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Suggestions for additions to food entries

AmyG1982AmyG1982 Posts: 403Member Member Posts: 403Member Member
I’m getting frustrated with the food database, there are so many duplicate entries and foods that are not entered correctly it’s frustrating. I often end up having to create a new entry for food because the numbers don’t match. So many people don’t add all the fields or modify things because they only count net carbs etc. its hard to rely on these entries. Even when scanning the barcodes they often go to entries that don’t match the box I’m holding.

I would love it if we could add pictures of food labels to food entries so we’d know it’s accurate. It’d be even better if you could just use a pic of the food label to create a food entry to take away the mistakes by manual entry.

I’d also love it if there was a place in the food entries asking for what country it’s for, I know some people put it in the title but it’s not consistent.
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