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Are you the most active person you know?



  • lemongirlbclemongirlbc Posts: 164Member Member Posts: 164Member Member
    Nooooooo definitely not. I workout 4-5 days a week, and go on hikes/walks etc a couple times a week, but my husband is a surfing machine - surfs before work and on his lunch break and goes to the gym 4 days a week on top of that, and my sister is a triathlon nut who is in hardcore training mode at all times. I'm pretty lazy by comparison!
  • Legs_McGee23Legs_McGee23 Posts: 63Member Member Posts: 63Member Member
    Nope - my closest friend is my running and hiking and gym partner. I have several friends who are runners. My brother runs a lot. And my boyfriend hikes and runs and works at the gym and mountain bikes. I like to hangout with active people.
  • JenniferM1234JenniferM1234 Posts: 74Member, Premium Member Posts: 74Member, Premium Member
    Not even close, lol. 5-6 days of half an hour on the treadmill makes me not the least active person I know, at least!
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  • spiriteagle99spiriteagle99 Posts: 2,360Member Member Posts: 2,360Member Member
    Family - yes. My family is pretty sedentary. Friends - no. Most of the people I know are runners or long distance hikers. Some aren't as active as they were when I met them, but then, neither am I. The runners I know are all younger than I am, and do a lot more racing than I do, so a lot more training.
  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 14,772Member Member Posts: 14,772Member Member
    Are you the most active person you know?


    I work in an office with a lot of active people, and I am a member of a cycling club with a lot of accomplished cyclists.

    I'm up there among the active ones ... but not the most active.
  • ceiswynceiswyn Posts: 2,054Member Member Posts: 2,054Member Member
    Given that I used to be in serious training for the 'World's Most Sedentary Person' olympics, it's a really odd feeling to read this thread title and realise that... I might be?

    The friends I used to think of as 'really active' have all become less active over the last few years due to life changes. And I've become someone who works out three or four days a week and regularly hikes fifteen miles.

    Oh, wait! No, one of my work colleagues does martial arts and ultramarathons. I think I still have something to aim for :)
  • InspectorRedInspectorRed Posts: 574Member Member Posts: 574Member Member
    I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I know alot of sedentary people but also a lot of active folks. What makes me happier than being more active than people I know is the fact that I am definitely more active now at 46 than I was at 36, and probably more active than i was at 26!!
  • DjproulxDjproulx Posts: 1,390Member Member Posts: 1,390Member Member
    Among my family, yes. Among my social circle, not by a long shot.

    Last year, one guy in the group who is an ultra runner applied for and gained entry into the Grand Slam (four 100 mile trail races), completing two of the four, as well as completing a full Ironman during an "off' month. This year, two of the guys are finishing up training for their third full Ironman race in 12 months, while 3 of the women have run Boston qualifying times in various marathons. So the idea of "most active" isn't very descriptive in this case. Most members of our group enjoy endurance training and racing, so it has become a lifestyle.
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