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Could rapid weight loss being healthier sometimes?



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    How would this compare to a group that lost weight at a standard rate ~1lb/week? How does this compare to a control group losing no weight?

    There is no "damaging metabolism" as metabolism is nothing more than a series of biochemical pathways.

    I question the long term effect as dramatic change adopted in the short term rarely leads to long term changes in behavior. In the long term it may actually cause harm as individuals feel the need for dramatic intervention instead of forming habits which promote health.

    I was in a house with someone for a few weeks who was on a ~800 calorie diet under medical supervision.

    They were on a "diet break" at the time.

    They ate high calorie "junk food" (either takeaway or that is easy to cook at home) for every meal and lots of high calorie snacks.

    They had midnight snacks of tater tots / potato gems covered in melted cheese and bacon.

    Medically supervised starvation periods can not magically or instantly educate a person or their tastebuds and cooking skills.

    All things take time. Learning is a key form of nourishment.
    I wonder if it will help the person. Typically, the thought is that diet breaks help people achieve maintenance better with a large amount of weight to lose by preparing them to eat at maintenance levels instead of always dieting. Too many people have this mindset of "this is what I eat on a diet" and "this is what I eat when I'm not on a diet", instead of "this is how much I eat when I'm on a diet", and "this is how how much I eat when I'm not on a diet".
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