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    Good Friday!

    My NSV for January:

    I logged every day/every bite. I have been more aware of my choices.

    I have managed to put $ into savings each payday even though not as much as I would like. Will up the amount soon. But proud so far.

    I figured out how to make church donation automatic.

    I made the observation that in spite of only one day of sunshine, illness, and SLOW at work, I have been in a good mood most of the month. Tired, but still a good mood. I believe that is from better food choices and staying up with all of you!

    Rori- ((hugs)) you are in a tough position. You are handling it great! Everyone has days of frustration and irritability. You too are allowed. I hope today is better.

    Amber- I think your decision is a good one. You have to do what is best for you and your family. Mental health is priority. High five to you!

    Barbara- I love my Shark IQ for that reason! I loathe vacuuming. I have clean floors when I get home every day. Okay, almost every day when Sharkie doesn't get stuck somewhere. ;) I still vacuum but only every two weeks.

    Better get ready for work. I plan on getting something accomplished today!

    Kylia in Ohio where I have to make my own sunshine 😎😁
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    Happy Friday, ladies! End of the month!

    Rori – have been thinking about you a lot. Hope you can check out the adult daycare for your DH soon and it works for him, and you. <3

    Regarding longing for something…Like Heather, Barbie and many others of you in this group, I try to stay in the moment. I have everything I need to be happy, and none of it lives in the past or the future. Helps to buffer the effects of being around others who are having a bad day. ;)

    I've been busy the past couple days finishing taxes and reviewing our insurance. Over the years we've accumulated lots of small policies - accidental death and dismemberment, and the like. At the time we signed up, we felt they were necessary because of our lifestyle and financial situation. But now...no.

    Not a lot of $$ for the premiums but they do add up. Kicker is, if either DH or I were accidentally killed or dismembered, would we go thru the rigamarole of filing a claim for a few thousand bucks? Moreover, remember to cancel the monthly premium payments coming out of our bank account? I know he wouldn't. So, cancel. Got some push back from one agent - Him: are you sure you really want to do this? Me: yep. Him: well I also represent life insurance and long term care. Me: OK. Bye.

    Which got me off on another tangent.... how much in my life do I do that is fear-based? A lot. A cupboard full of every painkiller and antacid and vitamin and muscle rub known to man, is only one example. :D Some things are worthy of fear but many are just old habits. This is rhetorical and something I'll keep pondering. Kind of ties in with minimalism and de-cluttering, doesn't it?

    OK ladies, will be back later for a review of my "simple and sustainable" month.

    Make it a marvelous Friday! <3

    SW WA State where is gonna be windy :)
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    Kelly Are you familar with Jack Hartman on you-tube and there are also good yoga for kids videos on you-tube too.

    I like Jack Hartman because he get students moving while teaching them. Many of his moves gets students to cross the mid line in their bodies too. Great for brain development.

    You also might be able to sign up for go noodle. You might have to sign up using your local school. It has been a while since I established my account. The have many videos to get student moving. Some have an educational bent too.

    So if you need a video break for your kids. These are good ones you could show on your computer or TV if you have your TV hooked up to a computer.

    The school district I sub in use what are called Smart Boards. What is on the computer is projected onto a screen. I have used many of these programs.

    There are also many children books on you-tube where someone reads the book and there are also the Reading rainbow library (you do have to put up with ads if you show the Reading Rainbow series) Just did ZIN ZIN a Violin read by Georgory Hines in a music class. Excellent
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    Today's temperature reached 40C (104F) and I went for a 3.8 km walk to celebrate the beautiful summer weather ...

    More here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/machka-bb/

    Sadly the gorgeous weather is not supposed to stay. It's raining now, which is OK, but it is supposed to keep cooling down with the possibility of snow flurries on Monday. :( We just don't get consistently decent weather here.

    Anyway ... I did enjoy today. :)

    Machka in Oz
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    Well just running out of time it's a nice day and i'm going to go for a walk tot he neighbours for coffee. Be back in a bit. Took some notes but two more pages to catch up on.
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    Heather - they're doing that here, too. California in particular is changing laws to make hiring a contractor very near impossible. Companies are squawking--and some of the largest tech companies are based there, who hire thousands of contractors for long- and short-term contracts. If I say much else, it will fold over into the political, but suffice to say it's hurting the market and the people who depended on it. While the end result may be good, the "now" is painful.

