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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • clicketykeysclicketykeys Member Posts: 4,411 Member Member Posts: 4,411 Member
    JFT Monday
    1. Therapy exercises: crunches, push-ups, squats, ankle lifts, box jumps, plank. Balance work. Feed cats. Meds. Tea!
    2. Check email. Write everything down before it goes in the mouth. MH Monday check-in.
    3. Review papers by desk. File or trash. Meetings. Work on CV. Unit plan for research (Idea for regular: comparing same story on sites with different biases). CHECK ROSTERS AND CROSS-REFERENCE.
    4. Lunch: muffaletta. Write a blog post - album? Running, Racism and Rum: Learning to Handle Discomfort
    5. Write a letter. Dinner: leftovers. Set up extra credit letter project. Work on Google Classroom and class website.
    6. Color! 1 hr reading. WRITE STORY. Breathe.
    7. Drink more water. No, more. Keep the pitcher in the fridge full. You're not actually hungry. Make some tea. Drink more water!
    8. Writing: Album post. Message Z.
    9. Gratitude journal. Therapy exercises: crunches, push-ups, squats, ankle lifts, box jumps, plank. Meds. Floss, rinse, brush teeth. Wed book group. SHBP screening - August? Friday visit parents - take photos. MH Monday check-in; Whatever Wednesday AMA. Indochino suit fitting - Atlanta or Nashville?

    Scale goals
    End of 2017: 174.6
    End of 2018: 189.2
    End of 2019: 196.4
    End of January: 194.6
    End of February: 196.2
    End of March: 193.8
    End of April: 192.6
    End of May: 191.8
    End of June: 192.2
    End of July: 188.6
    Today: 192.4

    Ongoing plans/ideas behind the cut
    1. Purchases: Look for an "ugly Christmas sweater" and a long-haired doll at thrift stores. Practice French braiding. Go to used bookstore and look for On Writing (Stephen King), Dying for a Paycheck (Robin Hardman), The Prince (tr. Tim Parks, Russell Price, or Robert Adams), The Secret Adversary (Christie).
    2. E2: What should the controlling ideas be in a study of world literature? Review world lit options. Create vocabulary lists for each unit that come from the texts used: Animal Farm, Julius Caesar, Wes Moore, I Am Malala. Find a way to incorporate changing words from one part of speech to another. Students need to know how to review multiple sources and synthesize information in order to draw a conclusion. Need practice with the difference between transitions and overlapping (at end of paragraph - "another issue is Y" vs "there are other issues besides X"). Quit using "in conclusion" and "I believe" and other writing-about-my-writing phrases. Confusion between direct/indirect objects and prepositional phrases. Use the UDHR and the Declaration of Independence to study paraphrasing; use that to front-load Machiavelli and how to deal with challenging texts. Confusion between everyday / every day and similar constructions.
    3. E1: Need practice with quoting & paraphrasing sources, identifying claims that would need support, use of last names for reference, and capitalization practice (common/proper nouns, titles). Difficulty using possessive nouns in their own writing. Honors: practice subject/object pronouns (my friend and I / my friend and me). Poetry: Revise "Songs are Poetry" handouts.
    4. Curriculum Development: Writing mini-unit. Review scholarly research on 5PE. (I think I can have this as an intro to the research unit so that they also get exposure to how quotes are integrated and cited.) Parallel structure; use of emotional language, specific detail. Use "Write About a Pebble" lesson from Atwell. How long should each unit take? Do research on characteristics: curiosity, persistence, resilience, creativity, responsibility, optimism, courage, integrity, authenticity, leadership, self-awareness, humility, compassion - others? Include grammarly check on essays! Review assessments. What is the purpose for each unit? What should the controlling ideas be in a study of world literature? Review world lit options. Schedule assessments for Fall 2019; plan out return times. Write 1 reflection weekly; type one in Classroom by Weds. Copy-paste to discussion board for comments due Friday. Homework: Online journal Mon due Tue; Reflection Tue due Wed; C&P journal in class Wed; Comments Thu due Fri. Bonus if you are the first response; further bonus if you respond to comments on your post. Grammar practice Mon & Wed; quiz Fri.
    5. Professional Development: Write blog post weekly. Comment on 3 posts each week - Tu Th Sun? Check with PSC. Talk with Z about articles and/or conference proposals.
    6. Medical: Dentist call to schedule cleaning. ObG schedule for October. PCP - allergy shots? left toe joints. Sleep center 778 3316.
    7. Theater: 1984.
    8. House: Siding. Or perhaps bathroom floor.
    9. Fun: Open beading on Thursdays. Coloring at library on Tuesday. Put jewelry away. Edney Hack Nights alt Weds. ASL? Spanish/Portuguese practice? Practice piano. ROL Secret Adversary. Buy bike rack for car.
    10. Volunteering ideas: Theater. Library. Animal shelter. Community Kitchen. Emerge Georgia training.
    11. Family: Google Hangout. Dinners?
    12. Other: Practice hair braiding with D. Check on appts for drs. Remind D to ask his dad about the table and check with home repair contractors. START BLOGGING AGAIN. 3 posts/week? Create test for MLA format. Create test for infographics and visual information. Therapy exercises: lunges, push-ups, ankle lifts, box jumps, plank. Remember that M does not like surprises! Check dates of classes and update semester plan. She Should Run vision statement. Update standards on board. When to change bulletin board?

