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  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Posts: 1,999Member Member Posts: 1,999Member Member
    Donna from the Midwest……Age 59 yrs young…..5’ 5 1/2” Tall


    NO Ifs…….JUST WHENs

    I will be weighing on the 1st and last day of every month in addition to the recommended dates. 

    HIGHEST WEIGHT EVER: 253 IN 2014/2015


    Sept 02: 194.2 Okay, lets do this, holidays & all!
    Sept 09: 193.6 Could have done much better if not for the nice neighbor’s zucchini bread for two days! Carbs, carbs, carbs but delicious!
    Sept 16: 191.0 Thrilled with a new low!
    Sept 23: 193.0 Up & Down all week. It does not look like I’ll make goal, especially with 2 days of travel this week. Ugg.
    Sept 30: 192.0 Wow. A month of wild swings in my weight. Too much travel!

    Sept Goal: 188.2
    Sept Actual: 192.0
    Sept Loss/Gain: -2.2 LOSS

    Oct 01: 194.4 So much for last month’s loss!
    Oct 07: 187.2 On a roll but traveling today and Wednesday so…….
    Oct 14: 190.0 Travel repercussions!
    Oct 21: 189.2 I’ve got to work harder.
    Oct 28: 187.8 Traveling Wednesday. Scale will likely go up from restaurant food, bloat and 8 hour drive sitting, sitting, sitting. Happy with this past week though!

    Oct Goal: 186.0
    Oct Actual: 187.8
    Oct Loss/Gain: -6.6 LOSS
    Total Accumulated Weight Loss for Challenge : - 8.8 Loss

    Nov 01: 188.0 Still a blip up from the travel but it should be back down by tomorrow.
    Nov 04: 186.0 Happy with the progress.
    Nov 11: 185.8 A bit of a setback this week, but I pulled through it.
    Nov 18: 185.8 Broke even. I was back up, then down again. Grateful to have found my way home. Now for progress!
    Nov 25:
    Nov 30:

    Nov Goal: 180.0
    Nov Actual: xxxxx
    Nov Loss/Gain: xxx LOSS
    Total Accumulated Weight Loss for Challenge : 10.8 Loss

    Dec 02:
    Dec 09:
    Dec 16:
    Dec 23:
    Dec 30:
    Dec 31:

    Dec Goal: 175.2
    Dec Actual:
    Dec Loss/Gain: xxx LOSS
    Total Accumulated Weight Loss for Challenge : xxx Loss

    Total Challenge Weight loss GOAL: 19.0 lbs.
    ACTUAL Weight loss for the challenge:
  • denjan333denjan333 Posts: 158Member, Premium Member Posts: 158Member, Premium Member

    Sept.2: 256.2 lbs
    Sept. 9: 254.4 lbs
    Sept.16: 252.8 lbs
    Sept.23: 252.2 lbs
    Sept.30: 248.8 lbs

    Sept. Goal: 248.0 lbs
    Sept. Actual: 248.8 lbs

    Oct. 7: 247.0 lbs
    Oct. 14: 244.6 lbs
    Oct. 21: 242.0 lbs
    Oct. 28: 240.2 lbs

    Oct. Goal: 240.0 lbs
    Oct. Actual: 240.2

    Nov. 4: 237.8
    Nov. 11: 235.8
    Nov. 18: 232.6
    Nov. 25:

    Nov. Goal: 232.0 lbs
    Nov. Actual:

    Weight lost this week: 3.2 lbs
    Challenge Weight loss goal: 32.2 lbs
    Actual Weight loss for the challenge: 23.6 lbs (to date)
  • Tracie_LordTracie_Lord Posts: 1,663Member Member Posts: 1,663Member Member
    Original Starting Weight 298.5lbs Oct 2017

    Challenge start weight 183.5lbs Oct 11th

    I'm late to the party guys but I was away in Sept.

    I'm 39 years old from the UK. I clean eat 90% of the time and am a regular at the gym. I am 5'11 so my target weight is 160-180lbs. My goal is to be at 165lbs consistently :)

    Came back from a Disney Florida vacation this week and I am 8lbs up so hoping that should go pretty quickly. My weigh day is Friday.

