Disappointed by Caulipower Crust



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    Wanted to delete me post but can only edit it :p
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    I tried cauliflower mash a few weeks ago and anyone who says it's exactly like mash potatoes is lying. Never again, sticking with real potatoes.

    I actually love cauliflower, so mashed cauliflower is yummy. So is mashed potatoes. And mashed sweet potatoes. I don't know why people try to say foods are something that they aren't. Personally, I would never try to trick or lie to someone about what a food is or tastes like.

    Weirdly enough I've started using a subscription food box for dinners and it has heaps of cauliflower in it, I'm starting to like it now! But it'll never taste like mash potatoes.
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    I've been loving the caulipower veggie and margherita pizzas. I eat half for dinner, and then sometimes the other half if i have calories left over later that night. I find it filling and I love a crispy thin crust, which it definitely has. I actually had this tonight for dinner.
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    I had the cauliflower crust pizza and didn't care for it at all, don't remember the brand though. I'd rather eat pizza with thin crust. We make our own every once in a while, and i make the crust thin, just enough that it's going to support toppings. But i love cauliflower in almost all forms, riced, baked, mushed, raw, apparently with the exception of pizza crust, lol.
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    I've been buying them from Aldi. They're actually REALLY delicious.