**Accountability Buddies**: Lose 20lbs by April 5



  • Dorgle690
    Dorgle690 Posts: 230 Member
    Current Weight: 151.6
    Goal Weight: 156 (New goal: 154!)

    W1 12/1: 163.6
    W2 12/8: 164.2
    W3 12/15: 163.2
    W4 12/22: 164.2
    W5 12/29: 166

    W6 1/5: 164.6
    W7 1/12: 166.6
    W8 1/19: 167
    W9 1/26: 168

    W10 2/2: 168
    W11 2/9: 162.8
    W12 2/16: 163
    W13 2/23: 162

    W14 3/1: 161.2
    W15 3/8: 159.6
    W16 3/15: 159.2
    W17 3/22: 155.6
    W18 3/29: 153.2

    Final!!!! 4/1: 151.6
    Total loss: 12 lbs!!!
    What I've learned about myself: I sure can hustle if I apply myself. I surprised myself in March, I focused on improving/changing my daily habits and things slowly fell into place. I went past both my original goal and my new goal. I usually never succeed very well at weight loss, I just go up and down for weeks on end. To anyone struggling out there, know that you will break free of your cycle soon. If there weren’t any rain, there would be no flowers! :heart:
  • nighthawk584
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    Starting Weight on 4/1/2019: 280
    Current Challenge Weight: 195.6
    Goal Weight: 180 (this is my ultimate goal weight from when I started my WLJ last April. It will mark a 100 lb total weight loss. These last 15 lbs will most likely be the toughest for me, but I will give it my best shot! Good luck everyone!)

    W1 12/1: 195.6
    W2 12/8: 193 (upped my workouts this past week, but have been eating back all my calories...apparently not enough! I'll take it though :) We'll see if it holds by next week.)
    W3 12/15: 191.6 (Thought for sure I would gain some back this week but reduced my salt intake and not retaining as much water now.)
    W4 12/22: 192.6 (yesterday I was 190.8, but today is weigh-in for the challenge. I'm used to these wild swings. They've been happening since day one of my journey. No worries.... Merry Christmas everyone!)
    W5 12/29: 192.4

    W6 1/5: 189.6 (on the last day of 2019, I hit 189.8 and NORMAL WEIGHT BMI...I must have been retaining a ton of water from the holidays and even lost a little more since then, for today's weigh in. I haven't seen the 180's since 2001...Happy New Year everyone and welcome to all the new people!)
    W7 1/12: 188.4
    W8 1/19: 187.8 (Slow, steady, and healthy as I get closer to my ultimate goal of 180 lbs..my setting on MFP is to lose 1/2 lb per week now. I had a really good week, exercise wise. Pushed it when I didn't feel like it at the time.)
    W9 1/26: 187.4 (challenge weight loss 1/2 way point, -8.2 lbs. This is actually more than I thought I would lose by this time since I am near my goal weight. Total weight loss since April 2019, -92.6 lbs.)

    W10 2/2: 185.8 (Lost more than expected this week. I didn't really change anything in my daily routine. Knowing my body weight fluctuations, I'll probably be up next week. Also, I haven't been 185 lbs since 2001! :).....Keep on Truckin'!)
    W11 2/9: 185.4 (Still moving in the right direction and exactly how I want to ease into maintenance.)
    W12 2/16: 185
    W13 2/23: 184.2 (So close to my ultimate goal weight, I can taste it. Can I hit it by my year anniversary? We shall see 🤔)

    W14 3/1: 184.4 (fluctuations have been all over the map this week for me. On Friday, I was 183, then Sat I was 185.4....this morning, 184.4 ... crazy, but it's all good :) )
    W15 3/8: 182.6 (Finally broke out of the 184's/185's! I was a little surprised when I weighed myself this morning, since I was over on my calories all week long. Just 2.6 lbs to go for my ultimate goal and 4 weeks to do it by my year wlj anniversary. I've got to do it the right way though and continue losing slow. I have not been this "light" since the 90s)
    W16 3/15: 183 (up a little, but not bad considering I was eating over my goal almost the whole week.)
    W17 3/23: 183.8 (a day late, but still in the marathon! went up some more, but I have no issues with it because my body and mind are deciding where I am comfortable weighing. I feel fantastic too! I'm still wanting to hit my ultimate goal weight of 180 lbs. and maybe even another 5 lbs from there, but after nearly a year and all the stresses going on, I needed a diet break. This is lifelong journey, not just a quick fix. onward I go!)
    W18 3/29:

    Final!!!! 4/1: 184 (Great job everyone and I may even join the new 10 lb challenge since I didn't quite meet my ultimate goal yet.)
    Total loss on this challenge: 11.6 lbs
    Grand total since 4/1/2019: 96 lbs
    What I've learned about myself : read my year anniversary wlj with before and after photos> https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10790793/so-i-went-to-the-dr-a-year-ago-today-and-the-news-was-terrible/p1

  • BecMarty14
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    Current Weight: 155
    Goal Weight: 135

    W1 12/1: Didn't start yet
    W2 12/8: Didn't start yet
    W3 12/15: 155.4
    W4 12/22: 154.6
    W5 12/29: ?