    WFTY: Progress.
  • Kuhl50Kuhl50 Member, Premium Posts: 416 Member Member, Premium Posts: 416 Member
    I’m back! Had a wonderful electronics-free week camping at our favorite lake. Was my first break in MFP logging since I started...broke a 180+ day streak. I did mostly keep track on paper and I came back a pound lighter so I did ok while still enjoying myself! Back to the reality of work tomorrow...

    Hope to catch up with everyone soon. Will post a few pics in the meantime.

    Daily habits: track, exercise, journal
    Monday Action Plan
    1. Up at 0630, pill, set timer, weigh
    2. Walk
    3. Pill, shower
    4. Breakfast = Kashi + yogurt
    5. Call by 0830
    6. Lunch = salad + chicken
    7. Leg weights during break or after work
    8. Dinner = protein pancakes, cauliflower rice
    9. Figure out workout slot for Tuesday
    10. Upstairs by 9
    11. 5 pushups
    12. Lay out clothes
    13. Journal
    14. Meditate
    15. Lights out by 9:45

    GRATITUDE: I am grateful for the beauty of nature and the privilege to spend time in it.

    WOTY: Habits
  • Bex953172Bex953172 Member Posts: 3,115 Member Member Posts: 3,115 Member
    @kuhl50 what a beautiful place!! Where is that?!
  • FaebertFaebert Member Posts: 1,430 Member Member Posts: 1,430 Member
    Beautiful pics @Kuhl50!

    Quick post from me this morning and will catch up later. Hope all are well. X

    Sunday goals recap:
    - morning run ✅
    - Buy cat food ✅
    - Laundry ✅
    - Stay within calorie goal ✅
    - Evening walk ✅
    - Bed by 10 ❌

    Monday goals:
    morning workout ✅
    Park with kids ✅
    Parents for lunch
    Buy drain unblocker
    Evening walk or drive
    Stay within calorie goal
    Bed by 10:30
  • littleblackskirtlittleblackskirt Member Posts: 372 Member Member Posts: 372 Member
    I hit post and it disappeared, quick try again

    JFT 10th August

    Log everything
    Stay in the green, aim for 1300 to counteract yesterday
    Back exercises
    Foot exercises
    5 fruit and veg
    Parents finances

    Love all your photos :)
  • SERmom3SERmom3 Member Posts: 512 Member Member Posts: 512 Member
    Pretty pics, @Kuhl50 !

