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heavymetal100heavymetal100 Posts: 27Member, Premium Member Posts: 27Member, Premium Member
Is there anyway to look back at your weight loss chart past a year ago?? Trying to see what date I lost all my substantial weight and see what I ate then
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  • TheMrWobblyTheMrWobbly Posts: 1,829Member Member Posts: 1,829Member Member
    Click on 'Reports' and there is an option for 'last year'.
  • peterp44peterp44 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I suggest that Weight loss chart for 30days and more Weight axis is adjustable (Webpage). If I am at 100Kg with a goal of 85Kg - what is the point of Weight axis below 50Kg? The chart is too flat and so hard ro read and 3/4 of it is just useless.
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