    W6 1/5: ?
    W7 1/12: ?
    W8 1/19: ?
    W9 1/26: ?

    W10 2/2: traveling
    W11 2/9: traveling
    W12 2/16: traveling
    W13 2/23: traveling

    W14 3/1: traveling
    W15 3/8: got back home
    W16 3/15: ~156
    W17 3/22: ~ 155
    W18 3/29: 153.2 #

    Final!!!! 4/1: 152.8#
    Total loss: 2.2#
    What I Learned about myself:
    I changed up my diet and exercise routine as a guest without going getting too off track. The family time was worth it, and the minute I got home I put in motion a plan, which is working so far.
    Doing at minimum daily long walks or runs in February and daily burpees, stairs and playing with nieces and nephews in the beginning of March kept me active and maintaining fitness levels for a hard push when I got home.
  • cpanus
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    Current Weight: 143.6
    Goal Weight: 135

    I weigh in on Monday.

    W5 12/29: 143.6 at 8:00 a.m.

    W6 1/06: 146.4 at 5:30 a.m.
    W7 1/13: 140.2 at 5:30 a.m.
    W8 1/20: 140.4 at 8:00 a.m.
    W9 1/27: 144.0 at 5:30 a.m.

    W10 2/03: 141.2 at 5:50 a.m.
    W11 2/10: 144.0 at 6:30 a.m.
    W12 2/17: 142.0 at 8:30 a.m. ...hip surgery in 22 days. EGADS!!!
    W13 2/24: DNW

    W14 3/02: 144.2 at 5:30 a.m.
    W15 3/09: 143.6 at 5:30 a.m.
    W16 3/16: DNW
    W17 3/23: 144.6 at 9:00 a.m.
    W18 3/30: 145.0 at 8:00 a.m.

    Final!!!! 4/01: 145.0 at 8:30 a.m.
    Total loss: none
    What I've learned about myself
  • SheilaCali
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    I think we have until April 5th, right? I'm going for that last half-pound...
  • bethmoreynolds
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    Current Weight: 212.2
    Goal Weight: 207.3
    Ultimate Goal: 160

    W5 12/29: 237.3

    W6 1/5: 234.7
    W7 1/12: 229.8
    W8 1/19: 228.0
    W9 1/26: 224.8

    W10 2/2: 224.0
    W11 2/9: 221.5
    W12 2/16: 224.6 Went on a vacation and gained some weight. Back on track now.
    W13 2/23:220.0

    W14 3/1: 217.1 I hit 20 pounds today, I’m so excited. I started finally seeing the results this last week too. I am going for 8 more pounds by the end of the challenge. See you all next week. Have a great Sunday!
    W15 3/8:215.9
    W16 3/15: 215.5
    W17 3/22: 215 haven’t seen the progress I’d been seeing. Got away from logging my food, will start back this week and see if that gets me back on track.
    W18 3/29: 213.5, even with the world’s current stressful circumstances I was able to loose 1.5 pounds last week. Back to logging food and I have been exercising more, it’s a good stress relief.

    Final!!!! 4/1: 212.2
    Total loss: 25.1 lbs
    What I've learned about myself : I’m am so happy to be 25lbs lighter. I feel great and have new habits that I know I can stick with. I’ve just recently started walking 4-5 days a week for 30-45 minutes and I now look forward to it at the end of my day. I am more motivated then ever to form healthy life long habits.

    I would be in for doing another challenge for this next quarter and keep in touch.
  • bethmoreynolds
    bethmoreynolds Posts: 13 Member
    I’m in for another challenge. I think we should just keep posting here.
    Starting weight: 244lbs, October 2019
    April start Weight: 212.2
    May Goal Weight: 195
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 160


    Final June 1st:
    Total loss:

    What I learned:
  • jimboden3
    jimboden3 Posts: 307 Member
    Starting Weight: 240 (July 2019)
    Challenge Starting Weight: 218.1 (Dec 1, 2019)
    Goal Weight: 198

    W1 12/1: 218.1 - Enjoyed Thanksgiving but didn't succumb to it.
    W2 12/8: 217.2 - Continuing to move in the right direction.
    W3 12/15: 218.1 - Yikes! I need to commit to exercising harder ... starting right now.
    W4 12/22: 216 - Too lax on the holiday party eating but close to my milestone goal of 215 by EOY.
    W5 12/29: 218.3 - Arrgh! Too many Bowl games, soft pretzel bites & beer. Disappointed December is a write-off.

