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Need Hobbit mode for diabetics

angelaegallantangelaegallant Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
Most diabetics need to eat more often and smaller amounts which your meal tracking doesn't support. It's demoralizing when my "snack" is larger than my meals because I have to use it to track my brunch AND snacks

I tend to have a breakfast smoothie, a protein brunch, lunch, snacks AND supper. It would be easier to track this if I could add this feature in.


  • pinuplovepinuplove Posts: 12,801Member Member Posts: 12,801Member Member
    Setting - diary settings - customize meal names (in my version of the app). You can have up to six.

    I did have mine named as Hobbit meals for a while. It was cute but not practical for me since I don't actually eat that often.
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