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Most lost in a week?



  • New_Heavens_EarthNew_Heavens_Earth Posts: 576Member Member Posts: 576Member Member
    I don't know what the fastest loss was. But as someone who did MFP and WW I lost best with the plan I could adhere to most. When I was consistent on WW I lost. When I'm consistent on MFP I lose. I'm following MFP as of now under RD recommendation, and the points system tells me nothing.

    Factor in personal preference as well. If you think you eat healthier on WW do that. But you can choose to eat the same healthy foods following MFP as well.
  • bobsburgersfanbobsburgersfan Posts: 2,294Member Member Posts: 2,294Member Member
    I don't know about the most I've ever lost in a week; 2 lbs/week is a really big loss for me, but I'm not trying to lose aggressively either. I've done MFP for 3 or 4 years, and I was doing WW before that. I've lost better on MFP, but I don't think that's the actual program. Like New_Heavens_Earth said, it's a lot more about consistency, and I've been more consistent on MFP than I ever was on WW.

    WW does push you toward healthier options, and if you like that and it doesn't make you feel deprived, that's a great way to go. (And if you do WW for a while and it does make you feel deprived, MFP will still be here.)
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  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Posts: 2,818Member Member Posts: 2,818Member Member
    I lost 13 pounds overnight once. I put my glasses on and found 10 of them. 🤣🤣🤣
  • kristen8000kristen8000 Posts: 680Member Member Posts: 680Member Member
    I think first week I cut back on calories (Sept 3rdish) I lost 4lbs (But I know that was water from being "bad" all summer). Then 2 weeks ago I lost 2lbs, but then maintained the next week (even with a slight cut in calories) so I'm thinking "life" had something to do with that.

    Fast doesn't win this race because the hardest part is when you have to maintain. It's a weird "mental" thing to do a cut, then have to eat a certain amount without going nuts and thinking "I'm thin now, I can finally eat". Mentally and physically, I'm fine eating 1300 calories/daily. Thinking about going up to 1800 without going over kinda makes me crazy. I always say "I'm great at losing and gaining, maintaining a happy medium isn't my strong suit".
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 1,467Member Member Posts: 1,467Member Member
    my first week I dropped around 9 lbs..but i was super obese at that point and it was probably mostly water. I'm down 83 lbs from April, but I dropped way too fast in the first few months...I have since slowed it down but still averaging 1 lb or a little more a week. I feel so much better now upping the calories & carbs. For my last 17 lbs, I will slow it down even further. If my calculations are right, I should be down 100 lbs at my year anniversary...if I'm not, no big deal at all. I'm extremely happy with my progress either way.
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  • MySlimGoalsMySlimGoals Posts: 636Member, Premium Member Posts: 636Member, Premium Member
    I plateaued for ages and then suddenly dropped 5kg overnight. Does that count? Wasn’t doing any extreme dieting. Sometimes you just get that.
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