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❤️❤️JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~ ROUND 100 ❤️❤️



  • HoopsGuy72
    HoopsGuy72 Posts: 356 Member
    47, male, 5'11"
    Highest weight ever: 245.0
    Original SW/BF%: 229.2/19.6 (7-31-2019)
    Ultimate GW: One-derland (by 6/30/2020), and feeling comfortable with my shirt off.

    R85 EW/EBF%: 224.6 (-4.6)/19.0 (-0.6), AW/ABF%: 228.1/19.37
    R86 EW/EBF%: 226.2 (+1.6)/19.2 (+0.2), AW/ABF%: 226.4 (-1.7)/19.19 (-0.18)
    R87 EW/EBF%: 225.6 (-0.6)/19.1 (-0.1), AW/ABF%: 227.1 (+0.7)/19.27 (+0.08)
    R88 EW/EBF%: 223.8 (-1.8)/18.9 (-0.2), AW/ABF%: 224.5 (-2.6)/18.98 (-0.29)
    R89 EW/EBF%: 226.6 (+2.8)/19.2 (+0.3), AW/ABF%: 225.3 (+0.8)/19.04 (+0.06)
    R90 EW/EBF%: 223.8 (-2.8)/18.9 (-0.3), AW/ABF%: 224.3 (-1.0)/18.95 (-0.09)
    R91 EW/EBF%: 224.6 (+0.8)/19.0 (+0.1), AW/ABF%: 224.6 (+0.3)/18.99 (+0.04)
    R92 EW/EBF%: 221.8 (-2.8)/18.7 (-0.3), AW/ABF%: 223.7 (-0.9)/18.89 (-0.10)
    R93 EW/EBF%: 221.4 (-0.4)/18.6 (-0.1), AW/ABF%: 220.4 (-3.3)/18.53 (-0.36)
    R94 EW/EBF%: 215.8 (-5.6)/18.0 (-0.6), AW/ABF%: 219.4 (-1.0)/18.40 (-0.13)
    R95 EW/EBF%: 217.2 (+1.4)/18.2 (+0.2), AW/ABF%: 216.3 (-3.1)/18.10 (-0.30)
    R96 EW/EBF%: 216.2 (-1.0)/18.1 (-0.1), AW/ABF%: 217.0 (+0.7)/18.17 (+0.07)
    R97 EW/EBF%: 219.4 (+3.2)/18.4 (+0.3), AW/ABF%: 219.9 (+2.9)/18.47 (+0.30)
    R98 EW/EBF%: 219.4 (0.0)/18.4 (+0.0), AW/ABF%: 220.1 (+0.2)/18.48 (+0.01)
    R99 EW/EBF%: 216.8 (-2.6)/18.1 (-0.3), AW/ABF%: 218.9 (-1.2)/18.35 (-0.13)

    Total loss since returning: 12.4 lbs/1.5% BF
    Average loss per round: 0.82 lbs/0.10% BF

    Goal(s) for this round: Get under 216.0


    12/29: 217.2 (+0.4)/18.2 (+0.1). I had my first real meal in days last night, so this is not unexpected. That being said, my sickness feels like a bit of a reset, one that got me back into some good habits. I'm going to try to take advantage of the "opportunity" I've been "given" (nice way to phrase my horrible illness).

    12/30: 218.8 (+1.6)/18.4 (+0.2). As always, I spoke too soon. I need to remember that the moment I'm feeling too good about my progress/work habits is the moment that I let myself slide a little. I could have said no last night, but after my reasonable dinner I had some leftover Caesar salad (wife went out to dinner) and a Cinnabon. There's plenty of blame to go around, but I am the only person that is responsible for me. I regretted both choices as they were happening, but not enough to make me stop/slow down. I'm going to think of this as a "blip," and I'm going to try to move on from it.

    12/31: 218.6 (-0.2)/18.3 (-0.1). I was not hungry all day, and I barely ate anything. I had my wife's leftovers for dinner, but for some reason she felt it necessary to make a WHOLE OTHER MEAL that she expected me to partake in (she asked me to eat her leftovers). It was relatively healthy, at least, but I'm going to have to have a little talk with her about MY body and MY right to put (or not put) whatever I want into it... no matter what the circumstances are. I still have not been to the gym since I got really sick, and I probably won't get there until Friday.

