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Woo be gone!

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Quick update: Woo has now been turned off. Farewell to woo.

Disagree button will be coming soon.

Hey all,

We've decided it's time for the "woo" reaction to go. We've received ample feedback that aspects of this reaction are not working for you. We have seen less derailing with people having the reaction "woo" to express their feeling on a post without replying, so we are going to experiment with offering a "disagree" button.

Please use this responsibly and compassionately. It is okay to use this reaction to disagree with an idea. It is not okay to use this reaction because you don't like the poster. We expect people not to use the disagree reaction with introduction posts, success stories, people looking for motivation, etc...

Given the duality of the previous woo reaction, we are not keeping the reaction counts for woo. Any woo reactions will be removed from your forum profile and this new reaction, disagree will be added as a blank slate.

Woo will be going away in the next week or so, so go ahead and get it out of your system while you still can. Woo because you love something, woo because its pseudo-science, woo to your heart's content.

TL:DR Woo is being replaced with disagree. Use responsibly so we can have nice things.

edited August 2019
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