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Data Breach

UberdenUberden Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
I have just found out that whilst I was a premium customer in 2018 there was a huge data breach of MFP customer details and not one mention of it to customers. My person detail was hacked and then used against me to try and extort money. Nice one MFP 🙄


  • rileysownerrileysowner Member Posts: 7,864 Member Member Posts: 7,864 Member
    I saw many posts on a data breach but I don't remember when.
  • MikePTYMikePTY Member, Premium Posts: 3,823 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,823 Member
    MFP announced it and notified all its members when it happened in 2018. It was also widely announced in the news. You can Google it. They required everyone to change their passwords.

    No financial data was stolen. Only usernames and perhaps passwords. What you got was a weak ransom attempt that only does anything if you actually click on their email links. They have no ability to access your computers otherwise.

    In my work I work with banks and clients and I've gotten way more convincing malware emails sent to me by email systems from financial institutions.

    There are dozens of places out there that you likely freely give your information to that are a bigger security risk than MFP.
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