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    I’m not doing SL, but I DO do progressive overload, which is what adding more weights each session is. But I move up weights every WEEK not every session. So I do a full body workout 3x per week. But I use the same weight those three times Mon/Wed/Fri. Then when the next Monday comes along I add more weight.

    If moving up weight every single time is too much for you, why not try using the same weight two or three times and THEN move up.

    Progressive overload is meant to continually challenge your muscles, but if you’re having so many problems with it you CAN slow down a bit and work at that weight a bit longer before moving on, there’s no need to do yourself an injury.

    thanks i'll try that.

    She is doing an "intermediate" program. When you can't add weight to the bar each time, the typical next step is an intermediate program that basically adds 5 pounds per week. I would not recommend that you go there.....yet.

    From where you started to where you are now I would recommend:

    1. See a doctor about your back. Unless...…..your pain has subsided. Many people mistake soreness for something worse. But if it has not subsided - do not lift! You need your core to be tight while you are lifting so that your spine is protected. I have a hunch you may have missed that part of the movements if your patience in this thread is any indication.
    2. Spend the time while you are recovering to review form. Do a search for Alan Thrall. He has published excellent videos on form. Same with Starting Strength and Barbell Medicine. Form is not just the movement; it's what you do along with it - like how to breathe.
    3. Stop being stubborn. Forget what you think you know. If you have been training for 12 years and can barely lift the bar, you have to realize that whatever it was you were doing was not working.
    4. Start listening to folks who have been there. Fact check us.
    5. Remind yourself to focus on the process first.
    6. Forget about your biceps and your abs and all that - for now. Guess what? If you progressively overload with proper form on the basic lifts, you whole body gets the work. In other words, you don't need accessory lifts.
    7. Remember #1.

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    TrishSeren wrote: »
    An OP isn't done from the ground? Sounds like you're trying to snatch and OP which is a powerlifting technique.

    Overhead press is done from the chest up over the head. Note: you don't need to be using this much weight!


    OP, this is helpful, but it doesn't show other necessary context. Please use this with a form video. There some important details related to grip and bar path on the way up (i.e. where the bar is relative to your feet, what you do with your head, etc.)

    @TrishSeren - nothing wrong with the image, just want the OP to make sure he sees the whole movement.
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    ok I've just about had enough with the sad comments some of you have posted here. I've been reading patiently but it really tested my limit now.

    Guys, no need for unnecessary name calling and abusive insults. I

    I literally am just trying to seek advice here since i'm a beginner but seems like... you people are the ones who lack patience to help someone. If you dont like helping someone, leave. dont answer. Helping someone, it seems, is not a trait that comes naturally to you nor it's something ya'll are passionate about.

    If you were, I wouldn't have abuse and aggression being thrown my way for simply trying to work hard.

    To those who genuinely want to help me, I have the following questions:

    -how to keep up with the challenge of adding more weights with each workout considering I had a lot of difficulty doing overhead press in my last workout. I thought the whole point of linear progression was to make me stronger? Would you like to share any tips from experience?

    -The way I do OP is I lift the bar from the ground for each set. Is this the correct way to do it?

    -What do you suggest needs to be done if an exercise seems too heavy for me like OP despite me doing everything by the book? since that was the benefit i was promised of the liner progression workout since sadly, not only was i able to do OP with great difficulty and inefficiently, I also hurt my back when doing deadlift as the weight was a lot for me to pull.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this? Again, boggles my mind how asking questions about the very thing this forum has been created for is making some people here so impatient. I'm a beginner, ofcourse I will have more questions especially when things are not going to according to plan.

    Lifting the bar from the ground to overhead is a compound movement called a "clean and press" and SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED UNTIL YOU HAVE MASTERED DEADLIFT, OVERHEAD PRESS, AND CLEAN. Only then can you combine the 3.

    You need to focus on the absolute basics right now. OHP should be done in the squat rack from the racked position for beginners
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    If you can't add weight each session, wait a week. I sometimes add an extra rep or set at this point before adding weight. That's not exactly how SL is written, but that's what I do. Also, it seems like you need to really study the five main lifts and watch form videos of them so you know for sure what you are doing. I had to reteach myself deadlifts, after several years of lifting, because I just kept pulling my back. I've made a lot of progress since then. It never hurts to take a step back, learn more,.
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