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    :) It's almost bedtime for me, so I've posted the new thread for February

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    This is my last post for today. Geez.

    Lanette, if I'm perfectly honest, I am still mad at Connie.
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    Happy Birthday, Sue! Hope this is a great year filled with good health and good times.

    Betsy in NW WA .... where it is very wet. :-)
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    This is my last post for today. Geez.

    Lanette, if I'm perfectly honest, I am still mad at Connie.

    Me too! <3

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    Karen VA – I would definitely talk to Jeannette as Lisa suggested. It really sounds like there’s more to the “have a good life” than you know. You are an amazing friend to everyone and you deserve to know what’s going on in Jeannette’s mind

    Sue WA – happy birthday!

    Michele NC
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    Karen VA ... this is going to seem way out there but it kept running through my head ..
    Is it possible that Jeanette was abrupt in her response because she was forced to examine who she was? Did your new relationship challenge her ideas/beliefs about herself and her own sexuality and her relationship with you? I understand all about best friends and loving friendships ... but the thing about best friends is that they deal with everything. Jeanette wasn't able to deal with something of great importance about you. And I have to wonder why. Is she aggressively homophobic? Was she afraid she would be labeled because she had been your best friend? If she was secure in who she was and her feelings about you, your sexuality shouldn't have mattered. Or does she feel displaced? You love someone else ...was she (maybe unbeknownst to even herself up until then) in love you? A face-to-face ... not a phone call or a letter ...would be the only way to get to the truth of the matter ... and that would take a great deal of courage on her part I suspect. I'm with Lanette ... not so certain about Connie's motives either.

    Hello Ladies! ... I've been reading but have been so far behind that I haven't felt like my comments are relevant by the time I get to respond. Will try to keep up better in the new month.

    What do I long for? ... the return of my hearing. I have had the hearing aides now for 6 months and it's not going well. Cochlear implants would be next, but I'm so distracted and disappointed in the hearing aides that I'm having a hard time conceiving of anything positive with the implants. I was able to read lips and discern dialog/speech before the aides to a degree that surprised most medical practitioners. Now the aides have caused my brain to become so confused that all I hear are sounds/noises and dialog is garbled ... I am more deaf than ever.

    What makes me giddy/makes my heart sing? ... sunlight glistening like diamonds on ice-covered branches after an ice storm ... rainbows and the surreal colors on the grass and trees when they are present ... seeing my husbands truck parked in the driveway or turning into the driveway if I am home (and this always surprises me) ...

    Assisted suicide ... I would not choose it. One of my biggest concerns is the abuse of it, especially among the elderly and those who are no longer able to speak for themselves.

    Barbara ... I am wondering how you know that cilantro tastes like Irish Spring and beets taste like dirt... :*

    There was so much I was going to say ... be thankful I forgot! :D

    Beth near Buffalo

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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym rain- 7.20min, 12.9amph, 146mhr, 1.57mi= 77c
    apple watch- 69c
    Manual treadmill- 19.39min, 110mhr, 1mi= 94c
    apple watch- 119c
    floor exercise- 18min, 7diff ever, 5sets of 10ea, 112mhr, 39c
    apple watch- 99c1c
    bike ride gym 2 dome, rain- 520min, 136mhr, 16.7amph, 1.48mi= 49c
    apple watch- 50c
    bike ride puy 2 sumn station, rain- 16.43min, 143mhr, 10.9amph, 3.04mi= 143c
    apple watch- 109c
    jog sta 2 wrk, rain- 6.01min, 10.40min mi, 145mhr, .56mi= 144c
    apple watch- 67c
    jog wrk 2 sta, misty - 4.30min, 9.59min mi, 152mhr, .45mi= 64c
    apple watch- 67c
    bike ride dome 2 hm, rain and windy- 23.59min, 6.5amph, 150mhr, 2.59mi= 212c
    apple watch- 152c

