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    is a full and sufficient statement on its own and it pretty much covers half of everything in the universe!
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    Okay - where are you two seeing this @pamelar25 person???? I've scrolled back and forth and not seen a post :s Me's goin' blind! B) (maybe me should take off the shades?)

    Okay....mystery solved :) Somehow I managed to "ignore" @pamelar25....not sure how because I didn't even know such a thing was possible on MFP. But after seeing messages responding to her post and not being able to see her post I went hunting so that I could send this wonderful weight loser a message and once I hit her profile page there was an "unignore" option. So I did that and now I can see your posts @pamelar25 .... woohoo!

    Pretty impressive progress. Glad I can now read about it. And very glad you are here posting again.
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    Enjoy the sun and all it brings, Alexandra!
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    MFP is going to be down for “maintenance” tomorrow October 18 from 8 am Central time. Supposed to take two hours but they don’t sound confident! And we may experience problems afterwards. I think I’ll do a little pre-logging and hope it’s all better by tomorrow evening 🙏.