    - sing for church🟢
    - Practice wedding music🔴
    - Log everything🔴 / stay green🤷‍♀️
    - Paint if there’s time🔴
    - Softball game🥎
    - Pick up chicken🟢

    - practice wedding music / contact music director
    - Log it all / stay green
    - Softball game
    - Library pick up
    - Paint if weather stays dry
    - Chores, chores, chores...

    Nothing exciting today, just hoping to take advantage of the nice weather and be outside!

    Have a great day!
  • pridesabtchpridesabtch Member Posts: 786 Member Member Posts: 786 Member

    JFT Sunday
    - Listen to church service :smiley:
    - Pick up daughter from sleepover :neutral: Older daughter volunteered to pick her up so I could ride
    - If picking up daughter doesn't interfere, go for a bike ride at 1:00 :smiley: Social paced ride, unfortunately I didn't feel very social.
    - Nap :smiley: Too long
    - Eat reasonably :smiley:
    - Log :(

    JFT Monday
    - Work by 8:00 :(
    - Fruit for breakfast
    - leftover Chinese for lunch
    - exercise
    - log
    - stay green

  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Member Posts: 4,690 Member Member Posts: 4,690 Member
    JFT - Sunday August 9
    1L of Water - :)
    Log all Food - :)
    No chips - >:)
    Gratitude Journal - >:)

    JFT - Monday August 10
    1L of Water
    Log all Food
    No chips
    Gratitude Journal

    Yesterday was the first day since probably last July that I actually drank 2L of water. I also was in the green for only the 2nd time since I started logging again, even with the chips. It's a start, I need to get back at it seriously but I'm finding it so difficult for some reason. I always have an excuse but none of them are helping me.

    @Kuhl50 - Love the pics!

    I'm at work, so should get at it I guess.

    Have a great weekend.

  • cschmitz110515cschmitz110515 Member Posts: 2,548 Member Member Posts: 2,548 Member
    JFT M 8/10 - working in office day
    1) Move hourly / stairs breaks (3 floors) / 5 somethings
    2) Net cals green / 14c water
    3) Finalize GA-ROP & submit for review :) / GA-IT progress / don't let emails get worse
    4) 5:00 hair appt (want to look nice in photos for niece's wedding on Sat.)
    5) Prep lunch/snacks/water bottle / one chore
    6) Unplug 9:00 / floss / retainers / eye drops / set 5:40 alarm (walk dog before work)

    Weekend was relaxing but net cals both days were red. Sunday was also frustrating. I was updating our bank accts and financial s/s, and I found a suspicious $6.32 "recurring" charge on our main credit card. Checked with hubby and not a charge either of us made. Also found a previous charge 3 days earlier that got reversed, so guessing that was another attempt on our card. Bah! We just got that card replaced on May 7 due to other fraud! Such a pain bc once we get the new card, I have to update all the scheduled payments again.

    Then learned when hubby and I activated our new phones something got screwed up. Now his phone has my number and vice versa. ACK! Hope we can get that fixed quick. At least he doesn't use his much, and I can use my work phone next three days.

    @PackerFanInGB I agree with pale yellow for color. Long ago, I was assigned a dorm room that was a dark khaki green, and we painted it pale yellow. When we were only half done, the room was already so much brighter we could turn off half the lights we had on! Btw, I like Lady Lair!

    @Kuhl50 Love the photos, thanks for sharing.

