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More of a question really...

wullailwullail Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
How can I request a change to the details for an item submitted by someone else...

I scanned a bottle of wine using the android app, whoever entered the details was WAY off...

a serving of 1 glass (125ml) should be 114 calories.

The only reasonable option given out of the 3 options is 1ml for measure and putting 125 gives a calorific value fo 12,376 calories.

Just a tad off... ;)

The other options are 7.5ml (container) and 1.2ml which are frankly useless.

I corrected the calories per 1ml to be 0.9 in the app which gives approximately the correct value per glass.

But the 'serving' value could also be removed and corrected, I couldn't find any way to correct these either on the web or in the app.


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