    1/1: 217.4 (-0.8)/18.2 (-0.1).

    1/2: 216.6 (-0.8)/18.1 (-0.1). For those of you who don't know, I'm a psychologist, which doesn't make me any better at any of this than any of you! One thing that's important for me, especially when it comes to health/weight loss, is the idea of "setting my intention(s)." It's a bit like doing the whole New Year's resolution thing, but I like to try to carefully think through the things I need to do in order to reach my goal(s). This includes thinking about what's worked for me in the past (like coming to MFP and JGMTD), but it also includes really thinking about the different things that can potentially derail me. I'm not going to bore you with details, but I know that I have a tendency to relax a bit too much when I start to feel successful here; the minute I talk about how well things are going or how "easy" this is, chances are high that I'm going to slip up a bit. I try to remember to temper the extreme feelings I have (good and bad) because that works for me, and it can be a disaster when I don't do it. I'm going to recommit to the gym 3x/wk (starting tomorrow), knowing that it may take some time to get back where I was a month ago. I'm also going to work on communicating more effectively with my wife; I love her very much, but sometimes that message seems to get lost when we have discussions/arguments. Sorry for being a bit "all over the place." Happy New Year to you all!

    1/3: 218.0 (+1.4)/18.3 (+0.2). Totally binged last night after dinner. I'm actually almost fasting today, just because I know how much I over-ate. The funny thing is that, as much as I know I binged, I also know that I ate WAY less in total (dinner plus the binge) than I would have 95% of the time before I was here. It turns out I'll be going to the gym tomorrow morning instead of tonight. I can't wait to get back to the gym!

    1/4: 217.6 (-0.4)/18.2 (-0.1).

    1/5: 217.0 (-0.6)/18.2 (0.0). I totally had a splurge for dinner, but I controlled myself portion-wise. I'm finally headed to the gym this morning. I still have a bit of a cough/PND, but I'm feeling much better. I'll let you know how it goes.

    1/6: 219.4 (+2.4)/18.4 (+0.2).

    1/7: 219.4 (0.0)/18.4 (0.0. Went out for dinner and drinks with my brother-in-law the night before last for his birthday. I'm definitely going to pay for this one.

    R100 EW/EBF%: 219.4 (+2.6)/18.4 (+0.3), AW/ABF%: 218.0 (-0.9)/18.27 (-0.08)
  • _JeffreyD_
    _JeffreyD_ Posts: 1,234 Member
    Male: 62
    OSW: 237.8 (Nov. 2016)
    OGW: 199

    Historical Averages:
    R 94: 210.7
    R 95: 210.3
    R 96: 210.5
    R 97: 211.3
    R 98: 212.7
    R 99: 212.5* (some ghost entries)

    Round 100
    Day: Weight / Comment

    12/29: DNW
    12/30: 214
    12/31: DNW
    01/01: DNW
    01/02: 215
    01/03: DNW
    01/04: DNW
    01/05: DNW
    01/06: 215
    01/07: DNW

    Due to lack of access to my regular scale, my entries will be somewhat of a guess for this round. I will be weighing later in the day and wearing different clothes. I will miss some days too I suppose. It will mess with my averages, but it is what it is. I will just put an asterisk next to the number. Once back in the routine there will be a big correction in 2020. And, I will hit 199 sometime in 2020!

    Getting close to the end of my break with reality.
  • carol7878
    carol7878 Posts: 302 Member
    Female 66 5’7” started this Journey 5/22/2017 at 235 lb what a roller coaster it has been. On 9/17/2019 I started over at 190. I was headed back to what I was before.

    1/01 1day: goal to lose 3 lb in 10 days, walk 10,000 steps. Eat low carb.
    182 lb. 7,064 steps. Under 1200 calories and under 20 net carbs.
    1/02 2nd day: 182 lb. 5,577 steps. 856 calories and 17 Net Carbs.

    1/03 Doing Keto Diet but I’m not in Ketosis. Hope to get there soon.

    182 lb. 5588 steps. 942 calories and 14 Carbs.

