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    Back again. Starting the month out with a bit of inflated number due to way to much alcohol, food from Thanksgiving, eating out the last couple of days, and had a 5 day weekend with my family. Hopefully once I get back to work on Monday it will drop off fairly quickly. My lowest in November right before Thanksgiving was 137.7 and I am hoping to be back in the 130's by the end of the first week.

    May gained: 1.1 pounds (149.3)
    June lost: 3.4 pounds (145.9)
    July lost: 2.2 pounds (143.7)
    August lost: 0.1 pounds (143.6) maintained
    September lost: 2.7 pounds (140.9)
    October lost: 0.2 pounds (140.7) maintained
    November lost: 3 pounds (137.7) day before Thanksgiving 11/28

    01 Dec: 144.4 uuugghhh
    02 Dec: 145.7 ok back on track!
    03 Dec: 142.2 it's amazing what a little bit of water and a low carb day will do for your weight. Down 3.5 pounds, 4.5 to go to get back to where I was before my Thanksgiving holiday!
    04 Dec: 140.8 only 3.1 left to get back down
    05 Dec: 139.4 have been staying on track and back in the 130's. Only 1.7 pounds left to get rid of.
    06 Dec: 140.2 Cowboys played last night. Beer and pizza and a big LOSS!
    07 Dec: 137.7
    08 Dec: 138.8
    09 Dec: 138.8 Not to bad for a Monday.
    10 Dec: 138.3 should have been a little lower, but completely ok with this
    11 Dec: 138.3 I guess I am figuring out maintenance. Would like to be just a couple of pounds lower, but not unhappy right now
    12 Dec: 136.8 may be a tad dehydrated, but I liked what I saw on the scale this morning.
    13 Dec: 137.7 Christmas party tonight so going to try and keep it together
    14 Dec: 138.8 another party for the fights tonight
    15 Dec: 137.7 football and relaxing
    16 Dec: NW forgot when I got up this am
    17 Dec: 142.2 way to many parties and a 3 day weekend. Back to work
    18 Dec: 139.9 well I have not lost an ounce this month, but I seem to be maintaining pretty well. It's been a rough month!
    19 Dec: 138.9 I am just trying to get through this month, lol
    20 Dec: 140.5
    21 Dec: 139.9
    22 Dec: No weigh in. totally spaced it
    23 Dec: 144.5 to may restaurant meals and way to much alcohol at parties. This month has been a killer for me.
    24 Dec: Tons of family and food - no weigh in
    25 Dec: Christmas Day and never weighed
    26 Dec: 144.7 well that wasn't pleasant, but very expected.
    27 Dec: 143.1 still up just over 5 pounds, but better than yesterday. 4 more days and I am back into this fully
    28 Dec: 143.7
    29 Dec: 143.1
    30 Dec: 143.7 ok I have to get back on track. I am just out of control
    31 Dec: 143.1 gained 5.4 pounds and am 4.2 above my maintenance weight! January is going to take some work