Are you over 200pds, let's diet together



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    @saliwt4 Thanks for sharing your story and for deciding to join us.
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    Thanks to those who responded to my question. Nice to hear about different ways to do things.
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    saliwt4 welcome to the group. My arms surround you with a big hug. Your in a good group of friends.
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    hello everyone. long time. long long long time. some of the original losers may remember me. @ladycopnh1 - i fell off the wagon apparently but i’ve officially brushed myself off and back on the wagon. I weighed in a few seconds ago at 248.2
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    ladycopnh1 , I just finished my first year of law school. Also just started my summer internship and one of my two summer classes. Figured all that computer time with intense typing may keep my hands busy and out of the chip bag, since everything is remote and the kitchen is so close in a small studio. lol.

    So my left ankle has been reconstructed twice (experienced massive weight gains after each), and I may have a reconstruction on my right this year too. I fell down the steps outside the school last fall and it has not healed right (had me screaming on the elliptical when I didn't wear a brace). My doc and I are discussing it at my upcoming appointment. Thus it is really important I get this "diet" part of "diet and exercise" down and learn how to walk finally!
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    @FatimaStartsAllOver Welcome back! We are here for you! <3
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    05/21/20: 262.6
    05/25/20: 260.8

    Was just finishing my time of the month when I first weighed in, so I expected the quick dip due to bloating going away. Kills my motivation every time it starts, but good to know my body hasn't changed this habit.
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    @FatimaStartsAllOver - I am feeling you. I fell off and am just getting myself back together (hopefully). Welcome back.

    Well it has been two weeks since I have even weighed myself. and three since I worked out. I have been working a lot but that has never been an excuse I have used. I will be going home after work and hitting the total gym today. Hope everyone has a good week. Today is a good day for me to start fresh.
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    Weigh in

    Start        225
    Jan loss 7.4 lbs
    Feb loss 10.6 lbs/net 18
    Mar loss 5.8 lbs/net 23.8
    Apr loss 5 lbs/net 29.2
    5/5/20.   195.6
    5/12/20.  195.3
    5/19/20.  195.0
    5/26/20.  195.8
    May loss / net

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    May 5: 312
    May 12: 310.4
    May 19: 306
    May 26: 306

    That’s unfortunate. I went down as far as 303.8 this week, but I’m back up a bit. Holiday yesterday plus pizza and tasty curry chicken over the weekend. My big weakness is eating extra when I have a tasty meal in front of me. I can pack on 2+ lbs in a single sitting if I’m not careful. Anyone have advice?

    The good news is I’m getting more involved in working out, so the planks are on track (57/60 minutes for May’s goal). I’m also back hitting the road walking after my hamstring healed and even mixed in some jogging last night. 3/5 walk/jogs of 3 miles this week already. I’m thinking about increasing my goals or adding something else but I can’t decide. Should I add pull-ups, pushups, jump rope, or something else? (If only the gym was open and I could go swimming!)
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    @metonymicalinsanity I wouldn't worry too much about going from 303.8 to 306 within a few days. That happens to me often. My guess is that the pizza and curry were likely higher in sodium than the food you normally eat, so you may just be experiencing some temporary water weight. With regard to eating too much, my best advice is to weigh your food and figure out calories before eating rather than being surprised afterwards. I try to measure out what I consider to be an appropriate serving and see how I feel after eating it. If I'm still legitimately hungry, I will eat more, but only after considering the calorie impact. For instance, often when I eat pizza, if I'm still hungry I will eat some fruit or vegetables instead of eating more pizza. I'm not always successful, of course, but I at least want to make the decision consciously.
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    Weigh in

    OSW - 257.7 lbs
    CSW - 211.8 lbs
    02/04/2020 - 211.8 lbs
    09/04/2020 - 209.2 lbs
    16/04/2020 - 206.8 lbs
    23/04/2020 - 207.0 lbs - I'll smash it next week, I'm sure! :wink: :
    30/04/2020 - 203.2 lbs - :sweat_smile: SMASHED IT!
    April Loss: 8.6 lbs
    07/05/2020 - 201.6 lbs
    14/05/2020 - 201.2 lbs
    21/05/2020 - 198.2 lbs
    28/05/2020 - 198.4 lbs
    May Loss-to-date: 4.8 lbs
    current goal : keep loosing!
    April goal - 20x.x ✅
    May goal - 19x.x
    Ultimate goal weight - under 150 lbs
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    Starting Weight: 271
    Total January loss: -9
    Total February loss: -10
    Total March - 10
    Total April - 4
    Total May -

    May 05: 235
    May 12: 233
    May 19: 235
    May 26: 234

    A couple of you have fallen off the wagon, I think it ran me over. I have gotten so busy with my house, my parents house and my camp that I haven't been "dieting" the way I should. Tracking as stopped cuz by the time I get home I'm exhausted. The only thing I have kept up on is my exercising. That's the only thing that's saving me. I have GOT to get my head out of .... the ground and pay attention to what I'm eating. I want to get through these 30s to hit my 40pd loss.

    Welcome back old friends, I missed you <3

    Josh, I have finally picked up the habit ( good ) of taking half the portion that I really want first, if I really want some more later I know where to find it. It's not going anywhere. 90% of the time, I never go back. While I'm eating I get distracted with something else. Remember "Will it taste as good as thins going to feel ?"
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    Thanks for the good advice. @VeggieMeg71 I don’t have a scale so I’m mostly eyeballing portions. Probably would be worth investing in a cheap kitchen scale eh? But yes I could certainly do something between 1 or 1/2 portion like @ladycopnh1 suggested and then wait and see how I feel. My problem is I get to the end of that first plate and I “wait” for about 30 seconds before loading up on plate no. 2. 🤷‍♂️
    But the scale is down to 302.6 this morning so I think you were right about water weight from the foods. And my exercise is still on track (finished the 60 minutes of planking for May! Went for a walk/jog last night and felt good! Am going to start jump roping today! 😳)
    Thanks for all your support, it’s really helpful.
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    I would love to join as well. My highest weight was 244.6. I have lost 16 pounds. To make a long story short. I gained a lot of weight after my 2 back to back miscarriages in 2016. I had 3 D& C surgeries very close together and it wrecked havoc on my body. I wasn't physically healed from that until 2018 (I was 10 pounds away from my goal weight) and I found out I was expecting again. I had my sweet rainbow baby boy on April 4th, 2019. I lost weight while pregnant by cutting out sugar completely.(I was a lot smaller while I was pregnant) After I had our little man I went nuts on the sugar and got up to 244.6. I am now trying to lose the weight and get my body back to my pregnancy weight. I know that sounds funny but I lost so much weight while pregnant by stopping sugar. I got down into the 190s!!
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    edited May 2020
    Here are my numbers so far

    April 29- 226.6
    May 18- 228.2
    May 20- 227.2
    May 21- 226.6
    May 22- 227.6
    May 27- 230.4
    May 28- 228.6

    I weigh daily but from here on out on here will only record them on here weekly.
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    Osw 210
    April 30th 202
    May 7th 200.5 Aww man so close
    May14th 199.5 Hundreds club yay
    May 21st 198.5. Okay 1 pound again maybe my age I'm 45 now, last I did this was in my thirties.
    May28th 195.5 Say what? Do a little dance!!
    May completed with 6.5 pound gone, both previous month's were 4 pounds.
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    I know next month will probably be slower since now I have less to lose. At least I'm going in the right direction.