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    11/29 176.2lbs 38.6%BF 6h59m/83 - headed to the gym!
    11/30 173.6lbs 37.9%BF 7h15m/82 - whoosh! My sister is having Thanksgiving Redux today, so I am sure I'll bump up again, but hope to keep the damage to a minimum. Besides, that rich food doesn't sit peacefully in my tummy like it used to...
    12/01 173.8lbs 38.0%BF 7h3m/84 - not bad for the morning after Thanksgiving II.
    12/02 172.8lbs 37.7%BF 5h40m/75 - training this morning after a quiet-ish weekend.
    12/03 173.4lbs 37.9%BF 5h17m/76 - good workout session, but long day with late dinner and short sleep = increased weight & BF.
    12/04 173.4lbs 37.9%BF 6h15m/78 - sedentary day at work; hoping training this morning will shake things up.
    12/05 174.0lbs 38%BF 5h53m/79 - this plateau I am stranded on is killing me!
    12/06 173.8lbs 38%BF 6h58m/81
    12/07 173.2lbs 37.8%BF 6h3m/76 - late night, sleep wasn't great. Great workout Friday - feeling it right now.
    12/08 172.2lbs 37.7%BF 7h27m/83... missed goal by .2, but I will take any progress that might indicate this plateau has been broken! Plus, SORE! lol

    @BSchoberg - Your BF% dropped by almost 1% (0.9%) within the round so that's a huge win in my book, particularly with Thanksgiving (times 2) in this round!!! Keep up the great work!