The most difficult thing so far...



  • gatorgirlgot8
    gatorgirlgot8 Posts: 55 Member
    Giving up soda, it's been almost a year now,
    It was hard at 1st, but don't miss them anymore..September 30th will be a year of soda free..
  • GymGoddessGoals
    GymGoddessGoals Posts: 2,146 Member
    Getting over the fear that others are watching me and judging me. I'm sure they are; I just no longer GAF that they do it.
  • SgtMaC42
    SgtMaC42 Posts: 16 Member
    Somebody is always watching. Make them watch you win. ;)
  • kimber0607
    kimber0607 Posts: 994 Member
    eating clean..Im hooked on working out but not seeing the results I want/should because of my diet