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Always feeling hungry and rapid weight gain



  • kshama2001kshama2001 Posts: 20,272Member Member Posts: 20,272Member Member
    natasor1 wrote: »
    Why do you guys count your calorie so meticulous? It"s not natural way to interact with food. In long thousands years of human history we never count calories and still we ( as a whole community) survived all kind of conditions: temperature decrease and increase, floods, lack of food, physical endurance. If you overeat one day, why not to abstain of food the next day?.... You always will be in balance with yourself and food caloric load. Don"t think that your body stupid. Your body is much smarter then any of smartest doctors or dietitians. It knows exactly how to regulate it's own nourishment.

    That obviously worked perfectly for the 71% of Americans who are overweight or obese.

    You beat me to it.
  • sunfastrosesunfastrose Posts: 542Member Member Posts: 542Member Member
    natasor1 wrote: »
    I read many success stories, but never seen women got to their dream body. They always short of the dream weight about 10-15 lbs. I think this is a good indicator that 120 lbs goal is not achievable on 1500 cal a day for woman even doing exercises

    Oh boy! I love it when I get to be special. Ahem...I lost 50+ pounds 18 years ago (19 in the spring) to get to my goal of 120. I have maintained that weight, +/- 5 pounds since then. In that time I also went from not exercising to running 5Ks to running a marathon (hoping for a second marathon sometime in 2024).
  • youngmomtazyoungmomtaz Posts: 954Member Member Posts: 954Member Member
    natasor1 wrote: »
    Yong kids have very natural way to regulate their food intake. They close to natural choice of food or menu. Their taste is not spoiled by societal customs to eat, to spend time at the table, to celebrate, to indulge Yes, my granddaughter can skip breakfast or lunch or all together
    I work with young kids and have for years. Not with one child, many. At no point have I ever encountered a child who will simply decide to skip a meal out of a desired to not eat. I have encountered children who will, out of anger or upset or other strong emotions, refuse to lunch at the appointed time (say, if lunch is at 11 or 11:30) but every time this happens, they want lunch when they calm down; they never make it to the end of even the school day while continuing to turn down lunch. We never make them eat lunch and if they wanted to go the day without eating lunch, they could. The only kids who have ever made it the day without eating are the ones who do so for religious purposes*, not because their bodies have told them to.

    If you, who advocate for intermittent fasting, have a 5-year-old who is skipping meals, you should think about why that might be happening.

    edit: *And all of these children, although young, were older than 5.

    My youngest son has eaten lunch at school maybe twice to 10 times a year. Kindergarten up to now grade 7. There is too much going on for him and he gets no hunger cues, he just wants to get outside and run. The teachers used to scold me for not sending enough food because we learned to purposely make his lunches small things that won’t spoil. 99% of the it all comes home so why would we waste food? He now eats breakfast sporadically, as I am giving him the choice as he gets older. Will come home from school and occasionally eat a bowl of popcorn or some berries and yogurt, but he typically just waits until supper and has two large helpings plus an evening snack. He is a healthy weight for his age and height and just has no desire to mindlessly snack unless there are candy and chips in front of him.

    I am not posting this for any reason but to say there are kids who eat this way naturally. He started school at 4yo, and is now almost 12. My older boys have routinely eaten their lunches but on weekends when they are working/farming/doing things with all the machines they collect that is their natural pattern as well. It amazes me as that is not my body’s tendency at all. I can think about and want food every waking minute.
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