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How accurately do you track?



  • sgt1372sgt1372 Posts: 3,207Member Member Posts: 3,207Member Member
    Generally, "close enough" is good enough for me.

    Don't know what % of accuracy applies to the cals that I've been logging for the food that I've been eating this past 3.75 yrs during my current wt loss effort BUT the fact that I've lost nearly 50#' (or 25% of my wt) from 200 to 150# is proof that I have been logging my cals w/a reasonable degree of accuracy.
  • windra06windra06 Posts: 19Member Member Posts: 19Member Member
    I weigh everything I cook, and check against packet as MFP is terribly inaccurate sometimes!
    If I'm doing a recipie I've done before and logged in MFP I don't bother re weighing anything except the proteins and the difference in veg is usually so tiny.
    When I eat out I have a rough guess and try to be truthful.
    The only thing I don't track is soya milk, I know I use 1 ltr a week in tea and as I'm losing weight consistently I don't bother. If this changed I'd either reduce my calorie goal or log it.
  • RenaSkamRenaSkam Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    I do not weigh my food, but I do measure and if I have to eyeball something I'd say that I log probably more than what I really do consume. I do a lot of food prep and measure out what I put in each container for lunches during the week so that is super easy to do. Dinner is always a salad during the week also, easy to log. AND I'm now logging everything that passes my lips, everything! Before when I wasn't I also wasn't losing weight, time to be honest with myself and it's working :)
  • mburgess458mburgess458 Posts: 444Member, Premium Member Posts: 444Member, Premium Member
    Not very accurately at all. Of course I'm more than 4 years into maintenance at this point. I keep logging (roughly) because it helps me not eat way too much. I'm more careful with checking my weight to be sure I'm not gaining weight.
  • psychod787psychod787 Posts: 2,429Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,429Member, Premium Member
    Roughly these days. Calorie un dense , I will eyeball. Calorie dense I weigh it.
  • gallicinvasiongallicinvasion Posts: 637Member Member Posts: 637Member Member
    I use restaurant numbers, which I know are not accurate, package numbers, which mfp members warn are not accurate. I weigh and measure individual servings and recipes. I made bread yesterday. I weighed everything in it, said it had 16 servings. I will not weigh each piece, but will use 1/16th of total recipe for each slice. How accurate is that?
    this is mostly how I roll.

  • JenniferM1234JenniferM1234 Posts: 74Member, Premium Member Posts: 74Member, Premium Member
    I'm a "close enough" kind of gal.
  • unstableunicornunstableunicorn Posts: 64Member Member Posts: 64Member Member
    I track what I can, always rounding up to the next 5th gram (35 instead of 32, as an example). For foods I can’t accurately track I guestimate.
  • teresa19622015teresa19622015 Posts: 28Member, Premium Member Posts: 28Member, Premium Member
    After a while you get used to the amounts. Plus six cherry tomatoes isn’t very different from five...
    But initially I weigh/measure to get an idea.
  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,292Member Member Posts: 1,292Member Member
    I'm loosey-goosey on my tracking. Sometimes I'm almost religious about it, only a few things (like a little light oil in a cooking pan) gets weighed and measured very accurately, but I always have a few things I'm not as picky about (like salad greens). Generally the strict tracking keeps my less-strict times more "under control" because it really let's me see and keeps me accountable on what "100 grams of x" really looks like.

    Tracking regularly, with some "religious" days in there, is pretty paramount to keeping my losses on track - every time I back off, my portions start to creep right back to maintenance (or over if I get lax for too long).
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