    Oct. 11: 183.50
    Oct. 18: 179.00
    Oct. 25: 181.50

    Oct. Goal: 175.50
    Oct. Actual: 181.50 :(

    Nov. 01: 177.75
    Nov. 08: 176.50
    Nov. 15: 173.75
    Nov. 22: 184.25
    Nov. 29:

    Nov. Goal: 172.00
    Nov. Actual:

    Dec. 06:
    Dec. 13:
    Dec. 20:
    Dec. 27:

    Dec. Goal: 165.00
    Dec. Actual:

    Weight lost this week: gain 10.5lbs!!!!
    Challenge Weight loss goal: 18.5lbs
    Actual Weight loss for the challenge pls 0.75lbs
    Actual Weight loss to date: 114.25lbs
  • durhammfpdurhammfp Posts: 272Member Member Posts: 272Member Member
    durhammfp wrote: »
    durhammfp wrote: »
    durhammfp wrote: »
    durhammfp wrote: »
    durhammfp wrote: »
    durhammfp wrote: »
    durhammfp wrote: »
    durhammfp wrote: »
    durhammfp wrote: »
    Goal: Transition to maintenance, with about 5-10 lbs to lose, Friday weigh-ins.

    USW: 202.0 (Sept 1, 2018)
    CSW: 158.6 (Sept 1, 2019)

    Sept Start: 158.6
    Sept Goal: 158-159

    09/06: Travel
    09/13: 161.2
    09/20: 160.2*
    Sep Actual:

    Oct Goal: 157-158
    Nov Goal: 156-157
    Dec Goal: 155-156

    *I started a C25K program recently. I have never run before (or done any strenuous exercise, really, since my 20s) and do not know how this might affect my weight. So I have decided to change my goals and lose even more least until I see how this all plays out. I feel like I might be going into recomp.

    Sept Start: 158.6
    Sept Goal: 158-159

    09/06: Travel
    09/13: 161.2
    09/20: 160.2
    09/27: 158.6
    09/30: 158.2*

    I had taken an intentional diet break during the first two weeks of the month and started a C25K program in the middle of the month, so I am essentially back to where I started on Sept 1. Going forward, I should be able to stay more on the losing side of the equation...I hope.

    Oct Goal: 156-158

    Oct Start: 158.2
    Oct Goal: 156-158

    10/04: 158.04

    Looks like my body may be adjusting to C25K.

    Also, I have decided to start recording my ten-day moving average, instead of my day-of, weight.

    Sept Start: 158.6
    Sept Goal: 158-159
    Sept Actual: 158.2

    Oct Start: 158.2
    Oct Goal: 156-158

    10/04: 158.04
    10/09: 158.32*

    *Traveling for almost a week, starting early tomorrow, so I'm posting a little early this week.

    Finished W4R2 today for C25K.

    Sept Start: 158.6
    Sept Goal: 158-159
    Sept Actual: 158.2

    Oct Start: 158.2
    Oct Goal: 156-158

    10/04: 158.04
    10/09: 158.32
    10/10 to 10/16: Travel
    10/18: 161.4

    Back to where I started and more. And I'll be traveling again the last week of the NOLA. Let's just see if I can maintain exactly where I am right now, I think that might be where I'm headed. :-(

    On the good news side of the equation, I am still on schedule for C25K and will finish week 5 tomorrow... injury free and still loving every minute of it. So I guess that counts for something.

    Oct Start: 158.2
    Oct Goal: 156-158

    10/04: 158.04
    10/09: 158.32
    10/10 to 10/16: Travel
    10/18: 161.40
    10/25: 159.38

    As far as C25K, finished W6R3 yesterday.

    Since I'm starting to travel for a few days, I'm closing out a little early. Looks like I lost some water weight...associated with my last trip, perhaps?

    Oct Start: 158.2
    Oct Goal: 156-158

    10/04: 158.04
    10/09: 158.32
    10/10 to 10/16: Travel
    10/18: 161.40
    10/25: 159.38
    10/29: 158.00
    10/30 to 11/02: Travel

    Technically, I met the upper limit of my weight goal but that is also about where I ended September. I'm still treading water.

    As far as C25K, I met my end-of-month goal by finishing W7R2.

