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Suggest: RDA On Nutrients Page

xBlackBeardxxBlackBeardx Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
This is in regards to Vitamin A, C, Calcium and Iron on the nutrients page. I understand why it only tracks the %DV instead of the (milli)grams according to the RDA. My suggestion is that in addition to the %DV shown, can we get the amount of grams (or whatever measurement) that would be next to it. For Example: Value)
Iron.......0.........100....100% (8mg)
Essentially, the number in parenthesis is the RDA value if we have the goal set to default 100%DV and could automatically adjust based off of the RDA for that users age/criteria. And to take it one step further, that number will then be automatically adjusted based off what the User sets the %DV to.

I understands there are charts out there and I can calculate it manually. I as a newbie to tracking foods that i consume and fitness, i do not like to see a Percent. I like to be able to see the actual unit of measurement. I think this would help out a lot of new users that are starting out.
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