    1/04 182 lb ate 824 calories 14 Carbs and walked 3286 steps. Still not in Ketosis but my cravings are low so I know that part of Keto is working. Hopefully tomorrow I will start loosing some weight. 

    1/05. 178lb. Ate 783 calories 15 Carbs. 2768 steps Need to walk more. Must have lost a lot of water weight. Still not in Ketosis but I know I’m on the right track. I’m measuring and weighing all my food to make sure I’m using the correct counts. I’m not eating much cheese I think that slows my progress down 🤔

    1/06. 179.2 lb 1125 Calories 17 Carbs and 6,358 steps. On track for the week. Hope to walk more but my knee just won’t let me.

    1/07. 179lb 1072 calories 13 carbs and 10,312 steps. Not sure I can walk this much everyday but I’m determined to lose weight! 

    1/08. 178.4 lb 1,105 calories 13 Carbs and 3,456 steps. Slow day worked on end of year book work.

  • deepwoodslady
    deepwoodslady Posts: 5,551 Member
    @carol7878 This thread has ended. Round 101 of this challenge started on January 8th. Please join us on the following thread!

  • carol7878
    carol7878 Posts: 302 Member
    @carol7878 Are you testing your blood for Ketones or using pee sticks. How long have you been doing keto?

    Using pee sticks. I started Keto May 2018 for a year. Last summer I stopped and the wait slowing started coming back. So for 10 days starting over. Tested positive today.
  • LisaW57
    LisaW57 Posts: 339 Member
    Back for Round 100
    Female / Age 62 / 5'2"
    OW: 158.5 (12/30/18)
    UG: 135.0 (for now, healthy weight for me)

    Thanks @GrandmaJackie for getting us started! I've been mia, but have been tracking and I'm jumping back in! I've been following along and keeping up with everyone, but not posting myself. Big congrats to everyone making it through the last few rounds. Whether you gained, stayed stable, or managed to move forward with a loss - that's a big accomplishment! This is an easy time of year to just throw your arms up in defeat - and you stayed the course!

    A big welcome to all the newbies jumping in with your goals for the New Year! The first step is the hardest. Just remember, one baby step at a time - and don't tie your success (and self-worth) to a number. Small changes add up, and you've stumbled into an amazing group :smiley:

    Let me introduce myself. I struggled with my weight as a teen, topping out at nearly 200. I dropped it after high school and got to a healthy weight. Every major life changed has brought weight back on - having kids, pre-menopause, menopause, family tragedy, post menopause. I've knocked it back down each time, and have been surprised that each time required a different strategy, and resulted in a different type of lifestyle change to maintain. Each time as been much harder and slower. At this point, it's moving off at a snail's pace.

    Motivation. I have a hyatial hernia. It does not bother me as long as I keep the weight at 150 or below. Every female on my mother's side has had arthritic knees, and I'm starting to feel twinges. They have also sustained falls and broken bones. My husband had a major health scare a coupe of years ago. The idea of being put out of commission by a preventable injury or illness scares the bejimminies out of me.

    Goals. The goals at this stage are to drop weight to a healthy range, realign my eating style to a lifestyle that will keep me healthy into my golden years, and strengthen the muscles that support my knees, ankles, and shoulders, along with my core, to prevent injury.

    Dropping weight post menopausal has been so difficult, I need this to be the last time. 10-15 pounds used to be easy to drop, so that was always my warning bell to focus. Not so much now. Looks like a 3-5 pound fluctuation will be it.

    A healthy weight for me is 135-140. I've always looked anorexic at 120. We'll see how things are at 135, and go from there.

    Round Stats
    R95: SW 146.3 GW 146.0 EW 145.3 Results -1.0 loss
    R96: SW 145.3 GW 144.0 EW 145.0 Results - 0.3 loss
    R97: SW 145.0 GW 144.0 EW 143.8 Results - 1.2 loss
    R98: SW 143.8 GW 142.8 EW 145.3 Results - 1.5 gain
    R99: SW 145.3 GW 144.3 EW 144.6 Results - 0.7 loss

    Strategy: Up the hydrating foods. Fruit with breakfast. Salad/veggies as bulk of lunch. Healthy dinner. Limit/eliminate processed carbs and sugars. Zero calorie intake after 8pm. Strength exercises 3 days on/1 day rest. Regular movement through day to compensate for desk job.

