• Only started this week. Have been as low as 223 (6'3 tall male) when training. Seriously out of shape so back on MFP for a kickstart.

    Jan start Weight:273
    Jan Goal Weight:260
    Ultimate Goal Weight:235

    Jan1 :
    Jan 8:
    Jan 22:268
    Jan 29: 264
    Jan 31:

    Lost 5 pounds in the week by using MFP food diary, walking and a ride on Sunday. Think my metabolism is so slow these days I'll not drop much without adding some cardio.

    Few more lbs lost. See where we are at close of play today!
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    Kaitie9399 wrote: »
    January Starting Weight: 154.4
    January Goal Weight: 149
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 135

    January 01: 154.4
    January 08: 153.2
    January 15: 151.8
    January 22: 149.8
    January 29: 148.2
    January 31: 147.4

    Goal Met!

    Total Loss of January = 7 pounds
    Wahoo!!! I was stuck hovering between 152 and 154 for so long but now, I'm firmly in the 140's! So happy!

    Watch out 130's---I'm coming for you!

    You did IT!
    Way to go!
    You rock!
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    January Start Weight: 170.0 lbs
    January Goal Weight: 165.0 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 135 lbs

    ✔️Jan 1: 170.0
    ✔️Jan 8: 167.4
    ✔️Jan 15: 166.2
    ✔️Jan 22: 169.4
    ✔️Jan 29: 165.8
    ✔️Jan 31: 165.4 (Down 4.6 for the month and even though it's not the full 5 lbs I was hoping for, I'll take it).

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    Highest Weight Ever: 253 (2014/2015)
    Starting Weight on current diet/journey : 235 on 1/11/2018

    JANUARY GOAL: 186.0

    Weight Loss so far for this challenge:

    December 31 Ending Weight 192.0
    Jan 01- 189.2 Happy New Year Everyone!
    Jan 03- 190.0 Wrong direction.
    Jan 10- 194.2 From bad to worse. I am experiencing severe evening/nighttime glucose drops. Correcting it is putting me over cals & carbs for the day. On the good side, I have been increasing my activity tremendously. I’m hoping that will help.
    Jan 17- 189.9 Feeling better and easing back into better meal plans. Let’s keep this ball rolling!
    Jan 24- 190.8 Total failure this week, this month, this year so far. I’m just going to keep trying and remain inspired by you all.
    Jan 31- 191.6 Ending this round slightly under the December 31st ending weight. I am still working on the glucose problems and had another episode last night. However, they seem to be getting a little less intense these last few days. #notgivingup. See you all next round.

    Final Challenge Thoughts: Medical issues are really standing in the way this round. However, I know I did this to myself during the holidays. It will (with some work and tweaking) get back to safe and okay at some point. Lesson learned?

    Any time we learn something, rather it be due to studying/reading/learning it is a benefit. So...lesson learned!!
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    Jan 2020 weight loss:
    Jan start Weight: 222
    Jan Goal Weight:215 re-adjusting to 212
    Ultimate Goal Weight:145

    Jan1 : 222.0
    Jan 8: 219.2
    I have made sure to drink my water this week. I have had such a problem with drinking water that it is my many focus.
    Jan15: 216.4
    I will have to re-adjust my Jan goal from 215 to 212. And then continue to drink my water and record my food.
    Jan 22: 214.2 Hit my original goal, looks like I might just make my readjusted goal by the end of the month.
    Jan 29: 212.4 I will take this as a win I am within 4/10 of my readjusted goal.
    Jan 31: 212

    Total weight loss this month 10 pounds. I am adding cardio 3 days and working with a trainer 2 day a week, along with maintaining my 96 oz water daily. I am aiming for 5lb loss in February.