Help me stay motivated

So today was my actual first day on my journey to a better me! I must say the exercise part isn't bad but the dieting part is the hardest. If anyone could recommend tips on how to stay on track it would be greatly appreciated. I work 8+ hours a day at a desk, so my exercise is limited and I'm constantly looking for healthy snacks to try to keep me going. 😊


  • Lutielu
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    Carrots and hummus are one of my favorites. I’m stuck at a desk all day too
  • Preplanning and meal prep is a MUST for me. I work 8hr days as well so it's pretty easy to plan out what I'm eating for a majority of the day. Small consistant snacks/meals. My typical day looks alot like this..... Breakfast (150-220cals) -AM Snack (100-200cals) - Lunch (220-350cals) - PM Snack (100-200cals) - After Work Snack (100-200 cals) - Dinner (300-450cals). Since exercise really isn't a priority for me right now (I also have 2 toddlers, so I have little to no free time lol) I walk when I can. I park about 3/4 mile away from where I work so I get a 10 minute walk twice a day during the week. If you are exercising you'll probably be hungry more than when you choose not
    to exercise. Make sure your snacks and meals are full of fiber and protein to keep you feeling satisfied!
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    Fill out the food diary a few days in advance. It will eliminate a lot of stress during the work week.