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    Okie hill country- I was on the chat with Homedepot when I purchased the Kohler toilet seat he said none with metal screws for the lids that he’s seen anymore. If it breaks again guess I’ll try someone else.

    Amber Tx

    He doesn’t know his stock. Home Depot carries the bemis brand that has all metal hardware. Multiple models. A little pricey. 45-60 dollars I saw.

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    Bwcetc- Ty took a screenshot of the name brand. When I worked there it was a different era they had stuff they do y don’t carry now so hard to keep up.Guess he didn’t know either it’s online only or in the store but he doesn’t normally work for that department probably.

    Michele- Darn was getting ready to make the applesauce. Did find a few things I can make with them tho.

    Feel so full but had calories left over. Decided on a salad y egg cheese on toast for dinner with protein shake y unsweetened Apple pie filling . Yummy!

    Amber Tx
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    Heather Thinking of you as you process your diary entries. Shocking…I don't think any of my diary entries would shock my adult self. Maybe cause some eye rolling & chuckling. I am sorry you were victimized.


    Today a clerk with an attitude at the Social Security office "found" a form I sent her 6 weeks ago. I have been pulling my hair out because it needed to be taken care of by Dec 31. I had sent 2 forms without response. When she came back with the "found" form, I sat there with my mouth open, because she had just finished telling me that since I hadn't sent them the form in a timely fashion, I was going to have to live with the (costly) consequences. I started making a fuss, so she saunters over for a conversation with her supervisor, who eventually pulled my form out of one of numerous tall filing cabinets full of unprocessed mail! I asked her how this could be & she said they were "too busy taking care of customers to process the mail". To make it worse, I had mailed the form to her in a postage-paid addressed official government envelope she had given me at a previous visit, & never mentioned that it they don't actually process the mail & it would be better to come back in person. You can't make this stuff up. She was not too happy when I insisted that she give me a copy of the form with the dated stamp showing that they did get my form on time. Geez.

    Karen in Virginia

    Thanks for that heads up I need to send forms to social security and I will send it certified mail to make sure I have proof of it being sent in on time.
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    Hi Gals,

    I’m a bit behind,

    Beth – I would offer all those flours to the gluten free friend.

    Rebecca – I agree with the other ladies to consider it a challenge to make out enough to respond.

    Amber – I have noticed that there are a number of items that you eat that have the “fake sugar” sweetner, I find if I do any of the fake sugars I crave sweets more, so I have stopped having them – Do you have any problems with them?

    Heather-Machka - I did have teen diaries, and at first wrote some feelings until I discovered that my mother regularly read them, and then what I had written about would come up in discussion over dinner, in a mocking way. My Diaries quickly became lists of things to do or completed. What I do have that I have not looked at are college age journals…

    Kylia – I buy plain low fat yogurt, and sweeten it with fresh (or fresh frozen) fruit, I often heat the fruit a bit first to have it break down and mix in easier. Depending on the type of fruit I may add cinnamon. The brand I buy is Mountain High, I would love to afford a non-gmo or organic, but the budget is tight in the beginning of the year.

    Kim from N. California
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    60 minutes cycling indoors with Zwift.
    45 minutes brisk walking on the treadmill.

    We've had 26 mm of rain since about midnight last night ... it's wonderful!! :)

    Machka in Oz
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    Regarding diaries: My diaries wouldn’t shock my adult self at all. I didn’t lead a very adventurous life until DH and I found sailing after we married. I didn’t write about it as a diary. We kept ships logs, telling things like location, wind conditions, fuel, shopping stops and marinas. We have them all. We spent time plotting our course to one place one day, and another the next. I would go back to that lifestyle in a heart-beat, but DH is no longer healthy enough to do it. :heart: :broken_heart::heart:

    (((Heather))): Absorbing your diaries is likely very challenging. You are brave to open a door to the past. I hope reading them results in healing. :heart:

    Machka: Enjoy your rain. I hope it washes any & all smoke out of the air. :star:

    (((Rita))): Feel better, soon. :flowerforyou:

    Rebecca: I love the photo of Athena with her daddy. :heart:

    I went to yoga today and enjoyed the class. One of my friends that I hadn’t seen in months was there. :bigsmile: It was good to see her. I hope she comes regularly. Later in the day some very long-term friends came by. I had offered to give them sourdough starter because their own had gone bad and was thrown away. We had a lovely visit and they went home with fresh and healthy sourdough. :star:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Morning, afternoon and evening all,

    Karen in VA - Good on you for keeping your temper with your oblivious social security clerk. Those are the encounters where I end up feeling my entire body vibrating with rage, and end up walking away before I do something stupid. Not fond of officious officials.