    2020 Goals:
    1) Get weight below 160# (last time was 4/20/19)
    2) Plan meals most days & prelog meals/snacks whenever possible on MFP
    3) Post weekly weigh-in on JFT for accountability
    4) Take measurements & log on MFP monthly (I stopped as weight plateaued & went up) = 2.1.20 / 2.29.20 / 4.1.20 (forgot 3.31.20) / 5.1.20 (forgot 4.30.20) / 6.3.20 (forgot at ME again)
    5) Exercise 5-6x per week (minimum 4x) ~ mostly walking but include weights/circuit & other x-training
    6) Participate in race events ~ have planned 7 5Ks and 2 10Ks at minimum = Frenzy on the Fox 5K 49:36 ave. pace 15:29 / Seroogy's Valentine 5K 46:26.7 ave. pace 14:47 / Badger State Brewing 10K virtual race w/ dog on 4/2/20 1:44:16 ave. pace 16:33 / Prevention virtual 5K Fun & Fit Team on 5/2/20 I walked 3.48 mi w/ dog in 1:01:10 ave. pace 17:33 / RonaRunOff 5/16/20 virtual walk 5.08 miles with dog in 1:23:15 ave. pace 16:23 / 100 Miles Challenge fundraiser (per fitness tracker) & completed 5/18/20 / Bellin Run 10K virtual race w/ dog on 6/6/20 1:41:03 ave. pace 16:14 dog definitely slows my "race pace"
    7) Be considerate and loving to hubby and have fun together
    8) Make efforts to keep in touch with parents, siblings and friends (most live in other towns or states)
    9) Declutter home office, bedroom and basement = basement (boxes) Jan. / home office desk (some) & more basement boxes Feb. / basement boxes & home office (some more) Mar. / decluttered/cleaned in bedroom & more basement boxes Apr. / basement boxes May ~ very pleased w/ my progress / reorg in basement June & July
    Word for 2020: Persist
  • HEGoddard0928HEGoddard0928 Member Posts: 657 Member Member Posts: 657 Member
    Today I will:
    - get up by 9😁 745 actually. Couldn't stay asleep
    - post 😁
    - laundromat :smiley:It was annoying but it's done. I was smart and brought my little Bluetooth keyboard with me and wrote while I sat in my car waiting for it to finish.
    - write 1 scene :smiley:It was actually a rewrite of the first scene that sparked the short story this WIP is an expanded version of...Did that make sense? Lol. There wasn't much in common between the two but it is a good scene. And integral to the plot.
    - read 4 blog posts about monetizing blogs :smiley:Took a lot of notes.
    - sweep kitchen and bathroom :smiley: / :disappointed:Swept the kitchen and broke down and tied up a giant pile of cardboard but I didn't sweep the bathroom. The floor was wet because both Matt and I took showers and then I completely forgot about it until I just read it here. :expressionless:
    - clean office :smiley:Much better feeling!
    - write 1 blog post :disappointed:I moved this to today.

    So yesterday wasn't too bad goal wise. I got a decent amount done. The A/C at Matt's job STILL isn't fixed. They're saying it'll be fixed sometime today. Who knows. But his manager gave all the associates these things called Mission Towels. Pretty much they're a weird feeling material that keeps you nice and cool if you wet it. He said it made a HUGE difference. So that's good. He's gonna keep using it even after the A/C is fixed because corporate is the one who controls the store temperature for the whole company. Their idea of a comfortable temperature is 78F. That is NOT comfy in the summer. At least not here where the humidity sucks But hopefully this towel keeps helping.

    My little elliptical stepper thing came yesterday. Almost a week and a half early. Lol. Unfortunately, my desk is a little too low to the ground to be able to use it the way I'd wanted to but I've been experimenting with it and it seems like I should be able to use it while sitting at the kitchen table. So I'm gonna try and work there today and see how it goes. I'm very excited about it. It has a calorie counter on it but I don't think it's very accurate so I'm going to stick to using MFP's calculation. Lol

    Okay, onto some goals for the day.
    Today I will:
    - up at 9 :disappointed:Forgot to set the alarm last night. Didn't get out of bed until after 11
    - post :smiley:
    - look at 400 Pinterest group boards post
    - write 1 blog post
    - read 1 blog on affiliate marketing
    - look at 3 affiliate marketing websites
    - figure out stepper
    - write next scene
  • Bex953172Bex953172 Member Posts: 3,115 Member Member Posts: 3,115 Member
    Kuhl50 wrote: »
    Bex953172 wrote: »
    @kuhl50 what a beautiful place!! Where is that?!

