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Bug/Issue - Decimal place rounding resulting in incorrect nutrient totals

mjharris1984mjharris1984 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
The main food diary page on the website shows totals for each meal, and also totals for the day at the bottom. However these totals are all calculated after each food item has had it's nutrient value rounded down to the nearest whole number. This results in inaccurate reporting of daily nutrient intake.

An example will illustrate this best..

Add a food item to Breakfast in such a quantity that it contains 0.9g sugar. It will show on the food diary as 0 Sugar. The totals for Breakfast and the day will also show 0 Sugar. Adding 5 more of this food item and you've now consumed 4.5g of sugar however the totals remain at 0g.

In this way, and throughout the course of the day with many individual food items being added, it is easy for whole grams to go missing and not be reported correctly. This is especially important for something like Fiber where a normal intake is something in the region of 38g and many food stuffs will have sub gram quantities that currently dont register in the total - this results in a very significant under reporting of the fiber consumed.

Rounding down the values for display purposes and to make the interface easier to read is fine. However the totals shown should be calculated on the full, non-rounded value.

I have checked the Printable Full Report on the website and it suffers the same problem. The Android app actually calculates the totals correctly, which is good to see, however this does result in confusing differences in the totals when I switch between using the website and the phone app.

Hopefully your dev team can get this fixed.
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