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    Kelly- teepee an adult version so you could fit in JRs lol.5ft tall by 4 1/2ft wide in all directions star shaped. He has a little kids one they threw in free 5ft tall but only 21/2 ft wide he knocks in down if he moves so the bedroom one more for reading in than moving in.

    M Oz- Dads in his late 60’s got injured in his late 40’s . Does make a difference. My fear is as his dementia worsens he’ll loose his progress the areas he gained could be lost. Dad gets disability he can never follow directions at work again. He can better his home life only tho.

    Today soup y left over Mac y cheese. After this think I deserve something different getting exhausted of macaroni fast lol.

    Amber Tx

    Closet organizing going slow not sure if shirts that fit but too short will fit if I loose the last 20lbs. Will see I put it on Daughter bed if I loose still too short it’s hers. She is shorter than me.
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    Houses - I believe my home is where my family is and that is 1600 miles away. I have never felt any sort of attachment to my houses since (maybe because I don't have children), including the one I am in now. It's a nice house, but it's just a place to store me and my stuff. My retirement dream is to not have a permanent structure and just live 6 months in this country, 6 months in that one, 4 months here, 5 months there....and make my way around the world. I read an article many years ago about a couple doing that and have held onto that idea since.

    Weight is staying stable by not eating after 6pm most nights and fasting after 3pm one day a week. That's good. Another positive of not eating so much is that my grocery bill has dropped drastically!

    We are going into escrow on our investment property today. I really hope it goes through. That property causes me a lot of stress.

    Hugs to all who are going through tough times. Make it a great week and weekend!

    Tina in CA
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    Rita RV - Cousin I’m dieting with same issue stomach flu hitting folks hard!

    Terri- MFP doesn’t like to let me in here to post a lot or read an article that catches my eye when I hop on. So not sure why. Still a better site than most.

    Amber Tx

    Had fries in airfryer y a cheese sandwich also air fryer. Wryler’s 5-10calories lemonade.
    Not sure for dinner. Snack protein powder again looking forward to it going to use my tea strainer spoon so no clumps 90cal total after added to unsweetened almond milk . Maybe some unsweetened Apple pie filling 30cal. Dinner thinking soup not sure yet. Keep changing my mind today scatter brained day.
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    Ok I have changed my password, and I can't get into the APP side of MFP. I had to change my password because I forgot it. Then now it won't take it. Hints?
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    So while I'm without my Vivofit my husband suggested I use Map My Walk for my daily walk. Today was my first time using it. It gave me almost twice as many calories burned as my Vivofit did. I know that info can't be totally depended on but wow! What to believe?

    Shirley from Northern NY
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    Michele: Everyone is different. You seem to have excellent exercise videos that are right for you. I am grateful for my yoga classes and also for the chair yoga class that DH has found. :smiley:

    Kylia: I love your memories of your grandmother “squat walking” to pick up pecans. I’ll bet that I couldn’t do it, despite all of my yoga classes. :noway:

    Lisa: Enjoy your snow. :smiley:

    (((Heather))): Memories can be challenging. :heart:

    (((RV Rita))): Feel better soon. :flowerforyou:

    I enjoyed yoga this morning. :smiley: Now we are waiting for longtime friends to come and see us. We’re giving them a fresh sourdough starter because theirs failed several years ago. I am quite sure they failed it rather than the other way around. We have a fresh container of starter for them. It is ready to go. I hope they have a crock to put it in. The say they’re all set.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    I seem to have lost my newsfeed yet again. MFP update??? Anyone else suffering?

    Not even sure if this will post as I can’t even access my home page.


    The home page and newsfeed are separate from the message board. They're not connected. So if one is down, it doesn't mean another part of this site is down. :)

    Sometimes clearing your cookies helps.

    M in Oz
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    Machka: I regularly clean out cookies and delete history. Mind you, the situation seems to have fixed itself now.

    Not sure when I’ll get caught up. 😂
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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym, rain- 7.35min, 145mhr, 12.5amph, 1.57mi= 75c
    apple watch- 71c
    MANUAL TREADMILL, walk- 17.43min, 114ahr, 126mhr, 1mi= 120c
    apple watch- 117c
    FLOOR EXERCISES- 25.10min, 123mhr, 6 diff exercises 5sts of 10ea, w/2 10#weights, 3sets of 10ea 2 diff exercises= 46c
    apple watch- 103c
    bike ride gym 2 dome- 5.37min, 136mhr, 15.9amph, 1.48mi= 46c
    apple watch- 55c
    bike ride puy 2 sumn station- 16.37min, 146mhr, 11amph, 3.04mi= 142c
    apple watch- 119c
    walk sta 2 wrk- 9.50min, 113mhr, 3.6ap, .61mi= 20c
    apple watch- 56c
    walk wrk 2 sta, sprinkles- 8.22min, 104mhr, 3.6ap, .56mi= 23c
    apple watch- 76c
    bike ride dome 2 hm, sprinkles- 22.59min, 6.7amph, 139mhr, 2.58mi= 180c
    apple watch- 162c

    total cal 798
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    Did Jillian Michael’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Jari Love’s Get Ripped and Slim DVD.

    I just found out that it really isn’t worth it to make applesauce in the IP. A 5lb bag of apples cost upwards of $2 and 6 four ounce cups only cost $1.25

    RVRita – sending good wishes for you to get better fast

    Rebecca – awwwww…especially in the tub

    Karen in VA – that’s the government for you!! Unfortunately, being the government, I can easily believe it.

    Here's the bear Jess made for PJwb0wij36oxw3.jpg

    Originally, she wanted to make something for me. Vince kept giving me the evil eye as if to say "oh, let her make something for you" but ma being ma, would rather see things for her children. So I suggested she make this bear for PJ. Now she did have to rush some trying to get it done in one day since she had to go back to school. I know if she had more time, she would have done an even better job.

    Michele NC