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  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,789 Member Member Posts: 11,789 Member
    JanetO: So sorry that you are having a rough time. You will find many sympathetic souls here.

    Rebecca: WOW! those light switch covers? Absolutely beautiful.
    Terri Playreadind sounds like a blast!

    It really is. We ham it up something shocking. 😂

    I would want to be lemon meringue pie! 😂

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  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,275 Member Member Posts: 2,275 Member
    Sad part is grocery stores now to food manufacturers almost all foods now have unnatural ingredients. Crayola company makes food dyes...yes it’s the same thing that’s in their markets,wax crayons 🖍,y your favorite foods even meats sometimes. Some places inject dyes to make meat look a better color. That bag of yellowing white chicken you said gross too at the market IS the natural color of chicken.What your buying next to it that you think looks freasher because the color has the right tint is probably injected with Crayola company dyes to pretty it up for you. Some grocery store Deli’s add it too at the grocery store. Your cereal 🥣 has unnatural ingredients to your breads anymore. Reading the labels before buying your cheese even you can cut down or all the artificial ingredients out. Can you fully have a Natural diet? Yes but that means you have a garden y farm so your creating your own everything then don’t add anything at all but what you grew,no pesticides,be careful what feed you buy almost all has hormones y stuff added now,y watch what shots you give to medicines to a sick animal or plant. The best rule of thumb is Dont stop eating y everything in moderation. Being prediabetic I got to watch sugars use alternatives more often . To even it out I make sure to try not to grab lab grown veggies in the produce section (yes their in there) ,cheeses that show natural ingredients as possible,y meats to eggs saying free range to organic.Trying to even out the can corn to box of cereal ingredients. I have a bag of sugar,box of sweetnlow,artificial sweetener products,y real sugar products... everything in moderation because all sugars can be bad even natural ones to artificial. Ask your Doctors will all get a different answer lol it’s based on their personal beliefs not facts usually. One study shows eggs bad for you another says good...jury out on all hypothesis based studies which is 100% of them. Reminds me of the saying the only fresh air any more is in a area far away where man has never touched only. Figure same goes for our foods too lol.

    Amber Tx

    Stevia- I’m allergic to alcohol y wines that’s a sugar alcohol because they use a sugar alcohol additives with it commonly plus is still considered bad for you compared to nothing at all of course. Ask one Doctor they’ll praise it another will not. Yes it has shown to effect makes reproductive areas in lab rats. Of course real sugar leads to diabetes in lab rats 🐀 so can’t win it all. I hear stevia easier on the stomach tho so those with stomach conditions but not alcohol allergies it’s a good one to try.
  • GodMomKimGodMomKim Member Posts: 2,584 Member Member Posts: 2,584 Member
  • exermomexermom Member Posts: 5,165 Member Member Posts: 5,165 Member
    Rebecca – that switch art is gorgeous. I never thought of something like that!

    Yvonnie – A RAT SNAKE!!!! Glad I wasn’t there….lol

    Margaret – I never cared for the taste of stevia, either. I thought it tasted on the bitter side. That might have been because the only type I ever tried were the drops. Ahhh well…

    Worked on that Christmas tree skirt some more. Going to give it a rest and watch some TV.

    Michele NC
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,275 Member Member Posts: 2,275 Member
    Margaret be careful with fresh corn in a store even almost all stores carry the lab made ones. Genetically modified corn 🌽. The corn we all used to eat is rarely found anymore here in the USA heirloom seeds to foods are not readily available in many towns! I wanted some heirloom plants even for my yard they only had seasonal at a few places that do not produce seeds of the ones I wanted! Others still are heirloom plants but their getting harder to get.

    11 GM foods carried in almost every store now

    A lot of soy products to zucchini are GMO now too. Can’t stop eating tho.
    I figure the future will be worse for further generations so just like our parents foods was healthier than ours will be considered a more healthy food era than the ones to come.
    Amber Tx
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Member Posts: 2,275 Member Member Posts: 2,275 Member

    More good reads. Here’s how to find out how your store measures up on trying to not have GMO products.Of course they may still unknowingly have some from cornbread to cereals even Pet Foods!