    The sunset photo is the quiet alpine lake where we camp and kayak, south and east of Lake Tahoe (in the California Sierra mountains). Because it’s shallow and remote from services it’s great for kayaking and SUPing and the ski boats don’t bother with it.

    The second photo is a smaller lake that is the “big hike “ each time we go (9 miles, lots of elevation and very little shade).

    Our 10th year (with one skip) of going up there with our girls. Always a wonderful break from “real life”!

    I used to love hiking with my parents. Very lovely views! There's even a walk over here.. its pretty easy but you can walk around an old plane wreckage. There's not much left of the plane left, they obviously took alot of it but its still interesting.. although i can't remember the relevance of the plane if any? Ill probably check later tonight now lol.

    We did one which was 6 hours and thats lots of elevation etc. lol our family used to always say it was killer on the hips going up and a nightmare on the knees coming down haha.
  • PackerFanInGBPackerFanInGB Member, Premium Posts: 2,875 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,875 Member
    Just for Today (8/9/2020)
    • Fill out NoBS 24H Plan :smile:
    • 64+ oz H2O :smile:
    • Readings for the Day :smile:
    • You Tube videos for making curtains/valances, table runner. :smile:
    • Rest day. Find quiet time and elevate/ice knee. :smile:
    • Continue working on the Lady Lair downstairs. :smile:
    • Log everything I eat. Pay attention to my +2 hunger scale :smile:
    • Evening Routine. Start by 9 pm so you can be sleeping by 10:30 or 11:00. :)

    Yesterday was a day of rest for me. I spent a lot of time in my "lair" but not actually working on it. I have one area with a recliner, a wooden rocking chair, a futon, stereo with my old albums and CDs, and a tv. I have some candles scattered about also. I turned on the "rain" app and lit candles for ambiance, and then I spent most of the afternoon in the recliner icing my knee and reading. It was really relaxing. I spent some time on Pinterest and YouTube looking at table runners/table toppers and decided on a patchwork colorful simple runner. I think it will add a lot of color to our diningroom. We need it! Everything in our house is beige, white, brown or forest green. My husband has been home retired for 4 years and that is how he has pretty much decorated. Now that I'm home every day too, I am shaking things up a bit. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me doing that, but guess who is doing it anyway? bahahaha! :lol:

    After I finish the table runner, I plan to make a quilted wall hanging of some sort. I need to establish a hobby and a routine. I'm getting very depressed not feels like I have no purpose and it's not a good feeling right now. I know if I end up having to find a job, I'll wish I was still home with no purpose, so I am trying to just settle in and move on. It's been tough mentally though. I didn't expect it to be, so I'm a bit surprised at how my brain has turned on me! :mrgreen:

    I want to thank everyone for the color suggestions for the Lady Lair. I love pale yellow...actually that is the color I have always wanted our kitchen! I think it is the most cheerful color there is. My husband wants me to stick with white and then add color by hanging things on walls and decorations set out. So, I'm going to pitch pale yellow to him and maybe we can compromise, or maybe he will stick to wanting white downstairs but FINALLY paint the kitchen yellow! Either way, it's a win for me! :wink:

    @Kuhl50 Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Breathtaking! I get a sense of peace just looking at them. I think I need to plan a 3 or 4 day trip up north...or a few day trips at least.

    @HEGoddard0928 How is the blog going? Are you still writing in it? I'm still working up the nerve to try starting one myself!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I sure did miss y'all! :flowerforyou:

    Just for Today (8/10/2020)
    • Fill out NoBS 24H Plan
    • 64+ oz H2O
    • Log food. Pay attention to my +2 hunger scale.
    • Daily Readings
    • Print and mail COBRA form. Send pm to ortho re preauth for new injection med in knee.
    • Select fabric for table runner.
    • 15 minutes activity x2 for total 30 min. Doctor said to stick with low impact activity--bicycling or swimming. I don't have access to a pool. Check into the YMCA regarding membership cost, if they're even open. Perhaps start riding bike in mornings before too hot. check weather for tonight vs tomorrow a.m.
    • Order books per Dr. P and BC/B.
    • Evening Routine. Start by 9 pm so you can be sleeping by 10:30 or 11:00.

