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How many days a week do you workout?



  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,292Member Member Posts: 1,292Member Member
    What's good for you is what helps you reach your goals while remaining healthy and feeling good.

    For me, I plan on 5x/week, my workouts last for 80-120 minutes. A good 60-90 of that is weight lifting with rests between sets. The rest is cardio (17-35 min) and some stretching. I find this a pretty sustainable workout plan for me, although I do have a more intense program, I do not find it something I can maintain over a longer period of time (made the mistake of trying to do that and instead burnt myself out and ended up quitting the gym pretty much all together for a good 6 months or more).
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,127Member Member Posts: 12,127Member Member
    sijomial wrote: »
    If you are "too tired" then more would be too much for you.

    That other people do more or less than you means they have different capabilities, priorities and time to devote to their exercise.


    There's no point in out-working your current fitness level or time availability: It's not compatible with a happy, energetic, balanced life.

    And OP, what's your goal?

    If it's simply good health, you're doing fine right where you are: Many major health-promotion experts say 150 "active minutes" of cardiovascular stuff weekly (where especially vigorous exercise counts as 2 active minutes for each clock minute, and moderate exercise is 1 active minute for 1 clock minute), plus 2 days of strength training weekly. You're already past that by a good bit.

    What we do doesn't matter.

    But FWIW, since you asked, I'm retired and can spend my time pretty much as I wish. It's still decent weather here, so I'm rowing on-water 4 days a week for about an hour (weather permitting) and going to spin class 2 days a week. I'm trying to start working up to some off-season strength training, starting to do some easy conditioning sets of non-legs stuff (no separate leg strength work while still on-water; my own personal aging body doesn't seem to like that). We'll see how that goes: I'm a terribly undisciplined hedonist, and I don't enjoy strength training. Some years I do it in off season, some years I don't. Off-season, I do some rowing machine work, try to swim some, and maybe mix in some other things. (Rowing machines are just not as fun as rowing on water. ;) ).
  • Cat_A_89Cat_A_89 Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
    6 days. I alternate between cardio and strength days and 1 day rest. Im just getting back into fitness though so only do 30/40 mins a day until my endurance is abit better and I can increase it to an hour. I also do two 30 min walks with dogs a day so I guess technically I do 1.5 hours of pysical activity lol but I dont consider my walks as exercise even though I know they are.
  • MarisaMSimonMarisaMSimon Posts: 184Member Member Posts: 184Member Member
    6 days a week for an hour. I do a workout class at the gym and I mostly do Zumba, kickboxing and power circuit!
  • SarinaHazinskiSarinaHazinski Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Mine definitely ranges with classes and gym sessions and dog runs. However, I am wondering why my lifting time is so short at the gym. An hour seems impossible! After 10-15 minutes, most of my muscle groups are sore and exhausted! Did you work your way up to that?
  • gradchica27gradchica27 Posts: 546Member Member Posts: 546Member Member
    Another vote for if you’re truly too tired, don’t add more. Or break up your week with rest days?

    I lift heavy 5x/week for 60-75 min, with a 10 min cardio warmup and sometimes another 20 of light cardio (or not). I usually have another separate cardio day and a rest/walking day.

    I find that cardio wears me down—I’ve gone to 3 days of lifting only and workouts are shorter time wise, and I am energized instead of dragging.
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