    Nov Start: 160.00
    Nov Goal: 156-157

    11/05: 159.62
    11/08: 156.82

    Chalking this weight loss up to glycogen depletion from yesterday's run. Still trying to learn how my new running program intersects with my weightloss program.

    Running W9R1 of C25K tomorrow.

    Nov Start: 160.00
    Nov Goal: 156-157

    11/05: 159.62
    11/08: 156.82
    11/15: 157.34

    C25k done. Working on bridge to10K now.

    Nov Start: 160.00
    Nov Goal: 156-157

    11/05: 159.62
    11/08: 156.82
    11/15: 157.34
    11/22: 158.24

    Ugh. One step forward, two steps back. Or is it the other way around?

    Still working on my 10K training plan. Also, saw my doc for the first time since I've been running and my BP is now at 92/58. It had been 120/70 (before and after I started losing weight) so this drop was not really expected. My doc seemed please with it though. And man, running has given me the energy of someone a couple decades younger.

  • SERmom3SERmom3 Posts: 131Member Member Posts: 131Member Member

    Original starting weight: 180
    Challenge starting weight: 151.4

    Sept.2: 151.4
    Sept. 9: 151.4
    Sept.16: 151.4
    Sept.23: 152.2
    Sept.30: 148.4

    Sept. Goal: 147 (-4.4lbs)
    Sept. Actual: 148.4 (-3 lbs)

    Oct. 7: 146.2
    Oct. 14: 149.4
    Oct. 21: 148.8
    Oct. 28: 149.4

    Oct. Goal: 143 (-3.2lbs)
    Oct. Actual: 149.4 (+3.2)

    Nov. 4: 148.4
    Nov. 11: 147.4
    Nov. 18: 145.6

    Nov. 25: 143.8 - I never adjusted my Nov goal after missing my Oct goal, so I knew 140 wasn’t going to happen. However, I am THRILLED to hit 143! My end of year goal is in reach. Just need to stay focused through the holidays. 🦃🎄

    Nov. Goal: 140 (-8.4lbs)
    Nov. Actual: 143.8 (-4.6lbs)

    Dec. 2:
    Dec. 9:
    Dec. 16:
    Dec. 23:
    Dec. 30:

    Dec. Goal: 140
    Dec. Actual:

    Weight lost this week: -1.8lbs
    Challenge Weight loss goal: 140
    Actual Weight loss for the challenge:
  • whitewave39whitewave39 Posts: 40Member Member Posts: 40Member Member

    Sept.2: 183.6
    Sept. 9: 184.6 (I believe this is actually a new scale last week, was not calibrated correctly! 😡)
    Sept.16: 184.6 ...weighed in again today (Sept. 20) scale said: 182.2!! so...I'm very happy about this! 😁 I'll try again on Mon., the 23rd...
    Sept.23: 181.6 (I am more used to weighing myself on Fridays so I will probably be posting to my updates here 2x per week...if I keep that up! So far, I'm doing OK... 😉 ...On Friday Sept. 27 I weighed in @ 180.6.~ lost another pound!! yea!
    Sept.30: 181.6 ...Well, that's kinda disappointing! I think it's partly due to swelling in my ankles, plus extra calories yesterday, AND most of all a real lack of exercise last week! But no worries here...I've hit plateaus before! I'll just keep on keepin' on!! Here's to a better week, right?!? 😉

    Sept. Goal: by the 30th I want to be down to 180.
    Sept. Actual: 181.6 (loss of 5.4 lbs)

