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    Good question - lots to think about. I'm not even sure what my "ideal" system is? I know I'll have to be forever vigilant - but think that I might prefer to usually eat "under" so that on special occasions I can splurge? I'm pretty sure I will want that chunk of cheesecake. Not every day, but a couple of times a month? Can I pull that off is the question.
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    I had a similar conversation this lunchtime when we took MIL out for her birthday lunch. Effusive compliments about my weight loss, followed by unrelenting pressure to order fries, dessert, wine.

    In my six months of maintenance-pushing-down I've developed an eating pattern that essentially means I eat at a modest permanent deficit, but allow myself occasional days of indulgence for special occasions. If I have an indulgent day on the horizon (such as today) I tend to run a slightly bigger deficit beforehand to bank calories for it, then I'll have a couple of low days afterwards. I've eaten out twice this week so I'll probably end the week at an overall caloric surplus, but that's OK because it's against the overall trend, which is a small weekly deficit. That's my method...but I'm sure for 100 successful maintainers there are 100 slightly different methods. And no doubt my method will evolve over time, as I hit stumbling blocks or gain experience.
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    Yeah. The pushing thing is starting to annoy me and the culture where it is assumed that you have to keep saying no to be polite and eventually to say yes to be polite--which is my culture of origin and a frigging waste of effing time.

    No I didn't offer you the banana because I don't actually want to offer you a banana and while I could not afford to offer you a banana!🤣 We can all assume that if I've put a banana in your face you are free to indulge even if I don't keep chasing you around the place with the banana, and if I've said no to your banana we can all assume that on balance I'm ok without one!!!!😹 Just in case you need to, substitute conference peach or 🍦ice cream for banana! I'm really talking about fruits and vegetables and ice cream here!!!! 🤣