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Rowing Machine Fans?



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    Not much to add to the above. The C2 website has a forum page. There's one called the Pete Plan. The Pete Plan is named after Pete Marston, a well-known UK Indoor rower that competes and created a simple to follow training plan that's very popular. I was very, very active on the C2 forums for years and many of us did the Pete Plan often together.

    Anyway, that Pete Plan thread (which I created, BTW), became a fantastic resource for new Indoor rowers. It started with a few yearly PP threads where many of us were asking a zillion questions, learning about Indoor rowing (not Over the water) rowing over the internet -- not ideal, but in my case necessary. Because so many people were asking questions like me (and wanting to train together), we created the thread. It should be titled, "everything you wanted to know about Indoor Rowing but were afraid to ask!". It has tons of information on that thread and many indoor rowers that have forgotten much more than I'll ever know are contributors to answering questions. I'd check that thread out specifically for more information.
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