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Calorie counter doesn’t match macros

chriscasar9chriscasar9 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
The app was pretty accurate in the beginning but now there’s a wide spread between my macros and total calories. My macros are 108.5g carbs 14g fat and 36.7 g of protein. MFP says the calories are 453 but if I multiply my carbs and protein by 4 and my fats by 9 I get 706. What is happening?


  • mangrothianmangrothian Posts: 1,351Member Member Posts: 1,351Member Member
    because a lot of the entries are entered by users, there's bound to be inaccuracies. Entries can be made by people not including all the macros, or in the case of foods that have been input by non-US members, the carbs can be out by quite a bit, because some nutrition labels are already net-carbs, rather than total.
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