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    Bea had a real melt down when it was her daddy who turned up to collect her and not her mummy. :o Mummy couldn't drive because of her eye treatment. Waaaaahhhhh! :sad:
    She is quite a girl. She is so utterly sure of what she wants and convinced that everyone is going to obey! Usually they just do.The strength of her conviction is overwhelming. Somehow she convinces everyone, I'm not sure how. She is so funny, warm and smiley. We are quite firm with her.
    I took some strain off DH with a game/story on my tablet.

    I managed to deliver a delicious dinner of veal escalope with spinach. Strawberries for dessert.

    My son's partner has decided 8 hrs driving in one day is not feasible. Yes. Obviously. So he is staying an extra night. Trying not to worry about food etc. It will be scrambled eggs on toast, as we all will have eaten at lunch. Saturday we are either going out or it's takeaway. It's my pre-birthday and I am not cooking. :noway:
    I have to wrap Edie's presents and sign her card. She will be 6 on Monday. Her party is tomorrow, but she opted for a whole class party so we don't have to attend. We can share on Sunday.
    My real birthday is on the cruise, so don't start wishing me happy birthday yet! My giant badge arrived and it is very giant. :p

    Wallander tonight (Swedish tv series we have on DVD) I definitely need the subtitles!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Felicia - it is so hard when the kids are struggling. My elder son has suffered horribly with anxiety and depression. (((HUGS)))
    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    lhscapil wrote: »
    Happy Thursday, Supermodels!

    Tracey - Sorry to hear about Rodger going to the ER after the wedding. Yep, men! (Loved the wedding photos by the way!! <3 ) I was going to mention cast iron frying pan in my spoiler post yesterday but was trying to be kind and introspective, lol. I am no saint about dealing with him. I had to find a way of letting go of worrying about his health as it was affecting MY health. Guess it hit home with my recent surgery and some pre-op tests that were abnormal but not abnormal enough to not go under the knife. :#

    Hey, supper last night was a hit. The package of chicken thighs I pulled out of the freezer turned out to be chicken breasts which DH likes better anyhow. Carrots and new potatoes were yummy, and he grabbed a can of cranberry sauce to go with it.

    - how is your DH doing? Wow, how neat to be right there with those Pecos sunflowers. Lovely photos!

    Kate - Welcome back home. The good thing about gaining weight quickly is that you'll lose it quickly, IMHO. Anyhow, works that way for me. Glad to hear you've signed up for the new brain series.

    Margaret - thank you for posting the museum information and the photos. Fascinating to get a glimpse of their tools and lives from what - 2 centuries ago? Don't know how many of us could pick up and make a new home on the prairies and wilderness, really, like they did. They sure didn't have to worry about calories and weight-watching. B) Shame about that mailbox being broken into. Hope they had CCTV on it and catch the culprit. From now on I'm going inside the Post Office when I need to mail something important instead of depositing it into the blue boxes - thank you for the heads up!

    Rebecca - thanks for your wise words about wife/caregiver roles. I value your insight a lot <3 You've been through so much with Lee.

    - Taliah is just lovely!! I'll bet you 2 have a lot of fun together. Sweet little Chester.... such a hard decision for Tom. I think it's almost harder for guys to let go of their pets, at least the ones I know. I've generally been the one to say it's time and take them to the Vet. DH did once, many years ago, and was so frazzled he tore out of the place without paying the bill.

    - how was the visit to your niece's new home? So glad your DH is feeling better and going to yoga class. Hey you have a plane trip coming up shortly! Started packing yet?

    - you'll soon be on your trip as well. No one will believe you are 70!! They'll think you stole that shirt from someone decades older! Those Christmas balls are gorgeous. Isn't it fun to come upon the perfect thing like that - and at a good price too?

    Rho - I'd almost rather go to the dentist for a crown prep than have to deal with car woes... they are both at the absolute bottom of my list. Very stressful! Sorry to hear about the tow woes. Say that five times fast, lol. Glad BF's procedure went well and got your derm visit in. Crossing fingers the lesion is nothing. Hooray for getting the walking in and lower fats!

    Karen in VA
    - not sure I could foster a cat like Enzo. He'd be at our house to stay. Thanks for the allergy/rash info, by the way. Normally I have no reaction to band-aids or tape of any kind (I tape my toes at time with sport tape) or iodine products. Have even used Duct Tape to remove a wart and it worked! Stress and other factors likely contributed.

    - good for you heading back to the gym.