    R99 Challenges: My challenges this round will be finding and getting back to a routine. Life has been quite unfair as we moved into the holidays. My son lost his mother in-law in childbirth on Christmas Eve. She was just 48, and left behind three granddaughters who are devastated and the baby was transferred to NICU 3 hours away. My daughter in-law has been with the baby (who is stable now), and we have been trying to help my son with the girls. Then my mother in-law was admitted on Thursday with complications from pneumonia and passed away on Sunday. That things have been stressful and chaotic, is an understatement.

    I am proud of myself for being mindful of my emotional and physical self. It will take a concerted effort to stay the course as our family navigates the changes. I spent some quiet time this morning doing my meal planning. I've also looked at my Round Stats, and see that I stayed stable over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays - that's huge!

    R100 SW: 144.6
    R100 GW: 143.6

    12/29 (S) 145.3 (Trend Weight 144.6)

    12/30 (M) 145.5 (Trend Weight 144.7) This is my one year mark for refocusing on my health, and how my eating and exercise plays into that! I am 13 pounds down and 10 pounds away from my UGW. Who'd have ever thought it would be this long and hard?! I am hoping that this is a sign that the loss is not only sustainable, but that the hard fought changes in my habits are becoming ingrained.

    12/31 (T) 144.8 (Trend Weight 144.7) Not much to say here that I haven't already said. I am being mindful of my eating, but I need to refocus on fluid intake and exercise. Actually considering investing in a treadmill - this is the first time I have ever felt that I am disciplined enough to use it. I'm watching sales, and sneaking some time in to clear a space for it.

    01/01 (W) 144.6 (Trend Weight 144.7) Fixed a Tex-Mex Chicken Soup in the crockpot. Healthy and easy, and should get a couple of days out of it. Son dropped the grandkids off so he could go pick his wife up. Will be a bit of schedule. Again. I have had some water already, though! I need coffee. Not going to be enough coffee in the world today. Lol

    01/02 (T) 144.6 (Trend Weight 144.7) Steady. Better than a gain. Grandkids went home last night. We're still off schedule, and I'm still off routine but staying mindful of what I'm eating. I imagine this is going to be the norm until after the funerals. Mother in-law's is Monday. They haven't scheduled the one for my daughter in-law's mother yet (still waiting for autopsy). I've started cleaning and getting ready for influx of family. I have until midnight to decide whether to invest in treadmill (then the coupon expires).

    01/03 (F) 144.6 (Trend Weight 144.7) lol 3 days of holding steady. I'll take it. I'm actually surprised I didn't bump up a little. First day in several without the grandkids. I feel asleep early and missed dinner then woke up hungry, so dinner was around 10pm. Late night eating generally reeks havoc with the scale. This was a nice surprise.

    01/04 (S) 146.2 (Trend Weight 144.9) Yikes. That's partially the bump I expected yesterday from Thursday's late dinner, and part a comfort food binge yesterday. Need to get back on my plan. A couple of you mentioned Adrienne's 30 day yoga challenge. Sounds like a good way to ease back into exercise. Signed up this morning and watched her intro video and Day 0. Plan to do the Day 1 video this afternoon.

    01/05 (S) 144.5 (Trend Weight 144.8) I think I need that bump yesterday to snap me to reality. A little surprised that it bounced back down so quickly. I'll take it and be cautiously optimistic that I can hold it. I was back on plan yesterday - ate at deficit, got the Day 1 yoga in, and hit my hydration goal. Onward

    01/06 (M) 146.0 (Trend Weight 144.9) Almost have to laugh. Weigh-in is after coffee and earlier than normal. I seem to be having some trouble with my hip and yesterday was over on sodium. This bump is likely a combination of that, so not too worried. Got Day 2 in of yoga challenge yesterday. Not a huge calorie burn, but the stretches actually make my hip feel better. Today is mother in-law's funeral. Expect routine will be off.

    01/07 (T) 144.5 (Trend Weight 144.9) I've been logging but not posting. Bouncing a bit. Being mindful of eating but slacking on real focus and it shows. Pretty level round

    R100 End Results ~ 0.1 loss