after awhile because I tend to portion creep or snack a little too much and don't recognize it before I sit down and go over everything.
  • CahgetsfitCahgetsfit Posts: 1,742Member Member Posts: 1,742Member Member
    The weight starts to creep up for me so I always end up having to log again before too much damage is done. As soon as I'm up more than 2kg (and not just the fluctuating type - 2 proper fat kilos), I get back on the logging wagon to lose them.

    I'm not good at intuitive eating. As in - I KNOW I am overeating, I am not good at stopping myself from overating - that is the problem.
  • GamlielaGamliela Posts: 2,426Member Member Posts: 2,426Member Member
    I still log sporadically. I've been maintaining for a few years. I log if my activity changes, which it can throughout the year, until I get used to the change in hunger, calories and activity. Originally I got to a goal about 10 pounds lighter than my current weight and I give myself a 10 pound range, or rather 5 pounds either up or down.

    I really like how my food diary has so many foods in it and the amounts serve accuracy because I set it up for 100 grams of many foods or in amounts I typically eat, so its easy to quickly log food for the day.

    If it works for you, you will have an easier successful outcome!
  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Posts: 4,998Member Member Posts: 4,998Member Member
    I have been logging in maitenance for nearly 5 years.

    Loosely,not tight weigh and measure exactly each item - but I still do general loose lazy logging.

    Second nature habit for me now and it works for me so I'm not about to change it.
  • JohnnytotheBJohnnytotheB Posts: 351Member Member Posts: 351Member Member
    Everyone is different but I need to log for success. Otherwise I pick up on old bad habits - and they come back slowly. If you were really obese and lost 100+ pounds you probably want to keep logging during maintenance.
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