    Barbara AHMOD - let us know how that Better Bones class is. I see a similar one offered at the college here. You know, Joe's MD might give him better insight on his eye situation, and MAYBE he'll be more prone to listen! With the right stimulus, they go from "No" to "Maybe" to "OK" pretty fast. Tracey's frying pan, lol. >:)

    Going to the new Master Gardener demo garden to see what's up at 9 and start some planning with the MG gal who oversees that area. Not rainy this morning but quite chilly so will dig out my winter stuff. Then off to lunch with my 2 MG gal pals. One of them has started a sugar busters type class offered by the local college, I think she's in detox right now so very interested to hear about it and how its going. Always anxious to pick up tips!

    I need to start a plan on getting back to strength training. Light and slow. Still a week or two away, I can tell pretty quickly when I've done too much around here.

    Barbie - any idea about how to get back on the horse? You've done so well after being sidelined, I know dancing is your main focus. Are you doing any weight bearing stuff?

    Welcome all of you new gals! Please add your name or whatever you wish to be called and location to help us keep track of you, and on each post if you remember. Those of us who've been here a while know who everyone is but it takes us time to keep everyone straight, and it helps to have a name and idea of where you hale from.

    OK, I've been at this masterpiece for over an hour. GACK! Enough.

    Make it a fabulous day!! <3

    SW WA State

    Did you see the cute old people comic my dear husband put on Facebook? Then he wrote oopsy I sent it to you! Then I posted shhh! I won't tell your wife! So silly.💖
    He makes me laugh, every single day.

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    Rho97070 wrote: »
    G' day, lovelies :smiley:

    It's a cool day in the Pacific NW. Perfect for catching up on a lot of stuff including the last ten/twelve pages of posts :-)

    First off, thank you to those that held my hand some over the last couple of days. <3 There were several moments where I just felt "this is too much" - there was one moment when I imagined going to town on the dang car while holding a hammer in one hand and a can of paint spray in the other. It is good to read empathetic words when things are tough and be acknowledged for even tiny steps, so thank you.

    Michele in NC - Good timing on the reminder about ginger for tummy troubles. When my life gets cra-cra, I tend to forget to take care of myself and do what helps me. So thank you! And thank you also for the tip on eating an apple in the evening. My go to evening snack is cereal :o but I love apples and they're a much healthier choice! P.S. Your dwarfs are adorable!

    Welcome newbies! I'm a newbie, too, as of the beginning of September. My goal is to lose 50 lbs.

    Tracy Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful gift from your fam <3 those photos are precious!

    Pip Oh, how I love the adorable photos of your dogs! Liked the photo of your yard, also. Very chill <3:smile:

    Machka in Oz - Extended cold/sinus issues? Boo :/ But your stats are, hmm, how do I say this? Um, you are a bosomed beast! That pic of you looking blissful and happy on the mountain top was breathtaking. Where was that?

    Viv in UK - Kudos to you for participating in the Couch to 5K. I hope to get on board next spring :smile:

    bananasandoranges I sent you a private message ;)

    Terri & Luci in WNC- Big congrats on your accomplishments. Reading about your successes is inspiring!
    Luci What are your "go to" super low cal snacks??

    Barbi and Ginny Thanks for the wireless earphone suggestions. I picked up a cheap pair yesterday at Target. If they don't work out, I'll pick up a pair of Sony's :wink:

    Barbara SOC - Hope you like the tank tops - let me know . . . I received mine today.

    Enzo That cool cat is ready for Halloween! Mawahahaha!!!

    Lisa in AR (((pats on the back))) Awesome progress! You go, girl! :smiley:

    Allie - Ah, Chester, is he a lhasa apso? What a sweetie. So, so sorry he's having troubles :'(
    Taliah among the rocky shore looks to be an adventurist. How old is she?

    Rebecca - I've been working on the minimalist approach to living for the last fifteen years. I went from a 3,680 sq ft home to a 790 sq ft apt in increments. Haven't decided the next step: either get an RV and travel around or settle in a Latin country. BF isn't quite on-board and he's been doing so well with "domestic training" and getting his health in order over this last year that I don't want to push it. Yet ;)

    Heather in UK - Thank you for offering a bit of background info on your journey and congrats on staying healthy! The book on genetics and heritability sounds like something I'd be interested in reading . . . What's its title?

    dandi1968 Although you received positive info at your doctor's appointment, I'm sorry you were saddened about the not so great news about your kidneys. You deserve a big applause for what you've accomplished thus far! Don't let those depressive thoughts sway you away from the positive trajectory you're on!!! <3