    W6 1/5: 215 - A few days late to hit my 2019 year-end goal but I'll take the late win!
    W7 1/12: 213.5 - Daily High Knees, Climbers & Flutter Kicks (Jan exercise challenge) and healthy eating are doing the job.
    W8 1/19: 212.4 - Will need to move the needle faster to hit my goal by Apr 1 but still moving in right direction.
    W9 1/26: 211.9 - I was 1.5 lbs lighter just a few days back (a little water weight maybe?)

    W10 2/2: 211.2 - I was in the 209s earlier this week but need to clean up my Friday night & Saturday food choices!
    W11 2/9: 209.7 - Despite a crazy calorie day yesterday (which I paid for), it was a good week!
    W12 2/16: 207.6 - Good progress but will still take work to get down to 205 by end of Feb
    W13 2/23: 210.8 - Too much Mardi Gras celebrating! I see more exercise & small portions in my future.

    W14 3/1: 208.0 - I've been bouncing around a lot lately but am glad to be sub-210 again.
    W15 3/8: 207.5 - I was 205 yesterday but the Fajitas & tortilla chips didn't do my weight any favors this am.
    W17 3/22: 211.4 - Unable to weigh in last week (no scale) and just arrived home from vacation so I'm not surprised to be up 4 lbs but the weather was great, food was fantastic (except for the 2-day road trips down and back which was mostly fast food) so no complaints. Bottom line is we had a great time and everyone returned safe and healthy (so far). I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal routine - and on track again.
    W18 3/29: 211 - Just returned home from picking up daughter from college and mid-day weigh in after fast food lunch didn't do me any favors.

    Final!!!! 4/1: 209
    Total loss: 9.1 lbs
    What I've learned about myself: Losing weight isn't easy it takes a plan, willpower, determination & consistency. Unfortunately this was harder than I thought it was going to be at the bookend months - In December we had all the holiday parties and in March I had all 6 days on the road between driving to/from vacation and moving a daughter back home from college. Not that these are good excuses - I need to own my results. While I'm not satisfied with the results, I'm in a better place than when I started. I need to change my game plan as working from home is much more challenging on the eating side but it does offer more time to work out. Anyway, thanks everyone for the motivation and accountability. A healthy lifestyle is a journey and it's OK to take some detours every now and then as long as you continue to move towards your goals.
  • SheilaCali
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    Current Weight: 141.0
    Goal Weight: 137.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 125

    W1 12/1: 157.0
    W2 12/8: 156.0
    W3 12/15: 155.0 (weighed in 12/14- 2 Xmas parties after that, so I'm sure I'm up today. 2 more parties this week!)
    W4 12/22: 156.5 (just where I was all week, so no surprise)
    W5 12/29: 155.0 (yaaasss! I've never lost in December before, so this is epic :p )

    W6 1/5: 155.0 (got an extra time of the month this week- what? I expect to be down next week)
    W7 1/12: 153.0
    W8 1/19: 152.0
    W9 1/26: 151.5 (weigh in 1/25)

    W10 2/2: 149.5
    W11 2/9: 148.5
    W12 2/16: 147.0
    W13 2/23: 145.0

    W14 3/1: 143.0
    W15 3/8: 142.5
    W16 3/15: 142.0
    W17 3/22: 141.5
    W18 3/29: 141.5

    Final!!!! 4/1: 141.0 (yes, got off that last 1/2 pound!)
    Total loss: 16.0 pounds, woohoo!

    What I've learned about myself: I really didn't think I'd be flirting close to the 130s at the end of this challenge, so that's motivating me to keep going. I'm finding it hard to move more with self-isolation. I can't workout while my hubby's in meetings often during the day- in the living room (the one large empty space in our house). I'm giving myself extra grace, but I'm getting a little out of hand with my portion sizes again. I'm within calories but need to lay off the carbs more. Our homemade bread is a weakness of mine!

