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Steps not adjusting calories

squirtjonessquirtjones Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
Is anyone else having problems with he step count not adjusting calories. I changed to a Samsung s2 yesterday and today im not having any calories adjusted even tho i took 12k steps. It is adjusting for periods of "activity"


  • jwoolman5jwoolman5 Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    Same here on an iPhone SE. I know it did adjust for steps a while ago, but after a hiatus of maybe a couple of months I came back and although Misfit steps are properly indicated, there is no hint of a calorie adjustment no matter how high the steps. Must have been a change with an update. Originally, adjustments seemed to start by about 1800 steps. Now even 6000 steps doesn't trigger it.

    Also I think I was able to adjust the steps goal before, but now it's stuck at 10,000 and there is no way to change it. My goal set on the Misfit is much lower, so it can't be getting that from the Misfit.
  • jwoolman5jwoolman5 Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    It's definitely something weird about added exercise. I had Walking listed as a potential exercise (no actual entry). When I removed it from the list a couple of minutes ago, then poof: 4 exercise calories appeared in today's diary based on 512 measly Misfit steps so far. I remember when I connected Misfit again (in October? It had been missing in the clutter since April...), it briefly registered exercise calories some days but not others. Nothing for a long time, until I actually just now removed Walking from the potential exercise list. (I had not entered any added exercise, though, just synced with Misfit)
  • jwoolman5jwoolman5 Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    Well, up to 2200 Misfit steps and the 4 exercise calories from 512 steps earlier today have disappeared and we're back to zero again. Before this vanishing act started, usually exercise calories started being added by 1800 steps or less.

    So the mystery remains, but this is something that worked originally but doesn't now.
  • jwoolman5jwoolman5 Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    More experimenting finally restored exercise adjustment calories in MFP. Basically removed and reset the settings on the Misfit, now it seems to be correctly including BMR in its running "calories expended". This seemed to be the problem recently, the Misfit thought I weighed 40lbs....

    MFP had the right weight for me, though. MFP must just take the calories from the Misfit rather than calculating itself from the step count. So check your tracker to see what it might be reporting to MFP. I hadn't even realized what Misfit meant by "calories"- I thought it was something about food eaten which I don't track on the Misfit in any way. I just use Misfit to count regular steps (doesn't pick up walk in place, my other food tracker gets reports of that from Walker Lite on my phone).

    So now MFP sees that the energy expended was beyond their puny expectations and now I see "exercise calories" and a reasonable food budget on MFP. Doesn't explain why the exercise calories would briefly appear and then disappear earlier, but we shall see if things stick.
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