    Oct 7: (will weigh in for this date when the time comes) Today, the 4th, I weighed in @ 179.6! So it pays to PAY ATTENTION,. .....right?!? LOL ....weighed in again today, Monday, the 7th ~ still @ 179.6. I was hoping to lose that ".6" over the weekend...but who can resist homemade mac'n'cheese??! Oh well...back to the treadmill...onward and downward, as they say.... 💪
    Oct 14: here it is, Friday 11 Oct ~ weighing in @ 177.6! lost another 2 lbs!!! 😁 See you all on Monday! ...~~ And now it's Monday the 14th, so once again....GOOD NEWS for yours truly: 176.8 lbs! I am feeling REALLY good about all this....lost 10.2 lbs, very hopeful about making my goal by the end of the year!
    Oct 21: And now, for my Friday weigh-in, I am now down another 1/2 lb: 176.2. ...very encouraging! I've lost 1.5 lbs in the past week, even tho' I have not had a chance to do any real workout in the past few days. But today will be different, I have promised myself! I am home all day so there is NO excuse! ...and I will see how Monday's results shape up... ... ... Monday, the 21st: OUCH!! Today, Monday Oct 21 ~ UP a pound. weighed in this morning @ 177.2...I knew that 2nd cupcake yesterday was a mistake, but how many times does my youngest turn 31yo, right? 🎂 ...I don't see myself making my Oct goal of 175 lbs, but we shall see...I still have over a week til then, so maybe if I FOCUS this week I can come close! (even tho next week I have my granddaughter's b*day party ~ turning 8yo, born on Halloween 🎃) ...I will be more careful...
    Oct 28: And here we are, on Friday 25 Oct, with my usual end-of-week post: This morning I came in @ 176.2 ~ so I lost that lb that was nagging at my conscience all week!! haha Big family get-together this Sunday @ my sister's house, so I will have to be especially diligent. *fingers crossed* ..... Monday, the 28th: 176.2 lbs. I am not gonna be disappointed about this ~ didn't gain, didn't lose (since Friday) and just relieved that I maintained yesterday @ the party! Only ONE slice of The trouble with parties is this: the company is a delight. The food is delicious...but...I never know the count on anything!! 😱 ...but it was wonderful to see everybody! 😍 I don't care lol.

    Oct goal: 175
    Oct actual: 174.4 (loss of another 7.2 lbs) 😂

    Nov. 4: Today, Friday Nov 1 ~ weighed in this morning @ 174.4!! So I made my goal after all...and then some! It was a bit of a surprise ~ but a happy one. No one was home last night so I have no idea if we had any beggars or not...but we had no candy to give out because of other plans. And now I discovered a huge bag of leftover Halloween candy that my daughter brought home from a friend's house! I will just NOT snack too much on that. LOL ... 🎃🍫🍭....And once again, it's weigh-in day: Monday Nov 4 ~ down to 173 lbs!! so happy and proud of myself (if I may be allowed to boast here LOL) ...another birthday yesterday ~ my granddaughter turned 8yo on Halloween, so once again, cupcakes & IC all around! It was lots of fun 😂 but, remembering last week I made sure to hold back on those extra treats, and now it's paid off! kinda proud of myself .... 🤣...
    Nov 11: Today is actually Sunday Nov 10, but I'm logging in early (rather late cuz I wasn't here on Friday) but I'm still @ 173lbs. I was holding more than usual on Friday ~ actually went UP 2lbs due to not enough working out, water weight, probably those darned cupcakes sitting on the kitchen counter all week(even tho' I counted them as meals, not snacks: eat one, skip lunch 😖) ~ so I decided to weigh myself a day early just to check up on myself. So, I'm happy that I lost those 2lbs but I still wish I could be lighter than this. I feel like this past week has been a waste.... from now on NO MORE CUPCAKES. ...even if they get thrown OUT! 😡
    Nov. 18: It is the morning of Friday, Nov. 16. This is SO DEPRESSING! I weighed in @ 173.8 lbs. ...I have not lost a single ounce; as a matter of fact, I have gained nearly a lb back! And I was sure to get in a couple of workouts, I was as careful as possible counting my caloric intake...I've hit plateaus before, but THIS is RIDICULOUS! From now on, I am doing a workout every single day (except Sundays) & I'll see if that helps! (I don't even think I lost any inches, either!! 😭) But I am NOT giving up!! And I'll check in again on Monday, the 18th...hopefully with better news!
    ....UPDATE: On Sunday, Nov 17, I weighed myself (a day early) cuz for some reason that plateau was really buggin' me & my weight was down to 171.2! So finally, I rested easier...and then ~ This morning, Monday Nov 18, I was up a lb again: 172.2...but I'm thinkin' it must be water weight, right?!? No matter, at least I'm DOWN!! ...'bout time! 😊...
    Nov. 25: 172.8 ...depressing? YES! I don't know what I did wrong all week, but I guess I'll just keep at it; sooner or later, it's gotta get better! 😩