    total cal 736
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    Beth OK one more post. Your instincts are pretty good.
    Jeanette is homophobic but she is definitely heterosexual. My counselor friend Shona says she warned Jeanette about rewriting history but Jeanette wasn't able to avoid doing that, apparently. So she has rewritten 35 years of history recasting me as a lesbian. The true irony is that my relationship with my partner is platonic. We are committed to each other, but it has nothing to do with sexual attraction. It has to do with love, mutual goals, mutual interests, mutual respect, and a deep connection & desire to go through life together. So if Jeanette has rewritten our history by imagining that I am sexually attracted to women & has some kind of revulsion because she imagines that I was/am attracted to her in that way, she has created a giant fiction. And I imagine that is exactly what she has done, based on Shona's rather cryptic comments. Shona won't elaborate, but has implied that Jeanette now sees our 35 year friendship through a distorted retrospectoscope. Truth be known, I have been attracted to & in intimate relationships with some very fine men. I love my partner but our intimacy does not include a sexual relationship. The thing is, I know Jeanette so well. Her feelings about me have permanently changed. The music has stopped. She has moved on. I think she made a giant mistake.
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    Karen- I say good ridden to her if that’s how she feels! If she can’t tell damn difference between platonic friendship y her made up fairytale cause she thinks she so hot it can’t be anything else I say good riddens! You deserve a friend who’s not a nut job!
    Sounds like she needs to take her rewritten history to her friendless Rock she crawled out of!
    Your relationship with your Partner works it isn’t hers to rewrite! Ignore her she needs to be off by her lonesome it sounds like instead of creating her fictional nonsense. If her feelings have changed that’s Jeanette problem. I’ve had to cut friends too over the years for multiple reasons (can always make new ones or hang with our partners/spouse or kids or just do stuff alone ). Don’t need negativity life’s hard enough as it is without a Judgy person tagging along being a fake friend .
    Never understood people who thought someone’s sexuality to marriage is their Buisness to judge or or even label 🏷!

    Your sexuality label is your choice not Jeanette! Ignore that Woman if she comes back apologizing I’d tell her No way!
    I went decades where folks labeled my Daughter as a Lesbian only because her biological dad is homosexual y she doesn’t date y doesn’t carry a purse 👛. Started when she was 5yrs old that nonsense! Daughter proud to be heterosexual but a power house of a Woman who puts career y school before settling down. She doesn’t see herself as reproductive tool! Adoption or nothing’s her motto.
    It’s as if people now of days have never heard of terms from bisexual to coexisting relationship to even divorced but cohabitating to platonic marriages . These types of relationships have been around forever always will be. Good thing is it’s not up to the world 🌎 it’s none of their Buisness what each of us choose.
    You deserve a Better friend than that Karen!

    Amber Tx
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    Karen-Wasn’t Connies place to tell my Lord if you call her blabber mouth instead of by her name next time you talk I wouldn’t blame you for the slip up ! Wink wink 😉.
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    Santd: Welcome! :flowerforyou:

    Heather: Your comments helped me see how difficult this change is for people across the UK. I wish you and your fellow countrymen & women personal peace and security in these challenging times. :flowerforyou:

    (((Flea))) Your pup is a sweet and beautiful boy. I love the photos. I hope you are able to have many more good times with him. :heart:

    (((Karen in VA))): I’d be mad, too. :heart: (And maybe more than a little outraged on your behalf.)

    See you all next month—It will be a little while from now here in OR. I think I'll just go ahead and time travel to February. (Internet magic)

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Heather - Me neither.

    See everyone in February!
    barbiecat wrote: »
    :) It's almost bedtime for me, so I've posted the new thread for February


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    Me treither. <3

    On to February.
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    Terri- Sad your brother was that way. Hopefully someday he’ll come around if not oh well. The good news is at least you saw that later not the moment you were celebrating 🥳! Plus if he’s so anti- he could have skipped the union said his peace after as his little protest instead of getting rid of family over it. Oh well life moves on.
    Amber Tx
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    edited February 2020
    Amber: Thanks for your kind words. It was brother’s wife who kicked up a fuss. Brother didn’t Unfriend me, but he never really posts on Facebook. Come to think of it, he left most of the running up to his wife and me. I got most of my family news through her. Get it direct from nephews now.
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    Hello to all. Just can’t keep up with so many posts,tho I read a few times a wk.

    Now it’s February & no winter to speak of in Ohio.Not complaining.Winter works for me,not summer humidity.
    Not a summer person at all.

    All the grandchildren’s pics are precious.Amazing how fast they grow.

    ((JaneTR)) my heart breaks for you & your family. They never get too old to cry over.

    Heather,My kitchen needed a good cleaning out. DD put the 6qt Instant Pot & accessories,on the used for sale at school where she works........it sold before school opened that morning.
    Bought the 3 qt & it works fine. Also sold the air fryer & other lonely kitchen things.Of course,still have too much kitchen stuff....seems to be never ending .☹️

    Someone mentioned using artificial sweeteners. Can’t use them as they are a trigger for migraines.Unbelievable how many foods & drinks,even some water contains artificial sweeteners.

    ((Michelle)) sending sympathy for loss of your beautiful dog.

    Our colonoscopy Dr
    Always came in 1/2 hr after the procedure to tell us the results. Liked going home with good news....instead of worry for a couple wks.

    Chili & grilled cheese tomorrow. DH is a Super Bowl fanatic. I watch first half with him,then it’s time for a book & reading in bed.