    Everyone in our organization that was under a certain amount of pay annually had to move onto an hourly basis last week, with a mandate of zero overtime available. Caused a lot of heartache. I didn't hear about it until I went into the office Wednesday, as I'm just over the line, thank goodness. An hourly time sheet for me would freak them out.

    It's all of a piece with the contractor laws, in that the states and federal government are trying to prevent companies from taking advantage of workers, both contract and employee. There's some interesting thought out there about whether corporations, with their legal fiction of personhood, would be diagnosed as psychopaths. Well, I think it's interesting.

    Rori - Many cyber-hugs surrounding you too, my dear, and you know I hate hugging people. I think of you daily, and cast all the good thoughts out into the universe that I have at my disposal for you and for your husband.

    Debbie - My word for the year is kintsugi, and I've added the actual definition below. For me it means that my damages are the places where I'm now strongest. And now they shine. You do too, my dear. Damaged doesn't mean "over," it just means that beauty lies in the ability to continue, with all the strength of surviving the worst. In my opinion, anyway.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR

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    :) Yesterday morning, my walking friend and I talked about the question of longing for something and I told her about my being careful of what I wished for. She told me that she had always wished for clean sheets every day and then when she cared for her husband with Alzheimer's he had many "accidents" in bed at night and she ended up having to put clean sheets on the bed almost every day. That reminded me of hospitals where you get clean sheets every day, also after my surgery, I had to have sheets and towels changed every day.

    :) One of the great joys of my life has been that the more I stay in the moment, the more I am aware that the highs aren't so high and the lows aren't so low.

    :) Yesterday my friend who moved here from Texas told me that she is finding all this northern winter darkness oppressive and has planned a trip to Hawaii. My walking friend and I have been thinking how great it is at the end of January to see so much more daylight. It's all how you look at it.

    <3 Barbie in drizzly NW WA
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    Update inside Wuhan China 🇨🇳

    Thanks guys for the support. Yeah Hubby was relieved I’m not going. Daughter proud. I feel relaxed. They had over 50+ friends invited plus tons of family so over 100+ people are going.I won’t be missed obviously 🙄 . Plan is staying home 🏠 With my loved ones.

    Amber Tx

    Who thinks wearing a face mask out is a good idea 💡? Who thinks wait see first for awhile longer? Noticing in USA Texas no one wearing them yet.
    Coronovirus their still recommendations are face mask full cover if can or goggles with face mask,full clothing to cover skin,gloves, not touching animals keeping your animals from others, cooking meat 🥩 no raw or rare , avoid contact with others keep distance between who your talking to, find ways to avoid contact such as electronic homework instead of papers for schools (Machka) , avoid sick people, don’t travel except for work, wash work clothes when you come home or from heavily populated areas.
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    LisainAr-that is beautiful
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    My NSV for the month of January:
    Redirecting myself when I start circling around negative thougths
    Recognizing tenderness and kindness my husband shows me (trust me, I search for it!)
    Stopping to listen to others when they are speaking.

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    Machka: Congrats on your NSVs! They’re significant. Thank you for the glimpse of summer. I look forward to it. :star:

    Heather: Your no comment on leaving EU makes me curious. I wonder what changes will affect everyday British people from leaving the EU. Will it make travel more difficult? Or keeping terrorists out of GB easier? :flowerforyou:

    Lanette: Simple and sustainable are powerful strategies. I expect they take self-discipline, thought and effort. WTG!!! :smiley:

    Lisa in AR: Congratulations on being happy with your home and your life. Those are HUGE blessings. Corporations look at the profit margin and paid permanent employees impact that margin. Every dollar in benefits they take away is seen as an improvement in potential profit. :ohwell:

    January 2020 Resolutions

    1. Log every bite and swallow. done
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on strength and stamina. done
    3. Have fun every day. Most days
    4. Drink at least 3 glasses of water a day. Oops. Not so good.
    5. Monitor sleep. Average 7 or more hours nightly. Done
    6. Abstain from alcohol. Done and feeling better because of ot.

    February resolutions will look familiar.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    (((Karen VA & Debby & Rori)))
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    Kate UK <3
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    HI Everyone, I'm looking for new friends, anyone want support and encouragement. I'm 60 years of age and wanting to lose 14 pounds for February. Please add me as a friend if you want a buddy.