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    5'3 female. Just turned 50 last month. I started at 153 pounds in June. Slow and steady as she rolls. It's a ride, up and down, but hang in as the trend is down.
    09/10: 140.8
    09/11 girls day trip
    09/12 140.2
    09/13 142
    09/14: 140.6
    09/15: 141.0
    09/16: 140.5
    09/17: 139.6
    09/18: 141.2
    09/19: 141.4
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    arlak21 wrote: »

    R88 EW: 183 (8/30) -1.5 pounds
    R89 EW: 182 (9/9) -1.0 pound

    9/19 176 (-.5) This was surprising!

    I think you have your rounds mislabeled as End Weight but should be Starting Weight. 6# is a phenomenal loss!! Congratulations!

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    Female 37 Yrs Old
    SW: 234.8
    UGW: 160

    Previous Rounds:
    Round 84 EW: 226.6
    Round 85 EW: 224.2
    Round 86 EW: 224.0
    Round 87 EW: 222
    Round 88 EW: 226.2
    Round 89 EW: 221.6

    Round 90 SW: 221.8
    Round 90 GW: 218 (Get me out of the 220s!!)

    09/20 - 221.8
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    Female- Age:30
    Height: 5'1"
    HW- 213
    CW- 209
    CGW: 205
    UGW: 145


    09/10- 209.2: Starting a new journey today to really take care of myself. Hoping to see results in these next 10 days!
    09/11- 208.8: It's a baby loss, but I'll take it! Definitely ate well yesterday and drank a lot of water and went for a walk with my dog. Had a little rice with my dinner last night, so that could have messed me up or all the water.
    09/12- 208: Happy that my eating choices are working for me. I didn't want to push myself to go to the gym these past couple days while starting, but think I will go today. Also upped my water and had 80oz yesterday :smiley: Trying to stay consistent and keep track of everything.
    09/13- 207: Woot!
    09/14- 206.6: This made me so happy!
    09/15- DNW
    09/16- DNW
    09/17- 207.8: I knew I was going to go back up, but at least it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I went to a BBQ this weekend and saw some friends I haven't seen in a long time. I'm mad at myself for giving in and eating crappy this weekend. I decided not to be too strict yesterday after work because I was so tired and had no time to prep anything. I'm back on it today slowly. Just worried about tomorrow because I have a Yelp event and they're going to be doing a rice eating contest. I don't need to participate and I prob won't, but I mean free rice lol.

    09/18- 207.4: Better than going up! Stayed in my calorie goal and ate fairly healthy. I didn't really have any veggies yesterday so that could be holding me back a bit. I also didn't go to the gym or walk like I wanted, but I'm going after work today since I have to stay in the area for the Yelp event tonight. Not sure what they will be feeding us, but I'll definitely be paying attention. If I hadn't had my set backs this weekend I could have definitely reached my challenge goal by tomorrow, but for now I'm just happy to be going down from what I've gotten to lately.

    09/19- 207: Yelp Event was a blast! It was teppan style, like Tokyo Wako so they cooked meats and veggies in front of us including fried rice and we got a beer and some fun apps including a tasty sushi doughnut. I had a little of everything, but only a few bites of the fried rice and saved the rest of my entree. So happy that even after eating that and having a beer I went down. I did also manage to get in the gym before the event and got a good workout in :)
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    Scallyboo wrote: »

    This is my 2nd round. Finished the last round poorly purely due to TOM, cake and wine.
    Determined this time. Id love to get as close as possible to 140 this round.

    10th Sept: 142.75. Happy with this drop from yesterdays high. Ate within calories, almost hit macros, and walked the dog when son was training so hit 13k steps.
    11th Sept: 140.25. THRILLED with this drop, considering the weekend I've had last weekend. Hit 16k steps last night and did a piloxing class. I cannot wait to see the 130's on the scales. I know it'll fluctuate up and down but I cant help even imagining seeing 13x on the scales this round. Rest day today. Son has match again tonight, I'll still him my10k steps.
    12th Sept: 139.75. Absolutely buzzing off my head. Haven't been here in 6 years. No exercise yesterday as son had match. Got 9k steps. Ate within calories. Planning on a run in the woods with the dogs tonight. Have chicken and spuds in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.
    13th Sept: 140.75. No reason for the increase, just one of those things. Stayed within calories. Didn't go running. Was absolutely shattered, went to bed at 8:15pm and slept till 6:20am. Feel great this morning. Have piloxing tonight. Note to self: Don't do chicken in a slow cooker - fell to absolute pieces and I couldn't decipher meat from bones from skin!!
    14th Sept: 139.25 yes!!
    15th Sept: 140.5.
    16th Sept: 143.5 Was expecting this. Was at a BBQ yesterday and had burgers, beer and cake! Was VERY uncomfortable for the night, I felt so full. Only got 5k steps in too. Back on the wagon today. Have walk planned with the dogs tonight. Drinking all the water today...hoping to get back down to normalish weight by Wednesday.
    17th Sept: 142.5. Pulling it back slowly from the carnage that was the weekend. Good day yesterday. Ran the woods with the dogs in the rain. Very refreshing. On track for a good day today too. Have piloxing class tonight.
    18th Sept: 142.5. Was expecting a bit of a drop so I'm disappointed with this. Although I had a late piloxing class followed by a late omelette, and was up at 4am for work and weighed myself. Usually weigh around 6:30am. Would all these things make a difference? Today will be another on track day, rest day but will still hit my 10k steps. Bed early tonight for sure!
    19th Sept: 140.25. Happy with this drop. Was having bowel troubles - hadn't gone in 5 days. All ok this morning.

    -2.5lbs in this round. Very happy with this. Aim to get more daily weights in the 130's in round 90.

    I hear you. While I've never gone 5 days without going, I usually end up going about every 2-4 days. I don't like that.... I want to be able to go everyday.