    WOTY 2020: Persistence


  • HEGoddard0928HEGoddard0928 Member Posts: 657 Member Member Posts: 657 Member
    @Kuhl50 I did a lot of backpacking and hiking when I was a teenager! At 14 I went on a 10 day backpacking trip in New Mexico. A group of us did 85 miles! One of my dreams that I know will never happen is to do a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. Maine to Georgia. I actually have take a hike on my vision board for this year! Lol

    @Bex953172 Did you do your challenge for the day??? Where's that bum...I mean 🍑!

    @PackerFanInGB My parents kitchen is pale yellow and white! I guess it's a popular kitchen color. Lol. It is definitely bright in there. One wall is also just a pair of French doors too so that helps. What is +2 hunger scale? I'm really intrigued. Lol. And yes I'm still working on the blog. That's actually what most of my goals for today are about. I'm actually in the middle of writing tomorrow's post! Haha
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 10,185 Member Member Posts: 10,185 Member
    🏖🎡🎍🌳🍄 AUGUST🍄🌳🎍🎡⛱
    I choose to feed my body the nutrition it needs
    and feed my mind with the quality thoughts it deserves


    To all those essential workers still going out there....
    🙏🏻 Thank you for your service 🙏🏻
    Everyone else, please stay home!!!

    What am I doing to keep busy? To name a few...
      [*] structuring my day
      [*] morning and evening meditation
      [*] Using the internet to ‘talk’ to family
      [*] crochet, jigsaws, journaling, gardening, reading, writing .......
      [*] HIIT videos off YouTube,
      [*] yoga/Taichi
      [*] Walks with DH
      [*] Cleaning! Cleaning! Cleaning! 😂
      [*] Decluttering
      [*] Stress relievers (search YouTube for Paul McKenna)
      Keep your chin up!
      Turning up is the ultimate success!
      01 Aug 2019: 170.1
      31 Dec 2019: 151.2
      Total weight loss: 19.9lbs
      2020 Personal Weight Challenge
      Name: Terri

      SW: 152.1 (02 Jan)
      GW: 150

      Jan: - 2
      Feb: - 1.3
      Mar: - 0.9
      Apri: +1.3 (not too bad, considering lockdown/Easter/Birthday this month)
      May: +0.7(working on upping my strength to tone muscles, so not unexpected. It's a balancing act! 😂)
      Jun: +0.2
      Phew!!! Weight has dropped below 150 again.

      August Daily Goals: Week 2
      Sat: ✅ Sun: ✅ Mon: ✅ Tue:
      Wed: Thu: Fri:
      Weight < 150: ✅
      1 Aug 2019: 170.1
      1 Aug 2020: 149.9

      10 Aug 2020: 149.9
      Reduce Fat%:✅ 29.3; 27.1; 25.2; 25.1; 24.9
      Increase Muscle%: ✅ 28.7->30.1 30.4
      Calories < in the green 🦄
      Steps > 7500 🏃🏽‍♀️ 9000+
      Intentional exercise > 50 mins daily🦄 78
      Active hours > 6 daily🦄 12
      Activities I get to do
      Meditation🌟 Exercise🌟
      Journal🌟 Paperwork🌟
      Write 3 pages or 15 minutes a day✅
      Writing Journal✅
      Catalogue poetry🗃(Ongoing)✅
      Crochet✅ Puzzles ✅ Watch TV✅

      Today was hot and humid with showers.
    • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 10,185 Member Member Posts: 10,185 Member
      The kitchen in our first house was pale yellow. Such a sunny colour!
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