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Are you over 200pds, let's diet together



  • celticck77celticck77 Member Posts: 111 Member Member Posts: 111 Member
    Fall in New England has been loads of fun this year - barrels and barrels of leaves kind of fun. I got a great workout in Sunday and Monday cleaning up my yard - though it does not look cleaned up at all. 39 containers (barrels and bags).
    I love those types of workouts because you are not thinking about the workout you are getting.

    Not doing great workout or food wise as far as sticking with in but I am working on it.
  • jennifersusanmcdougalljennifersusanmcdougall Member Posts: 132 Member Member Posts: 132 Member
    Sw 210
    Lw 180.5
    Cw 178
    Ltd 32
    So alot has happened these past two weeks. I got into a fender bender and no one was hurt it was small. My dad lost his other leg. Also a lot of other complications and issues that have arisen if anyone could pray that would be awesome. Good news is I've actually recorded everything food wise this past week so yeah. Just drained my house it's looking like a total crazy person has been in it for the past 2 daughter's been sick for the past 2 weeks she's finally got medication now so she should be going back on Monday. This mama's drained.
  • ladycopnh1ladycopnh1 Member Posts: 190 Member Member Posts: 190 Member
    Nov. 03 - 241
    Nov. 10 - 239
    Nov. 17 - 243
    Nov. 24 -

    BAD WEEK. Just when I got back to routine with the treadmill, it broke. Called the repair center and the first chance they will have to fix it is............JANUARY !! Upset is putting it extremely mild. I stressed out and had other issues and ended up gaining 4pds. That was a shot in the head. two steps forward and five steps back. This week I grabbed a note pad and hit the road walking. counted the amount of steps in a mile and then walked around the perimeter of my house to see how many times around made a mile, which is thirteen and a half. So I'm outside in the cold now doing my walking until my mill is fixed.

    Jennifer, I will be glad to help pray with you.
  • ladycopnh1ladycopnh1 Member Posts: 190 Member Member Posts: 190 Member
    celticck77 - I know how you feel about leaves, I have to blow the leaves off my lawn four times. Plus the 10 billion acorns and 5 thousand pine cones. Welcome to the country. I wouldn't change it for anything.
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