    Amber Tx
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,789 Member Member Posts: 11,789 Member
    I use Stevia based sweetener. I haven’t noticed an aftertaste.

    ☘️ Terri
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  • Poerava14Poerava14 Member Posts: 889 Member Member Posts: 889 Member
    I'm a banana cream pie on a graham cracker crust. 🥧

    My sweetener of choice is monk fruit, which grows on trees. I buy the purest, powder form which comes with a teeny, tiny spoon equal to one serving. I add it to my first cup of coffee, smoothies and iced tea. There is a monk fruit product made for baking, but I find that it only works well when combined with real sugar.

    Barbara: I loved the video by your instructor. I am going to add some of those exercises to my routine.

    Katla: Vintage sourdough starter is a very special gift in my book. Glad you had a good visit.

    Janetr: Giant hugs. I keep your DD in my prayers.

    Amber: I second Margaret's recommendation of the book "Eating on the Wild Side". It made a profound impression on me. I try to buy organic and seasonal produce as much as I can. I installed an under counter water purifier on my kitchen sink so I can wash everything well before we eat it. Thanks for that website with the different non-GMO grocers. But, you are right...we have to eat, and almost everything we find in neighborhood grocery stores has been 'manufactured'. The book "Salt, Sugar, Fat" chronicles this very clearly.

    Heather: I did my poo test today, too. I had a colonoscopy less than 3 years ago, but changed medical systems, so they wanted me to do this test as part of my full physical upcoming next week. I'm in awe of how you kept your diaries all these years. Happy reading.

    Stay well, friends. We can do this.

    living in the NOW
    Colorado Foothills
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,244 Member Member Posts: 12,244 Member
    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym, windy- 9.19min, 133mhr, 10.2amph, 1.57mi= 59c
    apple watch- 64c
    Treadmill walk/incline, very slow jog every other sone, like about 16.40min mi- 30min, 3.4-3.7sp, 127mhr, 3-4incl, 2.02mi= 175c
    apple watch- 256c
    bike ride gym 2 dome, windy- 5.34min, 135mhr, 16amph, 1.48mi= 43c
    apple watch- 52c
    bike ride puy 2 sumn station- 16.46min, 144mhr, 10.9amph, 3.03mi= 143c
    apple watch- 112c
    walk sta 2 wrk- 9.15min, 124mhr, 3.8ap, .58mi= 44c
    apple watch- 57c
    walk wrk 2 sta, sprinkles, VERY slow jog- 6.12min, 12.20min mi, 142mhr, .50mi= 63c
    apple watch- 69c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 22min, 7amph, 145mhr, 2.56mi= 188c
    apple watch- 148c

    total cal 715
  • grandmalliegrandmallie Member Posts: 6,740 Member Member Posts: 6,740 Member
    Back from a fun evening.. cost me 216.00 for a battery but the guy put it in,so now I dont have to worry about that...
    We went to Mohegan Sun 1 of the casinos here in Ct. Trudy got free tickets for Brian Wilson.. now if you ladies remember he formed the beach boys....
    Wow so he is 77 and the brought him out on stage with a Walker and plopped him in front of a piano.. Al Jardine is still with him and can play and sing and they have another 8 musicians with them to make up the music..
    I swear Brian must have had a stroke as he could only sing a few words and the rest of the group sang ..even with the camera on him he waant singing nor playing the piano..
    Sorta sad to see..
    I spent 10 bucks on the slots and won it back and cashed out..home and in bed and will be working an 8 hr day tomorrow
  • exermomexermom Member Posts: 5,165 Member Member Posts: 5,165 Member
    Terri – the aftertaste I experienced with stevia was probably because I was using the liquid drops which are concentrated. Oh well….. I like honey. This guy down the street from me has hives in his backyard. Can’t get much more local than that!

    Allie - it's so sad to see some of our rock musicians failing (or even dead). Glad you had a good time

    Michele NC
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