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[BUG] Target Calories Don't Update

shanewilhelmshanewilhelm Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
As you make progress during a weight loss goal, the target number of calories does not update as you lose weight.

For example, I started at 208lbs and my goal was set to reach 172lbs by losing 1lb per week. That gave a target calorie count of 1920Cal/day. As I lost weight, my BMR reduced and thus, my target calories should have reduced as well, but they did not. My weight was entered into MFP daily, so it knew my current weight and should have recalculated.

I forced MFP to recalculate by entering a new goal of 172lbs with a starting weight of 179lbs (my current weight in MFP). That adjusted my target calories to 1830Cal/day, which it should have done automatically.
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