    Again, bravo to all of us who've set goals and worked towards them all of these months. I don't want to get lazy, so I'm going to continue in another challenge posted on MFP. The family wedding slated for June is now in August, so I've got more time before I face the camera! Good luck to all!
  • Anna247exo
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    Current Weight: 212
    Goal Weight: 192

    W1 12/1: 212
    W2 12/8: 211
    W3 12/15: 211.4
    W4 12/22: 211.4
    W5 12/29: 211.4 😩

    W6 1/5: 210
    W7 1/12: 209.8 (was 208 on thurday before that time of the month happened 😒. Should be back down next week 🤞🏻)
    W8 1/19: 208.8 (started intermitted fasting a few days ago. Too early to see results but lets see if it helps at all next week!)
    W9 1/26: 206.8 !! (This marks 30lbs down since Jun. 2019! Also just noticed i surpassed my lowest weight a couple weeks ago. Looks like i was 210 back in 2013 which was previously my lowest weight recorded here on mfp!)

    W10 2/2: 205.2 👍🏻
    W11 2/9: 204
    W12 2/16: 203.2 (still moving down so thats good)
    W13 2/23: 201

    W14 3/1: 200.4 (so close to being under 200lbs!)
    W15 3/8: 200.4 😩
    W16 3/15: 197.4 😱 (finally hit my first goal set on mfp. Being under 200lbs!! My next goal is 160lbs!)
    W17 3/22: 198.2 😫 (gained a little. With everything going on and gyms closing i didn't work out this week and was not logging my food. This week i'll do better!! Going to have to find some at home workouts or go for longer walks. Stay healthy everyone ❤)
    W18 3/29: 199 (really confused as to why i gain... i've been logging my food and staying under my goal. And i've gone on 3 hikes this week to make up for the 3 days i usually go to the gym. 🤔 going to lower my calories this week and see if that help 🥺)

    Final!!!! 4/5: 197.8
    Total loss: 14.2
    I'm happy with the amount lost even though i didn't hit the intended goal. During this challenge i discovered intermitted fasting. I feel like it has really helped me! The last few weeks were hard and I had to lower my calories because my activity level went down. I try to do workouts at home but sometimes i lack the motivation. Without this challenge i think i would lack all motivation so i hope it is continued!!
  • goyologo
    goyologo Posts: 138 Member
    Original weight: 161.7 (August, 2019)
    Current Weight: 143.8
    Goal Weight: 135

    W1 12/1: 143.8
    W2 12/8:--traveling--
    W3 12/15: 145.0
    W4 12/22: 144.0

    W5 12/29: 143.2
    W6 1/5: 142.4
    W7 1/12: 141.4
    W8 1/19: 139.6
    W9 1/26: 139.4

    W10 2/2: 138.2
    W11 2/9: 138.4
    W12 2/16: 137.6
    W13 2/23: 138.0

    W14 3/1: 138.4
    W15 3/8: 137.0
    W16 3/15: 136.4
    W17 3/22: 136.6
    W18 3/29: 136.0

    Final!!!! 4/5: 135.2 YAY!!! .2 lbs off goal but, hey! I'll take it!
    It has been so helpful to have your company and to be accountable to you.
    Hope to see you all at the next **Accountability Buddies** challenge!
  • jimboden3
    jimboden3 Posts: 307 Member
    For those interested in joining a shorter Accountability Challenge - a new one has been posted.

  • readmerant
    readmerant Posts: 28 Member
    Accountability Buddies!
    Starting Weight 11/5/19: 190
    Goal Weight 4/6/20: 150
    Ultimate goal weight: 135 - 140

    W1 12/1: 182.3
    W2 12/8: 180.0
    W3 12/15:177.0
    W4 12/22:176.7
    W5 12/29:173.6

    W6 1/5: 170.4
    W7 1/12: 169.3
    W8 1/19: 165.9
    W9 1/26: 165.0

    W10 2/2: 162.9
    W11 2/9: 159.6
    W12 2/16:159.0
    W13 2/23:157.2

    W14 3/1: 155.9
    W15 3/8: 153.8
    W16 3/15:157.0
    W17 3/22:152.4
    W18 3/29:150.1

    Final!!!! 4/1:149.3
    Total loss Challenge to date:33.0

    What I've learned about myself:
    City walking has paid off and allows for pretty good social distancing. I just cross the street whenever it looks like someone is headed my way. Path walking on the other hand was difficult the paths aren't 6ft wide and people aren't always careful. The weather has been beautiful for this time of year so hopefully that keeps up and I can continue to loose the weight. I made the goal for this challenge and now it's time to seriously look at the next 10/15lbs. My end goal is 140 at the top my daily fluctuation and it's so very close!

  • goyologo
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    Hi Buddies,
    Just a slight correction to jimboden3's announcement above about the new, shorter Accountability Buddies challenge. The link is:
    Hope to see you over there!
    ~ goyologo