    Nov. Goal: 170 *revised*
    Nov. Actual:

    Challenge weight loss goal: 20-25lbs (my own goal ~ 20lbs)
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 1,701Member Member Posts: 1,701Member Member

    Original starting weight (March 2013) - 175.4
    Original MFP starting weight (January 2018) - 168.2
    August 30, 2019 starting weight - 146.0 (ten-day rolling average 146.7)
    Ultimate goal - Maintain around 143 (range between 140 - 150)

    I had achieved my goal last Winter and gone into maintenance. I have mostly stayed within my goal range, but have bounced around a bit. Now as the seasons change again, a new maintenance challenge awaits. I'm sticking to it!

    September 1: 143.0 (10-day average 145.8) This is the meteorological beginning of fall.
    September 2: 148.2 (10-day average 146.0) Look how the scale went up so much but the average just a little.
    September 23: 141.8 (10-day average 142.7) Equinox - astronomical start of fall. I am now at my goal weight.
    September 30: 139.4 (10-day average 141.4)
    September Goal: 143
    September Actual: I passed my goal and kept losing. Not a real problem yet, and I'm happy with it.

    October 7: 139.2 (10-day average 140.0)
    October 14: 144.4 (10-day average 141.1)
    October 21: 142.2 (10-day average 142.4)
    October 28: 142.6 (10-day average 143.3)
    October 31 - 144.6 (10-day average 143.8)
    October Goal: 143
    October Actual: Uh oh. I am up from my monthly goal.

    November 4: 146.0 (10-day average 143.8)
    November 11: 145.6 (10-day average 144.6) - checking in a day early this week as I'm going to be in a rush tomorrow at 05:30
    November 18: 143.6 (10-day average 144.8)
    November 25: 145.2 (10-day average 143.8)

    Weight lost this week: Scale says I am gaining again -- 1.6 pounds in just a week! However; my ten-day average is down a pound. I am finding humor in my trend. My mass was slowly climbing from October 1 through about November 11. I put a stop to it and started losing again, and while my weight was on the way down, I could SEE the trend on the way down, but the trend algorithm said I was still gaining. Well, it finally caught up, and then the last four days I've kind of been gaining again, but the trend is still trying to convince me I'm losing. I will let the trend win! I will get back to goal! Those last few pounds, though; they're tenacious. They keep wanting to come back, and I keep trying to evict them. My trending weight is within a pound of goal, so I hope to report that it is BACK at that goal next week. Wish me luck, and I hope you find YOUR success this week, too.

    November Goal: 143.0
    November Actual: Being a holiday week, I should probably send one final update on Friday to see how I did. As of today, I did not QUITE make this goal, but it's ok. If I just go by my trending weight, it's pretty close.

    Challenge Weight loss goal: Range between 142-148
    Actual Weight loss for the challenge: I'm still in my goal range by scale and average, just not by as much as I prefer.
  • PascootyPascooty Posts: 43Member, Premium Member Posts: 43Member, Premium Member
    HEAVIEST: 270 lbs

    Sept.2: 207.6 lbs
    Sept. 9: 206 lbs
    Sept.16: 203.8 lbs
    Sept.23: 200.4 lbs
    Sept.30: 200 lbs

    Sept. Goal: 200 lbs
    Sept. Actual: 200 lbs

    Oct. 7: 198.6 lbs
    Oct. 14: 197.8 lbs
    Oct. 21: 196.6 lbs
    Oct. 28: 193.6 lbs

    Oct. Goal: 192 lbs
    Oct. Actual: 193.2 lbs

    Nov. 4: 192.6 lbs
    Nov. 11: 192.2 lbs
    Nov. 18:. 191 lbs
    Nov. 25: 190 lbs

    Nov. Goal: 186 lbs
    Nov. Actual:

    Dec. 2:
    Dec. 9:
    Dec. 16:
    Dec. 23:
    Dec. 30:

    Dec. Goal: 180 lbs
    Dec. Actual:

    Weight lost this week: 1 lbs
    Challenge Weight loss goal: 30 lbs
    Actual Weight loss for the challenge:
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