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Copy Individual Item from a Other Days and also Giving All Meal Categories Access to Frequent Meals

nysteve1nysteve1 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
I want to be able to copy one food from an earlier day to my current day diary, and move it to a specific meal category. Below are list of ways that can kind of get you this results but with much hacking and they in turn need their own tweaks:


1. From my experience you can copy a meal, and then have to manually delete all those items form the meal, until you are left with only the one item you really wanted to copy.

2. The Frequent Foods option works well but for only a particular meal category. Say I eat a particular salad for breakfast every day, but today I ate it for lunch, using the frequent foods option will not work, since that food seems to only be listed as a frequent food for breakfast meal category not generally. Frequent meal lib should be accessible to all meal categories.

Ex. Workflow: I would like to Add a food from the Frequent Foods lib to Snack of the current date; Frequent Food lib is selected and it shows a list of ALL frequent foods regardless of meal category.

4. The Your (custom) Foods option won't work unless you created that particular item as a custom food. In my example I use a type of dressing for that salad. I did find it in the system, and so I did not have to recreated it, but to use it in 'this' fashion to solve this problem, I'd have clone it and give it a custom name.

Please let me know if I've missed something.

This is a great app/service but it needs many UX improvement as it grows.


  • RAinWARAinWA Posts: 1,540Member Member Posts: 1,540Member Member
    It helps if you specify how you are using the diary - web version or on the app? It makes a difference.
  • Capyboppy2017Capyboppy2017 Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
    Ive just achieved what you want to do.There is a little drop down box so you can choose which meal you want to add it to. For the individual item I just clicked on that item which then prompted me to choose which meal. I must admit I haven't checked on the iPad/iphone yet if it can do this. But definitely online it does.

    Update: I have just tried on my iPhone and this is how you do it.

    1: Browse to the food item you want on another date. Click Edit. You will then be presented with little circles at the side of each item. click on the circle of the food you want to copy. You will then have 3 options at the bottom: iMessage; copy or save meal. Choose copy. You will then be presented with copy to date with options that you can slide to. i.e tomorrow and lunch.Then click the tick for it to do this.
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