    Up far too early, but there were nightmares anyway, formless grey things, best to stay up rather than keep waking up to that... Unusual, as my sleeping has gotten quite a bit better in recent months, which pleases me no end. About a third of the time now, I sleep at least 7 hours... and regularly more than six. These five-hour or fewer nights are averaging less than once a month now, which is the best my sleep habits have been in years.

    Had a message waiting for me this morning from my daughter, who was probably up feeding young Levi at midnight last night. When we went up to meet our newest grandson, I took my daughter three cooking spoons I still have of my mother's. I've hauled those things thousands of miles with me, quite literally, but seldom use them. They are midcentury, Norwegian, with stainless steel bowls and tangs, and wooden handles. Little intrinsic worth, but lots of emotional connection for me.

    My daughter collects older kitchen utensils (like 1920s-30s era), and usually has a display of them up, but hasn't gotten it up on the wall yet (they only moved to Kansas a few months ago) so I knew she would like them, but they're not really in her favorite era. She plans to put the three I brought her in a shadow box with my mother's pic. She never got a chance to meet my mother, who died 20 years ago now, and of course, I've only been married to Kelsey's dad for 10. Love that girl, and was lucky to get her and her brother along with her dad.

    The spring grant cycle is in full swing - more than a dozen to write between now and the end of February, and a few mid-cycle reports for the July grant set. There are many applications that are repeats of last year, with just numbers updated, not nearly as hard as it sounds. A few more rejections have come in, which is never fun, but is part of the game. Off to the races, kids.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR

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    edited January 2020
    Stayed home today to write a paper ... it's coming along, I think. I'm feeling pretty good about the first section. I haven't said exactly what I want to say in the second section yet, but maybe in the next couple hours. I've got to write an abstract. All the years of writing papers and this will be my first abstract. And I'm battling word limits. But it's only 9:30 pm and the night is young.

    Update: Abstract done. :) In the computer coding world, there is no sense recreating the wheel. Therefore code is frequently and abundantly copied and modified. So I decided to adopt the same approach with the abstract. I found one I liked, copied it, and changed the words to fit my paper. :) Not plagiarism because I changed the words ... I just kept the format. :)

    Machka in Oz
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    Good Thursday,

    Dream homes- Growing up I always liked the black/white more contemporary style. I am really not sure anymore. I love my current home. It is a ranch decorated comfortably. I guess it is eclectic. Very woody. My sister says it is welcoming. My daughter's mil, who was here for bridal shower 15 years ago, says there are too many dead animals for her comfort. (Have added to those too) We live on small acreage with beautiful views. Unlike my MIL, I don't know if I would stay if something happened to my husband. Her house is larger than ours (same property). It just seems like a lot of space and cleaning! Hopefully I won't have to make that decision for many years. In the meantime, I make small changes every year to try to freshen. Flooring is the next purchase. (After Sara passes) The country blue carpet is from the late 80's and needs replaced.

    Thank you for yogurt ideas. I am on my second 10 days of nystatin. Still watching what I eat. May see about allergy testing.

    I bought 2 new cookbooks. Really?!? One is Instant pot. One is the yeast connection. They both have lots of information. I need to get excited about good food and need quick, easy, and nutritious. We tend to eat breakfast for dinner at least 3 nights a week. It is fast and easy.

    Fake sweeteners- I know lots of people use it, but my body doesn't like it. That and peanut m&m drop my blood sugar so fast that my loving husband says he thinks my head spins. I get angry, shaky, and starving. It took me a few times to figure that out. I love local honey. Really sweet with lots of healing factors.

    I have class again today. Ugh! Only two more after this. Will have to watch lunch choices and keep drinking water.

    Have a great day!
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