    Beth in Buffalo - I can’t imagine how folks with migraines manage. I had a friend who had horrible migraines who would call just needing to vent how frustrating it was for her to get through her life. Though they were no fault of her own doing, they made her feel bad about herself. I’m sure your younger son really appreciated the time you spent on the phone with him. And it's really cool that your older son can now look at you eye-to-eye! As for "bat wings" - if we could figure out how to use them to slap sense into silly stubborn husbands and partners to take care of their health, well, I'd settle for that! ;)

    Lanette Reading the post of what's been going on with your DH was heart-wrenching and heartwarming. Your DH's challenges have been your challenges, and many women lose themselves (and their own health) in caring for loved ones. I applaud your sense of self-respect and self-protection while remaining compassionate about your DH's conditions and the choices he makes for his life. As you say, "Flipping it from trying to fix him/his health . . . to kindly helping him deal with (his) issues with dignity takes work, but is freeing." This is THE most courageous and the most healthful thing you can do for both of you! <3

    P.S. I signed up for also

    (((Hugs))) to all.


    Good for you, and your downsizing!!👍 We lived in a 950 sq ft apartment on the Oregon coast from Dec 2012-2018 then moved in with our eldest son at 2,983 sq ft home. I like that there is space between items, nothing is scrunched. I can see us living here until we can no longer climb the stairs. We used to have an RV, but after husband got liver transplant, it just was a burden, and we let the bank come take it. It was nice from 2009-2011, and we used it most every weekend. But to resell them its just hard. We still owed more on the loan then the bluebook had it listed for.
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    Took the water class today. The plan for tomorrow is to do Michelle Dozois’ Shape Up DVD

    After exercise went to the Salvation Army, didn’t see anything. Stopped to see about Vince’s bread which they didn’t have but they had potato chips and Chips Ahoy on clearance so I got those

    Barbie – hoopla says you can get a book for a month. However, I can only get books for 22 days. Boo! But at least I can then read a book on Overdrive

    Sarah and all those who are new – welcome!

    Lisa – when Vince retired, he was like a fish out of water. I would be gone all day working at the school. The MINUTE I got home, he wanted to talk, talk, talk. I just wanted some “me” time. Finally, I told him “go downstairs, just go downstairs”. He would tell me things like how to run the dishwasher, how to cook, how to run the washing machine. I’d only been doing those things for over 20 years, don’t you think I kind-of knew how to do them? Today, it is me who many times has to convince him to do things outside the home. But he does them. Probably mainly because he knows that if he doesn’t, I’ll do it myself if it’s something that I want to do.

    Heather – could you have just continued to exercise until Bea arrived? Then stop?

    Went in the pool then strung some popcorn. Tonight we’re supposed to go to the Hickory Community Theater to see “Hair”. Wonder if I should wear my tie dye shirt?????

    Volunteered at the soup kitchen. They had bologna and cheese sandwich with potato soup. Cheesecake and another cake for dessert. Ehhh… Someone asked me if I wanted a sandwich. I'd feel really bad if someone came in and we didn't have any food because I (who can afford a sandwich) had one that they could have had. Guess it's just me. So many, many of the workers eat while the people are eating. I can, maybe, see it AFTER everyone has been served but not while.

    Rita – I’m so sad you’re so sad. Come in here regularly

    Felicia – I hope the counselor will help your son

    Michele in NC
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    Great Lisa! I've screenshotted that for future reference. :D>:)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    Me too!💖
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    Beach by son's was empty today. One of our last 80 degree days, so I celebrated by taking off my shoes and walked along the shore. Felt wonderful!

    We finally found someone to build a small staircase in Son's garage. He did a great job and was reasonable.
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    Heather: I find Duolingo very handy to refresh languages when going on holiday. I have it in my tablet and phone. The Latin Study includes looking at Roman history, myths and legends, which assuages my love of ancient civilisations. Especially love Egyptian Pharaohic period.

    I’ve had a busy day, with Latin Study before lunch and Photography after. Just about ready for bed.

    Enjoy the rest of your Friday, and the upcoming weekend.

    ☘️ Terri
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    Well vet said he gives Chester another week or so.his kidneys are failing. And Tom said if he is wating and bouncy he will wait.. I'm sorry I dont like seeing this poor dog go through all this.

    Allie - I totally get it. One of our cats had cancer and Vince took the cat for chemo. I refused to take him, to me this was just cruel. Today Vince says that he feels he didn't do the right thing. Does the vet want more subcutaneous fluids?

    Michele in NC
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