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What's your favorite memories of these?



  • pizzamyheartpizzamyheart Posts: 1,851Member Member Posts: 1,851Member Member
    I'm embarrassed that you still have "night with Wright" because he told me he was going to delete that!
  • s131951s131951 Posts: 3,333Member Member Posts: 3,333Member Member
    kam26001 wrote: »
    My oldest brother had a VCR in his room, the lucky wanker.
    One day I snooping around his room and saw a tape in the VCR and decided to press play in hopes of seeing what every young boy who is home alone dreams of seeing on a blank VHS tape at that ripe age.

    Dammit. It was a Denver the Last Dinosaur Christmas special. 🙄

    You just put that theme song in my head. . .
  • RevGym2RevGym2 Posts: 220Member Member Posts: 220Member Member
    As a young man my first workout experiences were to videotapes of Jane Fonda and Denise Austin.

    At the time I thought their workouts were very helpful and innovated but now they would most likely be watching video tapes of me.
  • _Miss_Chievous_Miss_Chievous Posts: 601Member Member Posts: 601Member Member
    It would probably be finding my mom's "secret stash" and making sure I rewind it to the place it was when I started to watch it so I wouldn't get caught.
  • 1sphere1sphere Posts: 2,980Member Member Posts: 2,980Member Member
    music died when vcrs died lol, not really, but in some ways
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