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Mix of lose and maintenance calories.

kjarvokjarvo Posts: 247Member Member Posts: 247Member Member
I think Myfitnesspal is extremely misleading sometimes and leads to undereating.

For instance
Totals 1,892
Your Daily Goal 1,886
Remaining -6
*You've earned 686 extra calories from exercise today

The red makes me think that I am actually going to gain weight, when infact I am actually still going to lose, just not at the 1/1.5lbs a week. It will be more like 0.5lbs maybe.
My maintenance is around 1800.
1800 + 686 = 2486 before I will gain weight.

The red scares me and on some cheat days I would accept a maintenance day as long as I don't go over my maintenance calories. The current system doesn't allow for this.

It should have an option for traffic light system of green (in lose goal), amber (within maintenance) and red (gain weight).

I should have 600 calories in the amber range before it turns red.
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